Duncans Methodist, Crawle, Trelawny

The History of Duncans Methodist Church

[Extract: 125th Anniversary Celebration 1882-2007 Magazine]

The first contact of Methodism within the parish of Trelawny was in April 1793 when Rev’d Dr. Thomas Coke, first Methodist missionary to the Caribbean, met and spoke to a group of people in the Martha Brae area.  There was no recorded significant happenings until 1818 when Rev’d  John Shipman was appointed  to work in Trelawny.

Some time prior to 1820, a rented house was used for worship under the expansion policy of Rev’d Binney who resided at Rio Bueno.  This was the founding of the Duncans Circuit which includes the Duncans, Brampton, Sawyers, Ulster Spring, Stettin and Warsop societies.

In 1835 Rev’d John Corlett was appointed to Falmouth.  He began services among enslaved Africans at Georgia Estate, Duncans.  In 1836 the District gave permission to erect a “frame and covering” for the congregation on the Lord’s Day for the lowest amount of money possible, not exceeding £50.00, on condition they could remove the materials if they were obliged to leave that spot.  The growth was fast and within a year the members sought permission to build a permanent wooden structure on lands obtained by lease-hold for three years in the first instance.  The land was eventually given to the church by a “convicted slave” named Betty Mary.  Rev’d Corlett left before the completion of the building.  The wooden building that was completed in 1841 lasted the Duncans Society until 1882. In that year, permission was granted to erect a new church.  It was completed and officially opened in 1884 and now stands as a beacon  in the community.

Duncans Church

Under the direction of Rev’d Ralph Webster, the need for a Church Hall was satisfied, and in 1951 construction was completed..  In May 1991 it was named “Lloyd Veira’s Hall, in recognition of the sterling services  he gave to the church as a Circuit Steward.

Duncans Church HallRev’d Edward Spratt was the first Minister who occupied the Manse.  Unfortunately he died accidentally after falling from his horse on 23 July 1883 on his way to Ulster Spring, at a little district adjoining Sawyers.

Duncans Revd SprattDuncans Church & Hall


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreDM12 BOYD Edna W. 2000s
TreDM19 CHEN Samuel George 2000s
TreDM05 FULLERTON Benjamin E. 1920s
TreDM14 GOLDING Ida Jane 1990s
TreDM17 GRANT Cynthia 1990s
TreDM21 GRANT Herbert W. 1970s
TreDM18 GRANT Louis Norris 1950s
TreDM22 GRANT Vera M. 1970s
TreDM23 GRANT Vincent V. 1980s
TreDM31 GREAVES Edward Stafford, Dr 1950s
TreDM32 HARTLEY Peter 1950s
TreDM07 KERR Amy Mills 1980s
TreDM06 LYONS Elizabeth G. 2000s
TreDM20 McKENZIE Leila M. Henlan 1990s
TreDM08 MOULTON James Mortemor 2000s
TreDM09 MOULTON Ruby Mills 2000s
TreDM24 NAM Ivy 1990s
TreDM25 NAM Kenneth 1990s
TreDM16 ROSE Conroy Leslie 1980s
TreDM15 ROSE Winnifred Mary 1990s
TreDM13 RUDD Yvonne Claudette 1990s
TreDM26 STOCKHAUSEN Enid Mary 1970s
TreDM27 STOCKHAUSEN Joseph 1950s
TreDM29 STOCKHAUSEN Joseph M. 1960s
TreDM28 STOCKHAUSEN Margaret 1940s
TreDM30 STOCKHAUSEN-ROE Elenor Bertha, Mrs 1990s
TreDM04 STRUDWICK Emily Louise 1930s
TreDM01 STRUDWICK Harvey Miles 1930s
TreDM02 STRUDWICK Henry Thompson 1910s
TreDM03 VEIRA Lloyd George 1990s
TreDM11 WEBB George A. 2000s
TreDM10 WHITE Helen Rebecca 2000s


6 Responses to Duncans Methodist, Crawle, Trelawny

  1. Rev Derek N. Stanworth (Minister of Edmondson, 1966-70) says:

    Thank you for these records of burials at the Duncans MC. Please note that there are graves for ministers and their families beside the manse on the hillside.

    • Sandra says:

      Is thst where Rev. Edward Spratt is buried?

    • Sandra Spratt says:

      Is there where my Great Great Grandfather Rev. Edward Spratt is buried? On the hill?

    • Kwane says:

      Do you know the names of those persons? I am the current minister at the manse. My name is Kwane Russell. If you would like to share you may contact me at 1876-390-9849 or krussellqps@gmail.com . Also next year 2020 Duncans church will be celebrating 185 years of Methodist witness and the Circuit 200 years of Methodist witness. We will be having a series of activities. Feel free to contact me. Every blessing.

      • Sandra Spratt says:

        Thank you Kwane for contacting me.:) My Great Great Grandfather’s name is the stone in the message. The one pictured. We visited the Church, the manse, and he roadside marker, but do not know for sure where he is buried. If he is buried off the manse could you please let us know. And any details of the celebration as we would love to be part of it. Very Much appreciated, Sandra

        On Fri, 12 Jul 2019 at 11:58, Jamaican Ancestral Records wrote:

        > Kwane commented: “Do you know the names of those persons? I am the current > minister at the manse. My name is Kwane Russell. If you would like to share > you may contact me at 1876-390-9849 or krussellqps@gmail.com . Also next > year 2020 Duncans church will be celebrating 185 ” >

  2. Elizabeth Stewart says:

    I am granddaughter of Ralph Webster, methodist minister for 30+ years
    I would love to receive more information on his career. He passed in 1980s.
    Elizabeth Stewart nee Webster

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