Spaldings Cemetery, Clarendon

Spaldings Cemetery

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaSC111 ALLEN Kiplin G. 1970s
ClaSC110 ALLEN Roy J. 1970s
ClaSC036 ANDERSON Beatrice A. 1960s
ClaSC012 ANDERSON Martin Wellesley 1960s
ClaSC065 ANDERSON Matilda 1980s
ClaSC074 ANKLE Alice 1970s
ClaSC084 ARMSTRONG Othniel 1980s
ClaSC008 ARSCOTT Alfred Samuel 1940s
ClaSC004 ARSCOTT Cecil Earle 1940s
ClaSC031 ARSCOTT Clementina 1960s
ClaSC009 ARSCOTT Emma Louisa 1960s
ClaSC006 ARSCOTT Evan S. 1930s
ClaSC070 ARSCOTT Florence Amanda 2000s
ClaSC005 ARSCOTT George K. 1930s
ClaSC069 ARSCOTT Gilbert H. 1970s
ClaSC079 ARSCOTT Gladys 1970s
ClaSC076 ARSCOTT Naomi P. 1970s
ClaSC037 ARSCOTT Roslyn Mae 1970s
ClaSC118 ARSCOTT Vinton 1990s
ClaSC075 ARSCOTT Vivian R. 1960s
ClaSC032 ARSCOTT William W. 1990s
ClaSC007 ATKINSON George O. 1990s
ClaSC060 AZAN Clarence Powell 1980s
ClaSC030 AZAN Edward M. 1960s
ClaSC029 AZAN Michael Khaleel George 2000s
ClaSC029 AZAN Vida 1980s
ClaSC114 BARNES Ada 1960s
ClaSC144 BARNETT Cynthia R. 1980s
ClaSC055 BATEMAN Mrs Hannah 1970s
ClaSC054 BATEMAN Nellie T. 1970s
ClaSC081 BELLAMY Alice [nee GREEN] 1960s
ClaSC002 BENT David Bernard 2000s
ClaSC001 BENT Vida Celestina 2000s
ClaSC085 BRITTON Winford M. 1980s
ClaSC089 BROWN Michael A. 1990s
ClaSC148 BROWN Vinnette Meneta 2000s
ClaSC051 CARPENTER C. E. [nee EATON] 1940s
ClaSC107 DAVIS Melbourne O. 1970s
ClaSC130 DIXON Dzmilla N. 1990s
ClaSC129 DIXON James A. 1980s
ClaSC015 EASY Doris L. 1980s
ClaSC014 EASY Louise C. 1960s
ClaSC121 ELLIS Florence 1970s
ClaSC056 FATTA Aziz H. 1970s
ClaSC022 FEARON Ena St. Ana 1990s
ClaSC021 FEARON Jacque S. 1980s
ClaSC128 GOODEN Lupert 1980s
ClaSC071 HABER Namur Jabour 1980s
ClaSC071 HABER Salma 1990s
ClaSC061 HANNA Mrs Labeebe [nee AZAN] 1980s
ClaSC062 HANNA Nageeb 1950s
ClaSC034 HARRIS Mary Eucebia 1960s
ClaSC017 JACKSON Noel R. 1970s
ClaSC016 JACKSON Violet Maud 1970s
ClaSC026 JAMES Eric Robert 1990s
ClaSC027 JAMES Olive Jean 1970s
ClaSC127 JOHNSON Daisy 1980s
ClaSC126 JOHNSON David 1980s
ClaSC115 JOHNSON Mrs Merrian 1950s
ClaSC147 JOHNSON Samuel L. 2000s
ClaSC035 JUNOR David A. 1970s
ClaSC072 JUNOR Myrtle [nee TOYLOY] 1980s
ClaSC024 KIRBY Edward C. 1970s
ClaSC113 KIRBY Ethel Blanch 1960s
ClaSC138 KIRBY Florence M. 1990s
ClaSC023 KIRBY George
ClaSC103 KIRBY Gerald 1970s
ClaSC025 KIRBY Iris Amanda 1990s
ClaSC104 KIRBY Sylvia E. 1950s
ClaSC078 KIRBY Trevor O. 1980s
ClaSC046 KIRKLAND Mrs Leetydore 1970s
ClaSC058 LAUGHTON D. E. [nee LEWIS] 1950s
ClaSC092 LESLIE Mrs Francise L. 1950s
ClaSC112 LINDSAY Charles C. 1960s
ClaSC109 LYN Pansey 1970s
ClaSC080 MARGON Beatrice 1930s
ClaSC143 MAY Elsada Adassa 2000s
ClaSC142 MAY George E. 2000s
ClaSC140 MAYE George Stafford 1970s
ClaSC039 McCLEOD Mrs Theodora 1950s
ClaSC117 McGEACHY Phillip 1940s
ClaSC090 McKINSON Stenford 1990s
ClaSC139 McLARTY Zenia 1990s
ClaSC124 McLEOD Edith 1990s
ClaSC125 McLEOD Oswald C. 1980s
ClaSC120 McNAMEE Sergeant Robert 2000s
ClaSC106 McPHERSON Basil B. 2000s
ClaSC093 McPHERSON David 1980s
ClaSC094 McPHERSON Dorcas I. 1940s
ClaSC095 McPHERSON Wilfred S. 1980s
ClaSC059 MILLER Irine E. 1940s
ClaSC135 MILLER Ivy 1970s
ClaSC122 MORRIS Vincent John 2000s
ClaSC068 MORRIS Wilbert 1960s
ClaSC136 MUNDLE-HENRY Louise 2000s
ClaSC020 NELSON George Alexander 1990s
ClaSC132 ORR Ivan Stanley 2000s
ClaSC131 ORR Josephine Eunice 2000s
ClaSC028 PATTERSON Mary B. 1960s
ClaSC077 PITTER-NELSON Pearl Agatha 2000s
ClaSC134 POWELL Alfread 1970s
ClaSC052 RAMTALLIE Caleb 1970s
ClaSC082 RAMTALLIE Lloyd 1960s
ClaSC066 REID Ina 1970s
ClaSC073 REID Mrs Sarah 1930s
ClaSC096 REID Clive H. Jr. 1970s
ClaSC045 REYNOLDS Bernard A. 1960s
ClaSC050 REYNOLDS Percival 1960s
ClaSC049 REYNOLDS Rebertha 1990s
ClaSC044 REYNOLDS Thomas N.
ClaSC137 REYNOLDS Winnifred 1980s
ClaSC046 RICHARDS Mrs Rosey 1970s
ClaSC141 RICHARDSON Rohan S. 1970s
ClaSC088 ROBINSON Edward S. 1990s
ClaSC040 ROBINSON Pauline F. 1970s
ClaSC097 ROSE Alice S. 1960s
ClaSC102 ROSE Beryl Etta 1990s
ClaSC099 ROSE David E. 1930s
ClaSC019 ROSE Emma Rebecca 1970s
ClaSC098 ROSE John A. 1950s
ClaSC098 ROSE John Livine 1940s
ClaSC018 ROSE John Theophilus 1970s
ClaSC083 ROSE Kelvin A. 1980s
ClaSC101 ROSE Robert S. 2000s
ClaSC013 SCARLETT C. 1920s
ClaSC013 SCARLETT E. 1950s
ClaSC033 SCARLETT Miss I. R. 1950s
ClaSC011 SCARLETT Sarah Sophia 1960s
ClaSC047 SCOTT Arthur Manly 1970s
ClaSC048 SCOTT Willel Lois 1970s
ClaSC003 SHEPHERD-BENT Thelma Gladys 2000s
ClaSC010 SHERMAN Annie Elise 2000s
ClaSC043 SIMMONDS Hayden Earl 1970s
ClaSC042 SIMMONDS John Henry 1970s
ClaSC105 SMART Alfred 1950s
ClaSC108 SMART Ellen G. 1970s
ClaSC119 SPRAGG John H. 2000s
ClaSC145 STEWART Cyril S. 1980s
ClaSC116 THOMPSON Frances 1990s
ClaSC063 THORPE Eva 1960s
ClaSC067 TOYLOY Doyley Welsworth 1950s
ClaSC086 TOYLOY Felix D. 1990s
ClaSC038 TOYLOY Gertrude A. 1970s
ClaSC057 TOYLOY Henry Chin 1950s
ClaSC064 TOYLOY Hugh 1960s
ClaSC100 TOYLOY Irene 1970s
ClaSC087 TOYLOY Lyn P. 2000s
ClaSC053 TOYLOY Tekel Tadmore 1960s
ClaSC041 TURNER Gilbert Patrick 1980s
ClaSC123 TURNER William Lloyd 2000s
ClaSC091 WALLACE Bryan A. 1990s
ClaSC133 WINT Conroy A. 1970s
ClaSC072 WRIGHT Irene 1990s
ClaSC146 WRIGHT William M. 1980s


1 Response to Spaldings Cemetery, Clarendon

  1. Carmen C. McPherson-Varner says:

    I found my grandfather and uncle here.
    Basil B.
    Wilfred S.

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