St Jude’s Anglican, Battersea, St Ann

St Jude's Anglican, Battersea

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AnnJB11 BECKFORD Elizabeth 1980s
AnnJB12 BECKFORD George 1970s
AnnJB04 BECKFORD Nathan Theophilus 1980s
AnnJB03 BECKFORD Nessa 2000s
AnnJB10 BECKFORD Theophilus 1970s
AnnJB35 BECKFORD Vivene 1960s
AnnJB40 BIGGS Mabel 1990s
AnnJB41 BIGGS Walter 1980s
AnnJB23 CARTER Oscar J. 1980s
AnnJB24 CARTER Salomi Wilhelmina 2000s
AnnJB42 CARTER Sarah J., Mrs 1980s
AnnJB05 CHAMBERS Susan 1980s
AnnJB15 COGLE Pamulia Hyacinth 2000s
AnnJB49 COLEY Elisa 1980s
AnnJB17 GARDINER Beatrice 1980s
AnnJB32 GREEN Alice E. 1980s
AnnJB20 HANSON Eustace 1950s
AnnJB19 HANSON Louida 1980s
AnnJB02 LEVI John 1970s
AnnJB01 LEVI Rose 1970s
AnnJB28 LEWIS Beatrice 1980s
AnnJB29 LEWIS Icilda 1990s
AnnJB30 LEWIS Jane Ann 1980s
AnnJB44 LEWIS Oliver Alando 2000s
AnnJB36 LEWIS Rattray 1960s
AnnJB48 MORRISON Adline 1960s
AnnJB14 PEART Clara Aneita 1970s
AnnJB13 PEART George Uriah 1980s
AnnJB47 PEART Shaw Joshua 1970s
AnnJB33 ROBINSON Susan 1970s
AnnJB18 SMITH Ada, Mrs 1970s
AnnJB08 SMITH Edward A. 1940s
AnnJB22 SMITH Edwin 1950s
AnnJB21 SMITH Florence Maud 1970s
AnnJB09 SMITH Rosa 1960s
AnnJB37 STAPLE Elizabeth 2000s
AnnJB46 THOMPSON Charles 1970s
AnnJB50 THOMPSON Milton O. 1960s
AnnJB45 THOMPSON Sylvia 1970s
AnnJB26 WEBB Catherine 1980s
AnnJB34 WEBB Edith 1940s
AnnJB27 WEBB Julius 1990s
AnnJB06 WHITE Bernis 1980s
AnnJB07 WHITE Florence 2000s
AnnJB31 WHITE Kenneth Lloyd 2000s
AnnJB39 WHITE Neville george 2000s
AnnJB16 WILLIAMS Nora 1960s
AnnJB25 WILLIAMSON Enid Agatha 1980s
AnnJB38 WILLIAMSON Joel 1960s
AnnJB43 WRIGHT Ina 1960s


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