Wickwar Cemetery, Manchester

Wickwar Cemetery, Manchester

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManWW09 BROWN Mildread Roveina 1980s
ManWW44 BRYAN Trecilda Maydene 1990s
ManWW04 COPELAND Daisy 2000s
ManWW03 COPELAND Harris 2000s
ManWW36 COPELAND Pamella Carol 1990s
ManWW11 COWAN Caseta 2000s
ManWW37 FORBES Anthony E. 2000s
ManWW02 FORBES Irene 1980s
ManWW32 FORBES Leopard O. 1970s
ManWW27 HALL Daisy 2000s
ManWW07 JOHNSON Santana 2000s
ManWW25 JONAS Chris
ManWW35 LEWIS Adrey 1980s
ManWW43 LEWIS Daphna Maud 1990s
ManWW08 McNALLY Agatha Lausia 1980s
ManWW10 McNALLY Keith George 1990s
ManWW01 MESSAM Isolyn 1990s
ManWW29 MORRIS Clovis Uriah 2000s
ManWW28 MORRIS Gilbert 1990s
ManWW06 MORRIS Joan Judith 2000s
ManWW05 MORRIS Maybel 2000s
ManWW42 MORRIS Steve 2000s
ManWW16 PALMER Samuel Herbert 2000s
ManWW20 PALMER Urceline 1990s
ManWW33 PEART Harol George 1990s
ManWW24 PEART Jerel E. 2000s
ManWW23 PEART Junior Alexander 2000s
ManWW34 PEART Lellian Adina 1990s
ManWW26 PEART Vastie 2000s
ManWW15 RATTRAY Boysie Gilbert Adolphus 1990s
ManWW14 RATTRY Eric George 1990s
ManWW13 RILEY Enid May 2000s
ManWW12 RILEY Noel 2000s
ManWW38 RILEY Roslyn 1990s
ManWW41 SMITH Neville Osbourne 2000s
ManWW31 TAYLOR Agnes 1990s
ManWW30 TAYLOR Phillip 1990s
ManWW21 THOMPSON Imogene 1990s
ManWW17 THOMPSON Morrell 1980s
ManWW22 THOMPSON Winston S. 1990s
ManWW19 WHITTAKER Doris Winnifred 1970s
ManWW18 WHITTAKER Victor Ralph 1990s
ManWW40 WILLIAMS Lanzel Mais 2000s
ManWW39 WILLIAMS Virette 1990s
ManWW45 WRIGHT Anieka Tanecia 2000s


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