Bethany Baptist, Bethany, St Ann

Bethany Baptist, St Ann

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AnnBB02 BROWN Wilbert James 1960s
AnnBB15 VEITCH Albertha 1970s
AnnBB06 BRADY Hilda May 1970s
AnnBB09 GORDON Alfred 1970s
AnnBB07 PARKES Aaron 1970s
AnnBB17 MORRIS Webster 1980s
AnnBB04 CLARKE Casita 1980s
AnnBB16 DUSSARD Rebecca, Mrs 1980s
AnnBB01 BROWN Evelina 1980s
AnnBB10 LINTON Josephine M. 1980s
AnnBB05 STEWART Simeon 1990s
AnnBB12 PEAT Ida 1990s
AnnBB03 DAWSON Naptali 1990s
AnnBB18 MORRIS Anna May 1990s
AnnBB14 VEITCH Annie Maria 1990s
AnnBB13 VEITCH Doris 2000s
AnnBB08 GORDON Una Urcela 2000s
AnnBB11 CLARKE Lillian Agatha 2000s


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