Eccleston Methodist, Eccleston, St Ann

Eccleston Methodist

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AnnEM68 BARKER Manasseh, Revd. 1910s
AnnEM68 BARKER Margaret 1910s
AnnEM69 BARKER Margaret Althea 1910s
AnnEM01 BOURNE F. A. 1960s
AnnEM52 BROWN Caroline 1920s
AnnEM32 BRUCE Clifford 1980s
AnnEM06 BRUCE Ernest D. 1980s
AnnEM07 BRUCE Florice Elizabeth 1980s
AnnEM59 CAMPBELL Alice May 2000s
AnnEM18 CAMPBELL Arthur George 1980s
AnnEM14 CAMPBELL Gavin Kurt 2000s
AnnEM65 CAMPBELL Laura E. 2000s
AnnEM47 CHRISTIE Daisy May 1990s
AnnEM22 CODNER John Constantine 1980s
AnnEM21 CODNER Wynette 1990s
AnnEM10 CROSS Ira 1990s
AnnEM35 CROSS Jasper 1980s
AnnEM46 DUNCAN Jean H. 2000s
AnnEM50 FAGAN Alice Matilda 1930s
AnnEM49 FAGAN Eunis Vine 1960s
AnnEM25 FAGAN-WATSON Edith 1980s
AnnEM17 FULTON Hector A. 1960s
AnnEM26 GORDON Grace Simmonds 1980s
AnnEM53 GORDON Mact: 1880s
AnnEM62 GRANT Donald Eccleston 1970s
AnnEM61 GRANT Florice Louise 1950s
AnnEM60 GRANT Waldemar Eccleston 1950s
AnnEM44 GRAY Lesley
AnnEM45 GRAY Zipporah 1980s
AnnEM37 HALL Harry 1970s
AnnEM16 HALL Lurline [nee LINDO] 2000s
AnnEM15 HALL Sarah, Mrs 1960s
AnnEM38 HALL Vashti Isabelle 1990s
AnnEM55 HAYDEN Thillafious 1890s
AnnEM64 HIGGINS Clinton A. 1990s
AnnEM58 HINDS Viola 2000s
AnnEM56 HOWLETT Lewis Agustas 1970s
AnnEM48 INGRAM Tamer Lee 1980s
AnnEM13 IRWIN Kathleen Blanche 1990s
AnnEM12 IRWIN Rufus Benjamin 1960s
AnnEM03 JOHNSTON Ivy 1960s
AnnEM03 JOHNSTON John 1960s
AnnEM67 LAWRENCE Charles 1980s
AnnEM66 LAWRENCE Viola, Mrs 1980s
AnnEM43 LEE Haddon W. 1980s
AnnEM42 LEE Muriel D. 1990s
AnnEM40 LEE Vincent Russell 1990s
AnnEM41 LEE Viola 2000s
AnnEM70 LINDO S. L., Rev. 1910s
AnnEM20 LOVE Charles 1990s
AnnEM19 LOVE Leanora 1970s
AnnEM02 LYN-COOK Hilda 1960s
AnnEM63 LYN-COOK Joyce 1990s
AnnEM05 MILLER Alfred 1960s
AnnEM05 MILLER Ella 1960s
AnnEM33 MORTIMER Curton 1990s
AnnEM34 MORTIMER Eurinah [nee CAMMOCK] 1990s
AnnEM28 NEWBY Viven Louise [nee CASE] 2000s
AnnEM11 PALMER Ezekiel 1960s
AnnEM23 PALMER Kurline 2000s
AnnEM24 PALMER Mary May 2000s
AnnEM08 PEART Cyril G. 1980s
AnnEM09 PEART Ivy H. 1980s
AnnEM36 RAINFORD Clarence A. 1960s
AnnEM27 RUSSELL Hyacinth 2000s
AnnEM57 SHARPE Utus U. 1980s
AnnEM54 STEPHENSON Christiana 1980s
AnnEM04 THOMAS Alice, Mrs 1960s
AnnEM31 WATSON Daisy 1960s
AnnEM30 WATSON James Sullivan 1990s
AnnEM51 WATSON Phyllis Hope 1950s
AnnEM39 WILSON Vernice 1970s


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  1. Sharon says:

    Looking for records for a Marge Eccleston or a
    Paul Trevor Eccleston
    Birth records school
    Thank you

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