St Matthew’s Anglican, Boscobel, St Mary

St Matthew, Boscobel 1

LAT:   18°24’18.55″N      LONG:   76°58’33.76″W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
MrySM18 ADAMSON Eva M. 1970s
MrySM19 ADAMSON George H. 1980s
MrySM16 ADAMSON Phyllis 1930s
MrySM02 CAMPBELL Edgar Leopold 1990s
MrySM01 CAMPBELL Iris 1970s
MrySM03 CAMPBELL Leopold C. 1990s
MrySM09 CARR Byron Vincent 1970s
MrySM10 CARR Amey Maud 1990s
MrySM12 CLEMESTON Ethel 1980s
MrySM11 COLLINS John C. 1960s
MrySM14 DUNN Louise 1970s
MrySM20 HENRY Amy Dora 1940s
MrySM20 HENRY Edward 1950s
MrySM17 HUNTER Rachael W. 1930s
MrySM04 JAMES Hezekiah 1960s
MrySM05 JAMES Mary Elizabeth 1980s
MrySM06 LOPEZ Adassa 1990s
MrySM15 PHILLPOTTS Alice Latiora 1950s
MrySM21 PYNE William T. 1930s
MrySM22 RICHMOND Hilda A. 2000s
MrySM13 SMITH Louise, Miss 1980s
MrySM07 SUTHERLAND Laura Louise, Mrs. 1980s
MrySM08 SUTHERLAND Sylvester Augustus 1970s


1 Response to St Matthew’s Anglican, Boscobel, St Mary

  1. Iesha Pyne says:

    William T Pyne is my great-great-grandfather.

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