Ritchies Moravian, Ritchies, Clarendon

Ritchies Moravian 2

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaRM16 BUTLER Dolsie May 1990s
ClaRM25 BUTLER Owen James 2000s
ClaRM14 BUTLER Sophia Joy 1990s
ClaRM15 CARTY George 1990s
ClaRM31 DAVIS Edna Mae, Mrs 1990s
ClaRM26 DAVIS-BROWN Cynthia Beatrice 2000s
ClaRM22 DAVY Herbert William 1990s
ClaRM29 DAVY John Vincent 2000s
ClaRM30 DAVY Nora Maud 1990s
ClaRM04 DONALDSON Gladston B. 1960s
ClaRM05 DONALDSON Mary Agatha Victoria 1980s
ClaRM24 DONALDSON Violet Amanda 1990s
ClaRM06 DOUGLAS Horace Seaton 1990s
ClaRM33 FOLKES Estella Beatrice 2000s
ClaRM01 HARRIOTT Cecil Melbourne 1990s
ClaRM03 HARRIOTT Dorreth May 1990s
ClaRM11 KNIGHT Richard 1980s
ClaRM12 KNIGHT Ruth Ann 2000s
ClaRM35 LAMBERT Raul K. G. 2000s
ClaRM21 LAMBERT Roy H. Snr. 1990s
ClaRM20 LAMBERT Roy Shaile St Elmo, Jnr 1990s
ClaRM19 LAMBERT Royanne K. N. 1990s
ClaRM32 MARSHALL Nicolene Teresa 1990s
ClaRM07 McFEE Hanna 1980s
ClaRM10 MITCHELL Isadora, Mrs 1960s
ClaRM18 NELSON Amy B. 1980s
ClaRM17 NELSON Garnald Wellesley 1990s
ClaRM27 PRYCE Redina 2000s
ClaRM08 PUSEY Frederica 1970s
ClaRM13 REID Imogene 1990s
ClaRM28 RICHARDS Isadora 1990s
ClaRM09 SWABY Lucille, Mrs 1970s
ClaRM02 SWABY William 1990s
ClaRM23 WELLER Jane Davy 1990s
ClaRM34 WHITE Cyril 2000s


2 Responses to Ritchies Moravian, Ritchies, Clarendon

  1. Damion King says:

    Glad son b Donaldson is my grand uncle

  2. Pamela Davy says:

    Mr Gladstone Donaldson was my Grand Uncle. My grand mother’s brother.

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