Edmondson Methodist, Alexandria, St Ann

Edmondson Methodist
Cotton TreeEdmondson Methodist 2

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AnnEA62 ANDERSON Ezekiel M. 1950s
AnnEA63 ANDERSON Rebecca Keturah 1960s
AnnEA74 BRADY Harold, Dr 1960s
AnnEA40 BROWN Cyril 1980s
AnnEA40 BROWN Ivy L. 1980s
AnnEA23 BROWN Muriel 1990s
AnnEA22 BROWN Sylvester 2000s
AnnEA02 BYGRAVE-BARRETT Myrtle Blanche 2000s
AnnEA56 CALLUM Abigail, Mrs 1930s
AnnEA61 CALLUM Alexander 1950s
AnnEA69 CASE Jane 1960s
AnnEA69 CASE William T. 1930s
AnnEA60 CHURCH Reginald A. 1960s
AnnEA39 DALEY Clarence 1980s
AnnEA38 DALEY Mable 1990s
AnnEA53 DAVIS Elsweda 1970s
AnnEA34 EDWARDS Cathina V. 1980s
AnnEA35 EDWARDS Harold L. 1990s
AnnEA19 EDWARDS Ina M. 2000s
AnnEA27 ENNIS Grethel A. 2000s
AnnEA29 FRASER Florence Maud Patten 1990s
AnnEA12 FRASER James 2000s
AnnEA28 FRASER Sylvester 1990s
AnnEA49 GREAVES Beatrice Amanda 1980s
AnnEA41 GREAVES Joseph Benjamin 1980s
AnnEA50 GREAVES Nathaniel 1960s
AnnEA08 HALL Sadie Ambrose 2000s
AnnEA43 HARRISON Winnefred 1990s
AnnEA73 HELWIG Charles Evans 1970s
AnnEA72 HELWIG Charles Louis 1950s
AnnEA71 HELWIG Rose 1910s
AnnEA11 HIGGIN Rachel 2000s
AnnEA26 HYLTON Vincent Eyre 1980s
AnnEA15 JOBSON Hazel C. 1990s
AnnEA76 JOHNSON Clarence Rudolph 1980s
AnnEA75 JOHNSON Ella J. 1960s
AnnEA75 JOHNSON James R. 1960s
AnnEA70 LOPEZ Mabel 1950s
AnnEA45 LYON Noel E. A. 1960s
AnnEA64 MARSTON Floris 1930s
AnnEA55 MARSTON Hugh McKAY 1970s
AnnEA67 MARSTON Neville W. 1960s
AnnEA68 MARSTON Thyra Louise 1950s
AnnEA37 McCARTHY Ezekiel E. 1980s
AnnEA36 McCARTHY Laura J. 1980s
AnnEA06 McKAY Clarence Verly 2000s
AnnEA58 MILLER Pauline 1980s
AnnEA10 MINTO Dorothy May 2000s
AnnEA09 MINTO Laurel George 2000s
AnnEA07 MONCRIEFFE Gloria Wright 2000s
AnnEA51 MOSES Albert 1970s
AnnEA20 MOSES Lina May 2000s
AnnEA52 MOSES Maud 1960s
AnnEA47 NELSON Eric Albert 1960s
AnnEA46 NELSON Gladys Muriel 1990s
AnnEA17 NEVERS Emily 1960s
AnnEA18 NEVERS Frederick 1970s
AnnEA54 NEVERS Ida, Mrs 1970s
AnnEA48 PATTEN Rose Ann 1960s
AnnEA77 PEAT Allan 1990s
AnnEA77 PEAT Gertrude 2000s
AnnEA69 SCOTT Ivy L., Mrs 1920s
AnnEA04 SIMMONDS Gloria Wright 2000s
AnnEA30 SIMMONDS Kenneth V. 1990s
AnnEA24 SMITH Etta Elizabeth 1990s
AnnEA25 SMITH Cleveland 1990s
AnnEA05 SMITH-McKAY Lynette Joyce 2000s
AnnEA65 TAPPER Ina I. 1970s
AnnEA65 TAPPER Stephen A. 1970s
AnnEA66 TAPPER Winston I. L. 1960s
AnnEA57 THOMAS Maud Louise 1940s
AnnEA16 THOMPSON Leopold 1990s
AnnEA14 THOMPSON Vera 2000s
AnnEA21 TREASURE Dora 1990s
AnnEA44 WAINWRIGHT Una L. 1980s
AnnEA31 WALFORD Amy Louise 2000s
AnnEA33 WALFORD Leroy A. 1980s
AnnEA32 WALFORD Roy Aston 1990s
AnnEA13 WHILBY Dorothy V., Mrs 2000s
AnnEA03 WILLIAMS Amy 2000s
AnnEA59 WILLIAMS Clarence 1990s
AnnEA42 WILMOT Tarrant 1970s
AnnEA01 WINN Chas. A., Rev 1910s


6 Responses to Edmondson Methodist, Alexandria, St Ann

  1. Rev Derek N. Stanworth (Minister of Edmondson, 1966-70) says:

    Am I correct in observing that the tomb for the Rev. Chas.A.Winn is situated by itself to the left of the church ?

    • Many thanks for visiting my site. Yes, you are correct regards to the location of that tomb.

    • I’m looking for some information about an ansestor of mine who died after putting on the roof in the rain, from phemonia.
      He was apparently the Minister of the church at the time. This was a man of English decent and I believe his last name was Peat. This was several generations ago.
      He was family to the those who owned Armadale Plantation (former girls correction centre, now HVAC training school)
      Thank you.
      Haley Geddes

  2. Harry M. Nevers, DPM says:

    What relationship,if any exist, between Emily Nevers, Fredrick Nevers, Mrs. Ida Nevers and Levi Benjamin Nevers and his wife Florence Lewis Nevers (Alexandria, St. Ann)?

  3. Janice Lancaster says:

    Do you have any information concerning Leopold or Vera Thompson, who are buried in your churchyard. I am related to Noel Lyon, as he was my mother’s uncle. Also related to your Helwig family through my Helwig grandmother, Charlotte Elizabeth. But, I’ve long wanted to discover the roots to the Thompson family who we are connected to, but don’t quite understand the connection.
    Janice Lancaster
    nee La Trobe
    I am the daughter of Ivy Rose Lyon, born Alexandria, St. Ann’s
    and the granddaughter of Samuel and Katherine Willis, married in Edmonsdon Methodist Church, March 1st, 1903.

    • Ann Lyon says:

      I am the daughter of Noel Lyon what was your grandmother name who would have been my father,s sister.

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