What a year it has been! I have traveled this little island and taken thousands of photographs and I thought it would be apt to share some of these with you and  take the opportunity to thank everyone who has been a part of the journey thus far.

The main players!

Jamaican Ancestral Records really started to take shape in 2013 but was not launched until March 2014.  In the background we had Central Tech Solutions (Anthony Humber) dealing with all the techie issues and putting up with me changing my mind on a daily basis! Various people tested the site, others made suggestions and gave much needed feedback.

John John has been with our family for over 50 years and now travels with me on most of my grave hunting journeys.  He is my trusted able assistant and bodyguard.  Together we have created our own tricks of the trade which make the illegible, legible. [1940-29 Jul 2019] Walk Good!

SonyaSonya  joins us on some of  trips, takes photographs  and  helps to transcribe the information.

KathKath is my dear friend, living all the way in the UK.  She has transcribed a fair chunk of the information.


Many thanks to them and to a host of others who prefer to remain nameless and many friends here in JA (you all know who you are) and even those who have great fun in taking the ‘mick’ (“So Hann, which duppy yu chase dis week?”)

My appreciation also to the people who have told me where to find cemeteries, others who have accompanied me there and my Mum who gave me the book Amen, by Jacqueline Young at the commencement of this journey.  The information therein was invaluable.

And most of all, to you the visitor and those that have purchased tombstone images, thank you and keep coming back!

Thank you ALL for being a part of this journey!

 So unto some of my photographs and in no particular order …

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2 Responses to PHOTO JOURNEY

  1. jproudja says:

    Hi I’m trying to find a picture of my father’s grave located in Clarendon at the Denbigh cemetery

  2. I am currently putting certain things in place so that I can re-commence visiting locations. This won’t happen until early next year.

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