Sacred Heart Mission, Seaford Town, Westmoreland

Sacred Heart MissionSacred Heart Mission 2     Erected to Honor the Centenary of OUR LADY OF LOURDES 1858 – 1958 and the Golden Jubilee of our Pastor Rev. Francis G. KEMPLE, S.J. 1908-1958

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesSH083 BLAKE Frederick
WesSH035 BLAKE Gladys 1960s
WesSH132 BLAKE Gladys, Mrs 1990s
WesSH030 BLAKE Irene 1970s
WesSH109 BLAKE Lillian A. 1990s
WesSH078 BLAKE Rose 1980s
WesSH127 BLAKE Roy V. 2000s
WesSH029 BLAKE Whelel 1970s
WesSH049 BROWN Adam 1960s
WesSH090 BROWN Adina 1920s
WesSH091 BROWN Adina 1920s
WesSH092 BROWN Gertrude Teresa 1950s
WesSH034 BROWN Joseph 1970s
WesSH136 BUCHANAN Wilbert 2000s
WesSH093 BUNAMAN Caroline 1930s
WesSH094 BUNAMAN Chas. 1950s
WesSH126 CAMPBELL Arlene 2000s
WesSH047 CHANG Edwin Roy 1990s
WesSH131 CHUNG Franklin George 2000s
WesSH018 CHUNG Horace Earle 2000s
WesSH087 CHUNG Rose 1940s
WesSH076 DAVIS Miriam 1970s
WesSH106 DENNIS Rita 2000s
WesSH011 DINO Eglin 1960s
WesSH121 DOVE Sylvia 1990s
WesSH073 ELDEMIRE Edward A. 1960s
WesSH096 FENNELL Lloyd 2000s
WesSH095 FENNELL Wayne 1960s
WesSH038 GARDNER Annetta L. 1970s
WesSH071 GARDNER Arthur S. 1950s
WesSH054 GARDNER Donald 1960s
WesSH022 GARDNER Eric P. 1980s
WesSH081 GARDNER Ethel M. 1960s
WesSH020 GARDNER Fred Leo 1980s
WesSH021 GARDNER Frederick W. 1980s
WesSH015 GARDNER Harry I. 1980s
WesSH023 GARDNER Lillian A. 1980s
WesSH066 GARDNER Marrie 1930s
WesSH024 GARDNER Oswald E. 1980s
WesSH065 GARDNER Samuel S. 1960s
WesSH053 GARDNER Sharon May 1970s
WesSH075 GRAHAM Adina A. 1970s
WesSH100 GRAHAM Clementine 1980s
WesSH123 GRAHAM Lester 1990s
WesSH124 GRANT James T. 1990s
WesSH129 GREG Marie G. 2000s
WesSH046 GROSKOPF Gladston C. 1980s
WesSH088 GROSKOPF Icelin May 1990s
WesSH089 GROSKOPF Stanley A. 2000s
WesSH046 GROSKOPF Viola E. 1970s
WesSH099 HACKER Destry B. 1970s
WesSH003 HACKER Doris Rose 1990s
WesSH004 HACKER Elias Henry 2000s
WesSH112 HACKER Ernest George 1980s
WesSH002 HACKER Francis 1980s
WesSH098 HACKER Hubert V. 1970s
WesSH111 HACKER Lena V. 1990s
WesSH097 HACKER Steve V. 1970s
WesSH113 HACKER Violet 2000s
WesSH027 HARDING Rosaline E. 1980s
WesSH026 HARDING Thomas 1990s
WesSH039 HAUGHTON Charles 1980s
WesSH036 HAUGHTON Claris I. 1950s
WesSH033 HAUGHTON Margaret 1960s
WesSH074 HEYWOOD Albert A. 1970s
WesSH122 HUGHES Icilda 1990s
WesSH137 JOHNSON Dennis F. 2000s
WesSH060 KAMEKA Alexander 1950s
WesSH056 KAMEKA Alice 1960s
WesSH050 KAMEKA Amy 1980s
WesSH017 KAMEKA Ann Matilda 1980s
WesSH009 KAMEKA Bernard C. 1990s
WesSH045 KAMEKA Bernard S. 1980s
WesSH001 KAMEKA Clarise 1930s
WesSH108 KAMEKA Clive 1980s
WesSH072 KAMEKA Clotilda 1950s
WesSH041 KAMEKA Connie 1990s
WesSH042 KAMEKA Cyril 1970s
WesSH016 KAMEKA Edward 1980s
WesSH110 KAMEKA Enid Louise 1990s
WesSH019 KAMEKA Ewen K. 1980s
WesSH058 KAMEKA Frederick T. 1950s
WesSH062 KAMEKA Gabriel J. 1950s
WesSH025 KAMEKA Joseph N. 1980s
WesSH059 KAMEKA Lynden 1960s
WesSH119 KAMEKA Marlene 1990s
WesSH048 KAMEKA Matilda 1960s
WesSH014 KAMEKA Nellie Rose 1980s
WesSH028 KAMEKA Noel E. 1990s
WesSH013 KAMEKA Patrick Xavier 2000s
WesSH069 KAMEKA Roland Charles 1940s
WesSH118 KAMEKA Rose 2000s
WesSH133 KAMEKA Sylvester 1960s
WesSH040 KAMEKA Tazel 1990s
WesSH130 KAMEKA Vern 2000s
WesSH001 KAMEKA Vincent 1980s
WesSH032 KAMEKA Willhelmina 1970s
WesSH070 LEE Charles 1950s
WesSH086 LEE Ida, Mrs. 1930s
WesSH114 MALCOLM Cornelius 1980s
WesSH125 MALCOLM Delvin E. 2000s
WesSH082 MALCOLM Raymond L. 1950s
WesSH037 MALCOLM Syrenious 1950s
WesSH085 MALCOLM Thomas A. 1940s
WesSH128 MALCOLM Valnie S. 2000s
WesSH031 MALCOLM Victoria C. 1980s
WesSH005 MASTERS Mary Elizabeth Lawrence 1980s
WesSH135 MORGAN Leon Andrew 1990s
WesSH134 O’CONNER Mable 2000s
WesSH061 OLIVER Irma M. 1950s
WesSH079 OLIVER Lucille A. 1970s
WesSH080 PALMER Cecil 1960s
WesSH103 PALMER Gladys Esther Mair 1980s
WesSH051 POPEN Ethel 1960s
WesSH104 ROBINSON-BLAKE Louise Harriott 1980s
WesSH052 SANFORD Dr Noel 1960s
WesSH107 SIMPSON Nora Barnadette 1990s
WesSH067 SOMERS A. W. 1940s
WesSH077 SOMERS Adina
WesSH007 SOMERS Agatha 1980s
WesSH057 SOMERS Edith L. 1950s
WesSH117 SOMERS Ernest Charles 2000s
WesSH043 SOMERS Florence 1970s
WesSH105 SOMERS Iris
WesSH044 SOMERS Joseph 1980s
WesSH008 SOMERS Sanford T. 1970s
WesSH116 SOMERS Violet Zelma 2000s
WesSH012 SOMERS William 1990s
WesSH006 ULETT Charles Agustus 1980s
WesSH115 WALKER Leapert Samuel 2000s
WesSH120 WALKER Maud Crooks 1990s
WesSH101 WALLACE Minnie C. 1970s
WesSH102 WALLACE Minnie Lawrence 1970s
WesSH063 WEDEMIRE C. E. Bishop 1950s
WesSH010 WEDEMIRE Charles F. 1920s
WesSH064 WEDEMIRE Fabian E. 1950s
WesSH055 WEDEMIRE Norbert 1960s
WesSH084 YAP Dennis 1940s
WesSH068 YAPP Patricia


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