Davyton United, Davyton, Manchester

Davyton United

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManDU106 ADAMSON Johanna 2000s
ManDU002 ALLEN Louis Emanuel 1980s
ManDU112 ANDERSON Annie Veronica 2000s
ManDU053 ANDERSON Percival E. 1990s
ManDU059 ANDERSON Thaddes 1990s
ManDU073 BAKER James David 1990s
ManDU038 BAKER Ina Bertinez 1980s
ManDU006 BAKER Louise 1970s
ManDU036 BAKER Phillip Burell 1980s
ManDU061 BAKER Violet Louise 1990s
ManDU071 BAKER-BARTON Arthur A. 1990s
ManDU113 BARTLEY George 2000s
ManDU033 BARTLEY William 1980s
ManDU100 BECKFORD Charles Ludlow 2000s
ManDU086 BECKFORD Margaret 2000s
ManDU068 BLACKWOOD Isabella 1990s
ManDU103 BLACKWOOD Shirley Vivian 2000s
ManDU108 BONNER Rev. H. Eugene 2000s
ManDU015 BROOKS Mabel W. 1980s
ManDU063 BROWN Owen V. 1990s
ManDU114 BUCHANAN Leatto Delcina 2000s
ManDU083 CARGILL Leister G. 2000s
ManDU095 DENTON Blanche 1990s
ManDU046 DENTON-RIGG Beatrice Elizabeth 1990s
ManDU001 DIAS Nelvy M. 2000s
ManDU028 DIAS Thomas D. 1980s
ManDU066 ELLINGTON Leonard 1990s
ManDU069 ELLINGTON Mrs. Ivice 1990s
ManDU042 ELVY Amy 1990s
ManDU044 EVANS Cecil Milwood 1990s
ManDU016 EVANS Imogene 1980s
ManDU051 FACEY William S. Snr 1920s
ManDU111 FACEY Jolene Ahrea 2000s
ManDU082 FOLKES Una Joyce 2000s
ManDU026 FRANCIS Zereta Iris 2000s
ManDU012 FREEMAN Cyrus 1970s
ManDU101 GAYLE Vernal 2000s
ManDU074 GORDON Keziah 1990s
ManDU049 HARRISON Mavis Jane 1990s
ManDU085 HAYNES Catherine May 2000s
ManDU077 HAYNES Donald I. 2000s
ManDU031 HENRY James Lamard 1980s
ManDU067 HENRY Muriel Beatrice 1990s
ManDU013 JOHNSON Catherine A. 1980s
ManDU007 JOHNSON Ivis Caroline 1970s
ManDU047 JOHNSON Lillian 1990s
ManDU056 KENNEDY-HILL Heather Dawn Marie 2000s
ManDU041 KING Rev. Stanley Winston 1990s
ManDU092 KNIGHT Vivian R. 2000s
ManDU062 LAIRD Frances Maud 1990s
ManDU076 LEWIS Ethel Posas Mejia 1990s
ManDU045 MAHONEY Cornelius 1990s
ManDU091 MAHONEY Mavis 2000s
ManDU011 MAHONEY Samuel G. 1970s
ManDU010 MAHONEY Sophia 1970s
ManDU057 McKINSON Sarah Jane 1990s
ManDU054 MITCHELL Aubrey A. 1990s
ManDU032 MITCHELL Gwendolyn 1980s
ManDU055 MITCHELL Leah Lori 2000s
ManDU094 MITCHELL Mary Eliza 1990s
ManDU025 MORGAN Catherine 2000s
ManDU064 MORGAN Charles A. 1990s
ManDU105 MORRIS Jestina T. 2000s
ManDU037 MURRAY Sarah Ann 1980s
ManDU104 MUSCHAMP Edward E. 2000s
ManDU024 NELSON May F. 1980s
ManDU030 PHILLIPS Archibald Roosevelt 1980s
ManDU058 PHILLIPS Constance Julianna [nee WILLIAMSON] 1990s
ManDU029 PHILLIPS Gerald F. 1980s
ManDU023 PHILLIPS Vera Agatha 1980s
ManDU022 POMMELLS Doreen Y. 1980s
ManDU107 POMMELLS Inez Agatha nee [MURRAY] 2000s
ManDU034 POMMELLS Jeff 1980s
ManDU081 POMMELLS Valerie C. 2000s
ManDU014 RHOOMES Estriana 1980s
ManDU017 RHOOMES James D. 1980s
ManDU070 RHOOMES Thomas 1990s
ManDU060 RICHARDS Hilda 1990s
ManDU090 RICHARDS-CLARKE Emerdie Theresa 2000s
ManDU027 RILEY Claudine Patrice 1990s
ManDU072 ROBINSON Winnifred J. 1990s
ManDU043 RUSSELL-HAUGHTON Inez Agatha 1990s
ManDU018 SCOTT Mary Elizabeth 1980s
ManDU020 SEGREE John Phillip 1980s
ManDU019 SEWELL Mae 1980s
ManDU109 SIMPSON Authur Wilburn 2000s
ManDU065 SIMPSON Vinnette May 1990s
ManDU035 SMALL Theodosia 1980s
ManDU035 SMALL Willie 1980s
ManDU087 SMIKLE David 2000s
ManDU050 SMITH Daisy Bell 1990s
ManDU099 SMITH Ebenezer 2000s
ManDU075 SMITH Joseph 1990s
ManDU039 SMITH Randolph James 1980s
ManDU052 SMITH Sylvena 1990s
ManDU003 SWABY Alice Maud 1980s
ManDU048 THOMPSON Judith 1990s
ManDU097 THOMPSON Leonie 2000s
ManDU078 THOMPSON Wilbert Livingston 2000s
ManDU004 WALKER Amy R. 1990s
ManDU005 WALKER Baron 1970s
ManDU102 WALKER Gwendolyn Cynthia 2000s
ManDU089 WALTERS Adella 2000s
ManDU008 WALTERS Vinnette May 1970s
ManDU080 WALTERS-POMMELLS Ethline 2000s
ManDU096 WAUGH Mary Eliza 1990s
ManDU021 WEIR Robertha 1980s
ManDU093 WILKINSON Clifford C. 2000s
ManDU088 WILKINSON Kathleen M. 2000s
ManDU079 WILLIAMS Leonard Alexander 2000s
ManDU040 WILLIAMS Sarah Ann 1980s
ManDU098 WILLIAMS Theresa 2000s
ManDU110 WILLIAMS Wilbert Gipson 2000s
ManDU084 WILSON Gloria Eloise Walters 2000s
ManDU115 WRIGHT Mary Lyn Henry 2000s
ManDU009 WRIGHT Mrs. F. E. 1970s


4 Responses to Davyton United, Davyton, Manchester

  1. Lilieth francis green says:

    My grandfather Uriah Davy I understand that his family is from Davyton is any Davy still around .notice other names like the Bakers ,Swabys but no Davy

  2. Bentley B. Williams says:

    It is such a pleasure to see something like this online. I really can identify a lot of those early Church Members. Thanks for the memories

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