Baillieston United, Baillieston, Clarendon

Baillieston UnitedLAT:   18°10’32.19″N     LONG:   77°26’6.49″W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaBU049 ALLEN Rose 1970s
ClaBU050 ALLEN Roslyn A. 1970s
ClaBU115 ALLERDYCE Ellen 1950s
ClaBU104 ARCHIBALD Gertrude 1970s
ClaBU077 ARMSTRONG Clement
ClaBU036 ARMSTRONG F. R., Mrs 1960s
ClaBU078 ARMSTRONG Hilda Rebertha 1980s
ClaBU074 ARMSTRONG Iris 1920s
ClaBU074 ARMSTRONG Milton 1920s
ClaBU075 ARMSTRONG William 1960s
ClaBU111 BAXTER Elsworth 1970s
ClaBU015 BLAIR Arthur 1960s
ClaBU029 BLAKE Elsie Rebecca 2010s
ClaBU021 BLAKE Henry 1930s
ClaBU040 BLAKE Ida 1950s
ClaBU045 BLAKE John E. 1970s
ClaBU054 BLAKE Karl H. 1970s
ClaBU028 BLAKE Leslie Samuel 2010s
ClaBU021 BLAKE Louisa 1930s
ClaBU013 BRAHAM Edith Blanche 1980s
ClaBU046 BRAMWELL Dorothy E. 1960s
ClaBU088 BROWN Dollyretta 1930s
ClaBU108 BROWN Edith 1950s
ClaBU023 BROWN Joseph 1960s
ClaBU103 BROWN Keziah 1970s
ClaBU024 BROWN Sheldon St George 1980s
ClaBU012 BRUCE Lillian 1980s
ClaBU121 BURTON Alfred C. A. 1960s
ClaBU130 BURTON Easton 2000s
ClaBU121 BURTON Mary Ann 1960s
ClaBU133 CAMPBELL Lucille May, Mrs 1990s
ClaBU140 CAMPBELL Rebecca 1910s
ClaBU138 CLARKE Donald Keith 1960s
ClaBU053 CODNER Elizabeth, Mrs 1960s
ClaBU110 COHEN Cecil Samuel 1970s
ClaBU076 COHEN Jane, Mrs 1970s
ClaBU107 COWANS Ida 1990s
ClaBU144 DAVY Sarah, Mrs 1890s
ClaBU061 DIAS Adelaide, Mrs 1950s
ClaBU059 DIAS Anieta
ClaBU060 DIAS Frederick 1930s
ClaBU123 FORBES Albert 1950s
ClaBU125 FORBES Albert T. 1950s
ClaBU124 FORBES Charlotte A. 1960s
ClaBU022 FORBES Samuel 1930s
ClaBU022 FORBES Unity 1930s
ClaBU085 FOSTER Muriel 1970s
ClaBU097 FRANCIS Hopeton 1980s
ClaBU134 FRAZER Ivy 2000s
ClaBU058 FRAZER James 1970s
ClaBU136 GABBIDON Joycelyn 1990s
ClaBU068 GIBBS Adline May 1990s
ClaBU033 GOODEN Daniel Simeon 1970s
ClaBU033 GOODEN Edith Bernice 1960s
ClaBU109 GORDON Daisy M. 1970s
ClaBU025 GORDON Lydiah 1970s
ClaBU091 GRAHAM Leslie Benjamin 1990s
ClaBU052 GRAHAM Rebecca, Mrs 1950s
ClaBU051 GRAHAM Thomas N. 1970s
ClaBU086 GRAVENEY Louisa 1950s
ClaBU080 GREEN Dorothy, Mrs 1940s
ClaBU117 HAUGHTON Sybil 1940s
ClaBU042 HAYNES Kenneth Ronald 1990s
ClaBU079 HENRY Archibald 1970s
ClaBU072 HENRY Arthur Isaac 1990s
ClaBU071 HENRY Edwin Augustus 2000s
ClaBU069 HENRY Ena N. 1990s
ClaBU079 HENRY Mary 1930s
ClaBU069 HENRY R. Lloyd 1990s
ClaBU129 HONEYGHAN Salome 1980s
ClaBU019 JACKSON Blanche E. 2000s
ClaBU016 JACKSON Elkanah 1950s
ClaBU035 JACKSON Evelyn 2000s
ClaBU017 JACKSON Sarah 1970s
ClaBU020 JACKSON Sylvester A. 1970s
ClaBU126 JOHNSON Francella, Mrs 1980s
ClaBU127 JOHNSON William A. 1970s
ClaBU065 JONES Adina 1930s
ClaBU057 JOSEPH Felix 1910s
ClaBU096 KING George 1900s
ClaBU131 KING Sidney Rupert 2000s
ClaBU112 KNIGHT Ellen 1980s
ClaBU112 KNIGHT John E. 1970s
ClaBU101 KONG Kong Yin 1990s
ClaBU139 LAWERANCE Eusebia 1890s
ClaBU095 LAWERANCE Jane 1900s
ClaBU128 LAWRENCE Julia 1980s
ClaBU047 LEWIS Cyril Hargraves 1960s
ClaBU047 LEWIS Minnette 1970s
ClaBU143 LOVELACE George Llewelyn 1990s
ClaBU102 LOVELACE Vashtina 1990s
ClaBU002 MALCOLM Albert Spencer 1990s
ClaBU073 MALCOLM Alice 1970s
ClaBU014 MALCOLM Charles A. 1960s
ClaBU001 MALCOLM Doris Maud 2000s
ClaBU100 MALCOLM Ernest 1980s
ClaBU099 MALCOLM Mary 1970s
ClaBU008 MALCOLM Susan 1950s
ClaBU090 MALCOLM Vinola Thelma 1990s
ClaBU039 MALCOLM Wilhelmina 1970s
ClaBU098 MAYNE Florilda 2000s
ClaBU119 McCALLA Cyrilda, Mrs 1960s
ClaBU113 McDONALD Emily, Mrs 1970s
ClaBU083 MITCHEL Ruth, Mrs 1920s
ClaBU062 MORRIS Albert Fitzgerald 2000s
ClaBU063 MORRIS Cynthia 1980s
ClaBU024 MORRIS Donna Annmarie 1960s
ClaBU066 MORRIS Furdienal 2000s
ClaBU145 NELSON Alex: Norman 1890s
ClaBU026 NELSON Alice 1970s
ClaBU003 NELSON Catherine 1990s
ClaBU009 NELSON Charles T. 1970s
ClaBU007 NELSON David 1940s
ClaBU004 NELSON Doris May 1990s
ClaBU007 NELSON Ellen 1950s
ClaBU137 NELSON Hilda Elizabeth 1990s
ClaBU082 NELSON Hubert H. 1940s
ClaBU030 NELSON Ina 1980s
ClaBU011 NELSON Inez Rose 2000s
ClaBU004 NELSON James Alexander 1990s
ClaBU146 NELSON May A. 1920s
ClaBU031 NELSON Rosa
ClaBU027 NELSON Winnifred Eloise 1990s
ClaBU118 NEWTON Mabel 1980s
ClaBU081 NICHOLAS Hubert M. 1930s
ClaBU005 NICHOLSON Emma 1950s
ClaBU006 NICHOLSON Lionel A. 1940s
ClaBU070 O’CONNOR Samuel Constantine 1990s
ClaBU089 PARSON Oswald 1960s
ClaBU093 PINNOCK Edwin 1980s
ClaBU094 PINNOCK Leahnora 1970s
ClaBU120 PINNOCK Ralph 1950s
ClaBU056 PRINCE Esther 1980s
ClaBU067 RENFORD Samuel 1950s
ClaBU142 ROBERTSON Linda May 1990s
ClaBU032 ROSE Keturah 1970s
ClaBU034 SALMON Josephus A. 1950s
ClaBU084 SCALE Jane, Mrs 1940s
ClaBU141 SHAW John 1910s
ClaBU116 SHAW Rachael 1940s
ClaBU122 SHIELDS Martha Ann 1940s
ClaBU055 SHIRLEY Ellen A. 1970s
ClaBU018 SIMMONDS Lillian, Mrs 1980s
ClaBU106 SMITH Abraham Archibald 1910s
ClaBU087 SMITH Betty L. 1950s
ClaBU114 SMITH Robert 1980s
ClaBU041 TAPPER Hilda 1970s
ClaBU041 TAPPER Robert 1970s
ClaBU088 THOMAS Emilly 1890s
ClaBU088 THOMAS Judith E. 1940s
ClaBU105 THOMAS Sophia L. 1980s
ClaBU064 WALKER Ellen, Mrs 1960s
ClaBU135 WATSON Ruby 2000s
ClaBU048 WHITELY Rachael 2010s
ClaBU092 WILLIAMSON Emily 1980s
ClaBU132 WILLIAMSON Percival 2000s
ClaBU037 WILTSHIRE Emma 1950s
ClaBU043 WILTSHIRE Oswald 1990s
ClaBU038 WILTSHIRE Phillip 1950s
ClaBU044 WILTSHIRE Rachel Olive 2000s
ClaBU010 WRAY Catherine 2000s


7 Responses to Baillieston United, Baillieston, Clarendon

  1. Adrian Wiltshire says:

    Oswald Wiltshire was born 1905, to Phillip Wiltshire and Emma Wiltshire.
    Phillip was born in 1864 and Emma was born in 1865.

    Oswald had 7 siblings: Daisy Chin Sang (born Wiltshire) and 6 other siblings.

    Oswald married Rachel Wiltshire. Rachel was born on November 16 1910.
    They had 9 children.

    Oswald passed away 1992, at age 87.

    • Tracy says:

      Philip Wiltshire (Oswald’s brother) was my maternal grandfather. We are trying to gather ancestry information about him and my grandmother, his wife. I would welcome any further information you may have.

  2. Adrian says:

    Based off the death records it doesn’t seem correct that oswald and philip are brothers. Philip is oswald’s father.

  3. Hi Tracy and Adrian – you probably will find what you are looking for on

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