May Pen Cemetery, Kingston – Section C


A – F

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MPC00675 ABRAHAMS George William 1940s
MPC00586 ADAMS George 1890s
MPC00414 ADAMS Mary McNeil 1900s
MPC00468 AIKEN Imogene 1980s
MPC00579 ALLEN Dewight L. 1970s
MPC00733 ALLEYNE Elizabeth 1900s
MPC00732 ALLEYNE Lillian Aquilla 1900s
MPC00720 ALVES Amanda
MPC00804 ANDERSON Doris 1940s
MPC00471 ANDERSON Hilda Miriam 2000s
MPC00591 ARIS Eliza 1920s
MPC00419 ARIS F. W. 1910s
MPC00707 ASHMAN Harold 1950s
MPC00629 ATKINS Lucinea Mordecai Peart, Mrs 1970s
MPC00473 ATKINSON Herbert 1970s
MPC00469 AUSTIN Alphanso 1980s
MPC00644 BADDAL Urcellline 1970s
MPC00721 BAILEY Miriam 1950s
MPC00699 BAILEY Emeline, Mrs 1960s
MPC00828 BARKER John 1970s
MPC00781 BARNES Emily D. 1930s
MPC00780 BARNES James L. 1940s
MPC00385 BARNES Miriam A. 1980s
MPC00503 BARRETT Sybil Leonie 2000s
MPC00601 BARTILOW Augustus 1980s
MPC00808 BARTLEY Elisha 1970s
MPC00607 BARTLEY Steve A. 2000s
MPC00793 BEARD Fitz 1960s
MPC00765 BECKFORD Stanford 1940s
MPC00742 BESWICK Andrew 1990s
MPC00743 BESWICK Arlinton 2000s
MPC00788 BINNS Adelaide E. 1940s
MPC00787 BINNS Olive 1940s
MPC00768 BIRD Viola 1930s
MPC00439 BIRD William Wallace 1880s
MPC00637 BLACK Sydney Oliver 2000s
MPC00812 BLACKETT George E. 1940s
MPC00551 BLACKHAM Clementina 1980s
MPC00413 BLAKE Advira 2000s
MPC00642 BLAKE Luna 1980s
MPC00537 BLAKE Welley 1990s
MPC00369 BOGLE Hugh 1900s
MPC00403 BONITTO Stanley Keith 1880s
MPC00704 BOWEN Etheline 1940s
MPC00619 BOWERS Charles 1930s
MPC00521 BROADBELT Elizabeth Augustine 1980s
MPC00539 BROWN Cislyn Page 2000s
MPC00734 BROWN Edna
MPC00688 BUCHANAN Alice Maud 1950s
MPC00722 BURTON Charles Horatio 1940s
MPC00723 BURTON Mabel Irene 1910s
MPC00454 CAINE Lushington 1980s
MPC00391 CALNEK Hazel Maud 1930s
MPC00758 CAMERON Catherine Simpson 1930s
MPC00759 CAMERON John 1920s
MPC00797 CAMPBELL Beryl, Miss 1940s
MPC00770 CAMPBELL Viola Beatrice 1940s
MPC00580 CARTER Catherine, Mrs 1950s
MPC00753 CHANDLER Isabele Duplacy 1920s
MPC00416 CHARLTON Victoria 1920s
MPC00455 CHARMAN Rebecca, Mrs 1920s
MPC00717 CHEVANNES Ferdinand 1950s
MPC00456 CHILON Damion Anthony Watson 1990s
MPC00632 CHIN FOOK Edward 1920s
MPC00367 CLARKE Beryl A. Segree 1980s
MPC00805 CLARKE Iris 1940s
MPC00825 CLARKE Kenneth S. 1960s
MPC00640 CLARKE Margery 2000s
MPC00446 COBRAND Adassa 2000s
MPC00796 COKE Hubert E. 1970s
MPC00680 COLLASH Fitz Hugh
MPC00550 COLLEY William 1980s
MPC00690 COLLINS Kathleen W. 2000s
MPC00523 COOK John S. 1970s
MPC00485 COWAN Emily 1890s
MPC00512 COX Margaret Mary 1950s
MPC00512 COX William Taylor 1900s
MPC00378 CROSDALE Seymour 1980s
MPC00541 CROSSDALE Pauline I. 1980s
MPC00500 CRUCKSHANK Rohan Davis 2000s
MPC00750 CUMBERLAND Carl C. 1960s
MPC00778 CUMBERLAND Cecil Everard 1980s
MPC00778 CUMBERLAND Ethlind 2000s
MPC00606 CUMMINGS Vincent E. 1980s
MPC00447 CUNHA Adina, Mrs 1960s
MPC00708 CUNHA Sydney 1960s
MPC00554 DaCOSTA Henry Willoughby 1880s
MPC00671 DaCOSTA Joseph John 1920s
MPC00566 DACRES Ephraim A. 1980s
MPC00549 DADD Herbert East 1950s
MPC00478 D’AGUILAR Essanit 2000s
MPC00595 D’AGUILAR Mavis Essanit 2000s
MPC00399 DAILEY Amos James 1950s
MPC00571 DAILEY Samuel Manasseh 1950s
MPC00730 DANIEL Sarah 1930s
MPC00384 DAVIDSON Mable 1980s
MPC00567 DAWKINS Clifford
MPC00392 DAY Agnes Martha 1920s
MPC00581 DELL Inez 1980s
MPC00465 DELL Pearline Veronica 1950s
MPC00409 DELL Stephen A. 1960s
MPC00560 DeMERCADO Mary Frances 1880s
MPC00534 dePASS Alice Constance 1940s
MPC00427 DEWAR Frances 1980s
MPC00481 DEWAR Ralston 1970s
MPC00663 DICKSON Lily Mary 1920s
MPC00746 DIXON Alexander 1910s
MPC00530 DIXON Joslyn Roye 1980s
MPC00685 DIYER Doris, Miss 1970s
MPC00438 DORMAN Christine W. 1960s
MPC00517 DOUGLAS George N. 1930s
MPC00536 DUBIDAT Percival 1970s
MPC00578 DuMONT Laura A. 1930s
MPC00435 DUNCAN Frank 1960s
MPC00394 DUNN Walter 1990s
MPC00726 DUTHY Alice 1890s
MPC00509 ECCLESTON George 1960s
MPC00645 EDWARDS Dorothy 2000s
MPC00497 EDWARDS Rachel Sylvia 1990s
MPC00800 ELLIS Elsie 1970s
MPC00570 ELVITT Simeon 1910s
MPC00538 ERSKINE Frank R. H. 1890s
MPC00480 ERSKINE Rosalie Antoinette 1910s
MPC00761 EUNICK Altamont 1940s
MPC00760 EVANS Jasper Herbert 1950s
MPC00415 EVERETT Victor Heicham 1890s
MPC00547 FACEY Isabel Julia 1920s
MPC00641 FALCONER Clara Bell 1980s
MPC00752 FARRIER Ada 1910s
MPC00751 FARRIER Mortimer Delville 1920s
MPC00698 FERGUSON Albert A. 2000s
MPC00388 FERGUSON Eda 1980s
MPC00612 FERNANDEZ Irene Caridad 1930s
MPC00613 FERNANDEZ Mary Ann 1950s
MPC00491 FINDLEY Eric 1980s
MPC00401 FLETCHER Joseph Emanuel 1920s
MPC00474 FO POW Leu, Mr 1920s
MPC00418 FO POW Leu, Mrs 1910s
MPC00628 FORRESTER Rosetta 1990s
MPC00574 FOSTER Edward 1970s
MPC00772 FOSTER Florence Elgetha 1940s
MPC00771 FOSTER George Ethelbert 1940s
MPC00590 FOSTER Leonora 1980s
MPC00627 FOULK Ada Eliza 1950s
MPC00626 FRANCIS Theophilus Bacon 1950s
MPC00431 FRANCIS Wilbert

G – M

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MPC00622 GAUNTLETT Mary Laura 1950s
MPC00620 GAUNTLETT Oscar Greenwood 1930s
MPC00618 GAUNTLETT Vera Greenwood 1930s
MPC00824 GAYLE Iris
MPC00381 GAYLE Ronald
MPC00786 GAYNOR Sitira
MPC00633 GENTLES Charles Allan
MPC00548 GILL G. M. S. 1930s
MPC00453 GIRDWOOD Mrs Clarabell 1970s
MPC00584 GLEGG Gwendolyn 1940s
MPC00461 GOLDSON Icilda 1980s
MPC00513 GOLDSON Sarah 1920s
MPC00576 GOODRIDGE Winola 1980s
MPC00386 GORDON Edna 1990s
MPC00532 GORDON Imogene
MPC00830 GORDON Isabel E. 1940s
MPC00740 GORDON Sylvia, Mrs 1970s
MPC00429 GRAY Shaun
MPC00745 GREEN Edna 1990s
MPC00795 GREGORY Albertha
MPC00661 GRENFELL Gertrude 1910s
MPC00585 GRIZZLE Jonathan Lloyd 1980s
MPC00736 GUNTER William Henry 1910s
MPC00489 HALSTEAD Martha Victoria 1980s
MPC00556 HAMILTON Beatrice 1980s
MPC00477 HAMILTON Beryl 1980s
MPC00764 HARRIS Gloria
MPC00631 HAY Mrs Icilda 1960s
MPC00565 HAYE Leslie G. 1990s
MPC00450 HEATH Charles Albert 1890s
MPC00462 HEATH Herbert George 1920s
MPC00738 HEMMINGS Esthrana 1980s
MPC00479 HENDRICKSON Leslie 1930s
MPC00533 HENDRICKSON Matilda, Mrs 1910s
MPC00422 HENDRIKS Andrew H. 1890s
MPC00375 HENDRIKS Beryl 1890s
MPC00432 HENDRIKS Eugenia C. 1930s
MPC00495 HENDRIKS Matilda McDowell
MPC00375 HENDRIKS Theodore Benjamin 1910s
MPC00487 HENRY Cornelius T. 1990s
MPC00749 HENRY Doris
MPC00689 HENRY Esau 1950s
MPC00705 HENRY Mary Adina 1940s
MPC00460 HENRY Violet 1970s
MPC00425 HENRY Lynneth 1970s
MPC00540 HENRY-BRYAN Ethyline L. 2000s
MPC00763 HEPBURN Adrian R. A. 1960s
MPC00683 HEPBURN Barbara F. 1920s
MPC00682 HEPBURN Florence A. D. Hepburn 1930s
MPC00769 HEPBURN Jess M. 1930s
MPC00526 HILL Eliza S. 1910s
MPC00470 HINCHCLIFFE Rev. Lena E. 1980s
MPC00561 HOGG Hortley C. F. 1980s
MPC00597 HOLDING James 1940s
MPC00662 HOLLAR Francis Leicester 1930s
MPC00621 HOLLAR Ivy Lucille 1930s
MPC00656 HOLLAR Margaret Ann 1940s
MPC00525 HONG Henry Lea 1890s
MPC00516 HORNSBY Theodosia
MPC00658 HUTTON Robert 1930s
MPC00801 HYDES Jane Rozena 1940s
MPC00813 HYLTON Mrs Alice 1970s
MPC00737 IRVING Blanche 1960s
MPC00614 ISAACS Hillary 1990s
MPC00428 JACKSON Fred C. 1960s
MPC00792 JACKSON Jane 1940s
MPC00608 JACKSON Mary Ann
MPC00666 JACKSON Ellen, Mrs 1970s
MPC00371 JACKSON Rosalie Porter 1950s
MPC00652 JADUSINGH Clerice 1970s
MPC00449 JAMES Clifford Samuel 1990s
MPC00716 JOHNS Gerald 1940s
MPC00589 JOHNSON Clara 1990s
MPC00568 JOHNSON Leonard 1960s
MPC00377 JOHNSON Maud 2000s
MPC00442 JOHNSTON Benjamin U. 1970s
MPC00665 JOHNSTONE Frederick 2000s
MPC00762 JONES Edith
MPC00638 JOSEPHS Benjamin Timothy 1930s
MPC00379 KEATING Sybil 1990s
MPC00782 KEESE Marjorie Eulalee 1940s
MPC00798 KELLY Roslyn 1940s
MPC00555 KELLYMAN Levi 1970s
MPC00695 KENNEDY Uriah
MPC00524 KERR Adassa S.
MPC00522 KINGHORN Ivan 2000s
MPC00625 KINLOCK Marie Louise 1950s
MPC00756 LACY Frederick D’Acre 1950s
MPC00670 LACY George Dacre 1940s
MPC00756 LACY Marie 1950s
MPC00664 LALOR John White 1910s
MPC00649 LAWRENCE Frances Jane 1920s
MPC00659 LAWRENCE Owen A. 1950s
MPC00609 LAWRENCE G. E., Rev 1970s
MPC00806 LAWSON Patch 1940s
MPC00390 LAZARUS Alfred Constantine 1900s
MPC00390 LAZARUS Mary 1900s
MPC00451 LEE William 1890s
MPC00703 LESLIE Noel 1990s
MPC00518 LESTER Dorothy 1980s
MPC00440 LEWIS Cislyn 1970s
MPC00829 LEWIS Henrietta 1970s
MPC00496 LEWIS Martha Ann 1950s
MPC00600 LEWIS Seymour Anthony 1980s
MPC00814 LINDNER Carl Barrett 1970s
MPC00784 LINDO James A. 1940s
MPC00779 LINDO Joseph 2000s
MPC00655 LINDO Lucia A. 1950s
MPC00593 LINDO Mary J. 1940s
MPC00654 LINDO W. J. Ivan 1910s
MPC00421 LINDO Winnifred Augusta 1900s
MPC00594 LINDO Winnifred Augusta 1900s
MPC00366 LINTON Ishmael George 1970s
MPC00588 LINTON Luther Emanuel 1970s
MPC00774 LLOYD Peter 1940s
MPC00515 LOWNDES Septimus Henry 1920s
MPC00775 LOY Foo 1940s
MPC00773 LOY James 1940s
MPC00776 LOY Chin, Mrs 1930s
MPC00785 LOY Nora 1960s
MPC00441 LYLE James 2000s
MPC00693 LYNCH James Record 1950s
MPC00387 MacCULLOCH Mary Emily 1940s
MPC00490 MAGNAN Sarah Stewart 1880s
MPC00475 MAHWINGKEE Edythe 1940s
MPC00677 MAIS Roger 1950s
MPC00397 MAXWELL Lillian 1930s
MPC00424 McDONALD Mirriam, Mrs
MPC00710 McFARLANE Beryl E. 1970s
MPC00684 McGANN Caroline 1950s
MPC00370 McGEACHY Ivanhoe
MPC00448 McINNIS Susan E., Mrs 1960s
MPC00483 McINTYRE Carrie, Mrs 1940s
MPC00587 McKAY Elizabeth
MPC00476 McKELLA Charles 1930s
MPC00767 McKENZIE George 1970s
MPC00557 McKENZIE Kenneth H. 1980s
MPC00712 McKOY D. Edmund 1970s
MPC00653 McLEAN Esther 2000s
MPC00445 McLEOD Tyrone Patrick
MPC00408 McNABB Samuel C. 1960s
MPC00499 MILLER Carreen Marcia 1990s
MPC00615 MILLER John 1930s
MPC00543 MILLINGTON Edna 1980s
MPC00452 MILLS Arthur C. 1970s
MPC00639 MILNER George Webb 1890s
MPC00501 MITCHELL Archibald 1910s
MPC00648 MITCHELL Ida 1980s
MPC00436 MITCHELL Iris, Mrs 1950s
MPC00815 MORAIS Gilbert 1940s
MPC00686 MORAIS Lillian A. 1950s
MPC00709 MORGAN Rudolph W. 1970s
MPC00667 MORRIS Maglin 2000s
MPC00410 MORRIS Mrs Irene 1970s
MPC00687 MORRISON Edna 1950s
MPC00412 MORRISON Herman 1980s
MPC00562 MULLETT George Franklyn 1930s
MPC00504 MULLETT Mary Ann, Mrs 1920s
MPC00376 MUNRO Maria Rebecca 1930s
MPC00520 MURRAY Eleanor Greaves Phillips 1950s
MPC00598 MURRAY George
MPC00482 MURRAY Joseph Gustavus 1920s
MPC00528 MURRAY Rupert Garland 1930s
MPC00817 MYERS Maud, Mrs 1940s
MPC00729 MYKOO Alice, Mrs 1970s
MPC00731 MYKOO Gloria, Mrs 1980s
MPC00789 MYRIE Carmeta 1970s

N – Y

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MPC00458 NAPIER Allan 1930s
MPC00382 NASH Mary Jane
MPC00484 NATION Eliza Elfree 1970s
MPC00508 NEEDHAM Rachael
MPC00692 NELSON Oiver Fernando 1970s
MPC00791 NELSON S. A. 1940s
MPC00634 NETHERSOLE Florence Jane 1900s
MPC00650 NETHERSOLE John Mapletoft 1930s
MPC00592 NEWMAN Ethel M. 1980s
MPC00559 NICHOLSON E. C. Grossett 1910s
MPC00810 NORRIS Albertha 1940s
MPC00811 NORRIS Bertie A. 1940s
MPC00799 NUGENT Catherine 1940s
MPC00577 NUNES Stanley 1980s
MPC00444 O’CONNOR Rita Adina 1990s
MPC00668 OGILVIE James 1910s
MPC00669 OGILVIE Janet 1920s
MPC00564 ORRETT Annie Victoria 1900s
MPC00507 ORRETT George 1900s
MPC00405 PARKER Iris H. 1970s
MPC00529 PARSONS Constance Eyre 1890s
MPC00535 PASSMORE Caroline 1890s
MPC00373 PATTERSON Castell Burth 1980s
MPC00463 PEARSON Allan Victor 1990s
MPC00757 PETERSON Judith Ann 1940s
MPC00728 PHILLIPS Herbert A. 1970s
MPC00790 PHILLIPS Iley D. 1970s
MPC00583 POLLEDO Enrique R. 1950s
MPC00739 POLLOCK Euginne 1990s
MPC00611 PORTER Adina 1980s
MPC00428 PORTER Rotha Kate 1890s
MPC00486 PORTER W. C. 1890s
MPC00674 POWELL Bertha Ezilla 1930s
MPC00545 POWELL Sydonie M. 1980s
MPC00766 PRENDERGAST Carmen 1940s
MPC00718 PRICE-MAZINK Matilda 1940s
MPC00725 PRYCE Cyril George 1970s
MPC00417 PRYCE Nigel 1990s
MPC00706 RANKIANE Georgianna 1980s
MPC00657 RAPHAEL Wilfred G. 1960s
MPC00630 REID Alexander Augustus 1980s
MPC00365 REID Alice Theodora 1920s
MPC00457 REID Jonathan
MPC00514 REID Richard Huggins 1950s
MPC00755 REYNOLDS Fitzgerald george 2000s
MPC00741 REYNOLDS Matilda 1930s
MPC00467 RICHARDS Verna Johnson 1990s
MPC00714 RICKETTS Annie 1950s
MPC00715 RICKETTS George W. 1940s
MPC00617 RITMAN Muriel 1980s
MPC00433 ROACH Ina May 2000s
MPC00700 ROBINSON Lloyd 1960s
MPC00616 ROBINSON Ambrozine, Mrs 1980s
MPC00459 ROBINSON Uriah Uzziel 1970s
MPC00396 ROSE Charlotte 1930s
MPC00678 ROYES W. Vernon 1930s
MPC00821 RUSSELL Edward 2000s
MPC00744 SANG Iris May 1930s
MPC00679 SANG Samuel A. 1940s
MPC00553 SEALY David Uriah 1980s
MPC00818 SEDDEN Mary, Mrs 1940s
MPC00374 SHARPE John
MPC00647 SHAW C. 1980s
MPC00803 SHAW Eulalee 1970s
MPC00498 SHEPHERD Louise 1980s
MPC00691 SHIM Nigel Keith 1950s
MPC00702 SIMPSON Cedric 2000s
MPC00472 SIMPSON Elma May 1980s
MPC00502 SIMPSON H. A. Laselve, Hon. 1930s
MPC00783 SIMS Mary Jane 1940s
MPC00822 SINGH Eric 1970s
MPC00827 SLOCK Pearline V. 1940s
MPC00575 SMITH Annie E. 1890s
MPC00681 SMITH David Howell 1920s
MPC00406 SMITH Ethel
MPC00443 SMITH Grace
MPC00372 SMITH Leroy Anthony 2000s
MPC00672 SMITH Roderick Brice 1900s
MPC00599 SMYTHE Percival Llewellyn 1900s
MPC00569 SOUTAR Annie Matilda 1950s
MPC00511 SOUTAR Euan David 1930s
MPC00624 SOUTAR Hubert Victor 1930s
MPC00754 STEELE Emanuel Augustus 1900s
MPC00464 STEPHENS Frank 1970s
MPC00697 STEWART D. A., Dr. 1950s
MPC00635 STEWART Viola Theresa 2000s
MPC00563 STIRLING Percival M. 1960s
MPC00434 SULLIVAN Rudolph E. 1980s
MPC00426 SURRIDGE Doris Isabel 1900s
MPC00426 SURRIDGE Icilda Maud 1890s
MPC00369 SURRIDGE Theresa Josephine 1930s
MPC00426 SURRIDGE William Gardner 1930s
MPC00794 SWEETLAND Marie 1940s
MPC00552 SYMMONETT Ethel Maud 1950s
MPC00437 SYMMONETT Gertrude 1950s
MPC00380 SYMMONETT Mabel Louise 1920s
MPC00494 SYMMONETT Mary Anne 1900s
MPC00407 TAIT Charles Walter 1900s
MPC00404 TAJAH Enos Almanpin 2000s
MPC00423 TAWDEEN Adrian Augustus 2000s
MPC00673 TAYLOR Alexander 1910s
MPC00826 TAYLOR Azariah A. 1940s
MPC00368 TERRIER Theodore Emile 1930s
MPC00493 THENSTEAD C., Mrs 1960s
MPC00713 THOMAS Evelyn R. 1940s
MPC00531 THOMAS Harold C. 1960s
MPC00395 THOMAS Herbert 1950s
MPC00506 THOMAS Esther Mary, Mrs 1960s
MPC00544 THOMAS Sterling
MPC00510 THOMPSON Henry 1970s
MPC00727 THOMPSON Josephine 1970s
MPC00819 THOMPSON Hilda Maud, Mrs 1950s
MPC00505 THOMPSON William N. 1960s
MPC00400 THORBURN Ellen Elizabeth 1920s
MPC00572 THORBURN Ernest William 1970s
MPC00411 THWAITES Sarah 1910s
MPC00701 TUCKER Doris Olga 2000s
MPC00696 TUCKER Francis, Mrs 1950s
MPC00823 TUCKER-MILLER Christina
MPC00542 VASSELL Calvin 2000s
MPC00676 VAZ Sylvia Carmen 1930s
MPC00402 VERNON William 1970s
MPC00735 WALKER Sheronette 1990s
MPC00807 WALKER Venetia 1960s
MPC00389 WALKER Walter G. 1970s
MPC00802 WARD Naomi 1980s
MPC00398 WEATHERMAN Louise, Mrs 1950s
MPC00748 WEIR Raphael
MPC00694 WELSH David A. 1990s
MPC00573 WHITE Leyland
MPC00636 WHITE Veronica, Mrs 1980s
MPC00809 WHITTAKER Ruth, Mrs 1960s
MPC00604 WILLIAMS Desmond 2000s
MPC00383 WILLIAMS Emily 1920s
MPC00492 WILLIAMS Ezekiel 1980s
MPC00747 WILLIAMS Lena Elizabeth 1970s
MPC00724 WILLIAMS Francis A., Mrs 1930s
MPC00820 WILLIAMS Susan, Mrs 1940s
MPC00602 WILLIAMS Norbert V. 1980s
MPC00430 WILSON Austin James 1940s
MPC00558 WILSON Ernest George 1950s
MPC00546 WILSON Hubert 1890s
MPC00488 WILSON James Ellis 1910s
MPC00651 WINT Ethlyn
MPC00623 WINT Marlon 1990s
MPC00582 WRIGHT Curtis Bonnitto 1990s
MPC00719 WRIGHT John Lancelot 1940s
MPC00646 WRIGHT Mildred 1980s
MPC00643 WRIGHT Nomi 1990s
MPC00610 YEE John Joseph 1920s
MPC00605 YOUNG Ernest 1890s
MPC00527 YOUNG Everton W. 1990s
MPC00466 YOUNG Lionel C. 1960s
MPC00420 YOUNG Mary, Mrs 1950s
MPC00816 YOUNG Richard E. 1940s


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