Jubilee Baptist, Toll Gate, Clarendon

Jubilee Baptist

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaJB04 ALLEN Edna 1960s
ClaJB26 BARTLEY Marleen 1980s
ClaJB25 BARTLEY Roslyn Ferron 2000s
ClaJB05 BEASER Harry George 1960s
ClaJB02 BEEZER Enid 1970s
ClaJB01 BEEZER Ervin Robert 1990s
ClaJB03 BEEZER Uanna 1970s
ClaJB04 BEEZER Vivian 1960s
ClaJB30 BROWN Allan L. 1980s
ClaJB39 BROWN Beatrice R. 1990s
ClaJB29 BROWN Eugennie 2000s
ClaJB28 BROWN Pauline May 1980s
ClaJB31 BROWN Uriah A. 1970s
ClaJB49 BROWN Violet 1970s
ClaJB44 CAMPBELL Amanda 1980s
ClaJB08 CARR Sylvester 2000s
ClaJB32 COLEY Henrietta 1980s
ClaJB22 CUNNINGHAM Malvina 2000s
ClaJB21 CUNNINGHAM Micaiah 1990s
ClaJB06 DILLON Ivy May 2000s
ClaJB13 DYER Henry Nathaniel 1990s
ClaJB14 DYER Johannah Elizabeth 2000s
ClaJB40 EDWARDS Miriam 1990s
ClaJB43 GOODEN Lucille I. 1990s
ClaJB41 GORDON Daisy Mercella 2000s
ClaJB23 HANNA Leslie Joseph 1960s
ClaJB42 HECTOR Joshani A. 2000s
ClaJB45 HEWITT Sarah 1970s
ClaJB48 JOHNSON Iris May 1990s
ClaJB47 JOHNSON Llewellyn DaCosta 1990s
ClaJB50 LEACH Muriel Maud 1990s
ClaJB18 LEWIS Frederick 1970s
ClaJB16 LLOYD Isiah 1980s
ClaJB38 MANNING Whitmore Joslyn 1990s
ClaJB46 MORRIS Carrington Hugh 1980s
ClaJB27 NASH Kathlean Victoria 2000s
ClaJB34 NEMBHARD Edward 1980s
ClaJB37 PENCILLE Ezekiel 1980s
ClaJB36 PENCILLE Jane E. 1980s
ClaJB19 REID Edith Lucrecia 1960s
ClaJB20 REID George A. 1950s
ClaJB07 ROACH Michael 1950s
ClaJB11 ROBERTS Granville E. 2000s
ClaJB12 ROBERTS Lileith Genniver 2000s
ClaJB09 RODNEY Mavis 2000s
ClaJB10 SAMUELS Scotcheta 2000s
ClaJB15 SEALE Hubert Alexander 2000s
ClaJB15 SEALE Jane Eliza 2000s
ClaJB33 SWABY Margaret Petlena 1980s
ClaJB35 SWABY Uriah Agustus 1970s
ClaJB17 TUCKER Sheila 1970s
ClaJB24 WILLIAMS Clifton A. 2000s


3 Responses to Jubilee Baptist, Toll Gate, Clarendon

  1. Denise Evans Smith says:

    Grew up in the 1980’s to 90’s in this church🥰Sang on the choir with my mom Ena Evans, who also served as a Treasurer for many years. We recall the members buried there in the 80’s to 2000.. Amanda Campbell, the Johnson’s, Ms Ivy, the Pencilles, Brother Lloyd, my son’s great grandma Miriam Edwards and many others.. gone but not forgotten….Now mom is 91 and we still reminisce the years with Pastor and Mrs Clarke. Thank you for these wonderful years and memories Jubilee Baptist Church. Forever in our hearts💕

  2. Denise Smith says:

    Mother went to rest in Florida 8/2020…sleep in sweet peace all until we meet again.
    Jamaican Ancestral Records, will you be updating your site with new additions soon? Keep up the great work and thanks again.

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