Thompson Town Cemetery, Trelawny

Thompson Town Cemetery

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreTTC01 ADLAM Ricadia Temov 2000s
TreTTC19 ANDERSON Miguel 2000s
TreTTC04 BROOKS Merita 2000s
TreTTC10 BROOKS Vivian 1990s
TreTTC16 BUTT Jeremiah
TreTTC17 CAMPBELL Clifford 1990s
TreTTC18 CAMPBELL Mazie, Mrs 1980s
TreTTC09 CLARKE Patrina 2000s
TreTTC07 CUNNINGHAM Reginald 2000s
TreTTC08 DALEY Roslyn, Mrs 2000s
TreTTC06 DAWKINS Beatrice Maud 2000s
TreTTC14 GORDON Fabian 2000s
TreTTC05 GRAHAM Albert 2000s
TreTTC03 HILLS Martina 2000s
TreTTC21 JOHNSON Conroy 2000s
TreTTC21 JOHNSON Ulis 2000s
TreTTC22 LEWIS Glenton 2000s
TreTTC13 PALMER Dorothy 2000s
TreTTC15 RANKINE Thurmutus 2000s
TreTTC02 ROBINSON Antoinette 2000s
TreTTC12 SALMON Toni-Ann 1990s
TreTTC11 SIMPSON Vida, Mrs 1990s


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