St Mark’s Anglican, Hopewell, Westmoreland

St Mark's, HopewellSt Mark's Angl, Hopewell

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesSMH15 ALLEN Emla Matilda 1990s
WesSMH29 ANGLIN Barry Nieve 1960s
WesSMH29 ANGLIN Mabel Eliza 1970s
WesSMH14 BELL Alexander 1970s
WesSMH13 BELL Carrie E. 1960s
WesSMH47 BERNARD Hubert 2000s
WesSMH46 BERNARD Lloyd George 2000s
WesSMH45 BERNARD Roland E. 2000s
WesSMH17 BROWN Cordelia R. 1950s
WesSMH18 BROWN Uriah Leopold 1960s
WesSMH03 CAMPBELL Joseph 1990s
WesSMH04 CAMPBELL Mabell 1990s
WesSMH50 CAMPBELL Neville P. 2000s
WesSMH48 CAMPBELL Nunes A. 1990s
WesSMH49 CAMPBELL Patrick 1970s
WesSMH37 CAMPBELL Virgil 1940s
WesSMH31 CHAMBERS Joseph Kerr 1940s
WesSMH32 CHAMBERS Rupert Graham 1930s
WesSMH42 CLARE Mary 1980s
WesSMH24 CLARKE Rose Marie 2000s
WesSMH06 DAVIDS Mavis Inoa 2000s
WesSMH05 DAVIDS Ronald Ivan 1990s
WesSMH01 DOLLY George Clifford 2000s
WesSMH02 DOLLY Hyacinth 2000s
WesSMH20 EAST Edmond Dennis 1970s
WesSMH19 EAST Marie Geraldine 1960s
WesSMH28 ELDEMIRE Ruby 1970s
WesSMH12 EXCELL Albert Harding 1960s
WesSMH11 EXCELL Nellie Maud 1980s
WesSMH16 FERGUSON Hilda M. 1960s
WesSMH52 GRAHAM Esther 1970s
WesSMH30 GRAHAM Jacob Robert Burrell 1940s
WesSMH08 GREEN Herbert E. 2000s
WesSMH33 GREEN Rebecca W. 1930s
WesSMH09 GREEN Vida May 1990s
WesSMH23 HILTON Evadney 2000s
WesSMH27 HILTON Ivan 1970s
WesSMH07 HINES Ruth 1990s
WesSMH41 HYLTON Lena May 1980s
WesSMH44 JARRETT Jillian Morant 1990s
WesSMH22 KENNEDY Aneita Cindy 2000s
WesSMH51 LEE Herbert 1990s
WesSMH34 McLENAN Phillip W. 1960s
WesSMH35 McLENAN Rosa A. 1960s
WesSMH38 PEART Emma Isabell 1970s
WesSMH39 PEART John Leslie 1960s
WesSMH10 RAMSAY Geraldine E. 1990s
WesSMH43 RAMSAY Lillian E. 1990s
WesSMH40 RAMSAY Lillian L. 1980s
WesSMH26 RAMSAY William A. 1960s
WesSMH25 REID Dothney 2000s
WesSMH53 WATKINS E. 1980s
WesSMH36 WATSON Emily Maud 1960s
WesSMH21 WELLINGTON Gwendolyn Maud 2000s


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