Warsop United Pentecostal, Trelawny

Warsop United, Warsop

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreWU01 DAWSON Laurel Lukeland 2000s
TreWU03 LARMOND Cicelyn 2000s
TreWU04 McLEAN Cleveland 2000s
TreWU07 SHAW Josephine 2000s
TreWU05 THOMPSON Beatrice M. 2000s
TreWU02 UTER Desmond Keith 1990s
TreWU06 WHITE Harriette 1980s
TreWU06 WHITE Isreal Josiah 1980s
TreWU08 WILLIAMS Leanora 1990s


5 Responses to Warsop United Pentecostal, Trelawny

  1. monika says:

    I am sure that Brother Desmond Uter died in 2000s and Ms Josephine Shaw died in the 80s and not as stated above.

    • Thanks for your comment. I have double checked the inscription on the tombstones and the information written, is as is. I can only go by what is on the tombstone.

      • monika says:

        Thanks for the info and I do understand but these are people who are well known to me hence I am 1000% sure. One them from I was going school in the 80s and Desmond Uter who happens to be my neighbour who’s funeral I also attended. But thanks for your reply.

  2. Stephney Uter says:

    Hello everyone am Stephney Uter daughter of Desmond Uter dad die in December 1999 and was buried January 2000

  3. Kenneth Samuels says:

    Good church to be that’s where i was saved in1977

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