Ebenezer Baptist, Swansea, Clarendon

Ebenezer Baptist 1LAT:  17°58’9.97″N     LONG:    77°18’20.14″W

Founded 04 Mar 1834.  Second Baptist Witness in Clarendon.

  • Churches formed:   Thompson Town 1839;  Jubilee 1844;  Beulah 1892
  • Sister Churches:  Mt Lebanon (Victoria Town) 1834;  Faith 1988
  • Founder:   Rev. Henry Clarke-Taylor

Memorable Dates:

  • Original Building 1834 – 35
  • Destroyed 1880 (Hurricane)
  • Rebuilt 1894
  • Destroyed 1951 (Hurricane)
  • Rebuilt 1953
  • Rededicated 1968
  • 166th Anniversary – 05 Mar 2000


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaEB036 ALLEN Berthol 1970s
ClaEB006 ALLEN Fredrica R. 1980s
ClaEB005 ALLEN George W. 1990s
ClaEB007 ALLEN Samuel T. 1980s
ClaEB061 BAILEY Leanora 1980s
ClaEB003 BARHAM Blanche C. 1990s
ClaEB021 BEDWARD Cecil 1980s
ClaEB045 BENNETT Lionel 1990s
ClaEB047 BENNETT Lydia 2000s
ClaEB035 BEVERLEY Astor Lloyd 1970s
ClaEB037 BEVERLEY Maggie Maud 1980s
ClaEB030 BEVERLEY Pearline, Mrs. 1950s
ClaEB023 BEVERLEY L. M., Rev. 1950s
ClaEB022 BEVERLEY Sarah Louise Isabel 1950s
ClaEB004 BROWN Raymond Archibald 1990s
ClaEB001 BRYAN Leroy 1990s
ClaEB062 BURRELL Hadadrimon A. 1990s
ClaEB002 CAIN Sydney G. 2000s
ClaEB039 CAMPBELL Ena Adassa 2000s
ClaEB019 CHEN Joscelyn 1990s
ClaEB011 COLEY Georgiana E. 1990s
ClaEB010 COLEY Zmerd S. 1980s
ClaEB060 COOMBS Anita 1980s
ClaEB025 DAWKINS Eurania Elizabeth 2000s
ClaEB008 ELLIS Mirian 1970s
ClaEB034 FREEMANTLE Florence Maud 1990s
ClaEB044 FREEMANTLE Kenneth George 1990s
ClaEB012 GLAVE Linnette 1990s
ClaEB013 GLAVE Reynold B. 2000s
ClaEB014 GORDON Alfreda 1970s
ClaEB016 GORDON Carmetia 1990s
ClaEB032 GORDON Daisy M. 1960s
ClaEB033 GORDON Eric Alphanso 1990s
ClaEB015 GORDON Gilbert 1980s
ClaEB018 GORDON Wilhel 1990s
ClaEB017 GORDON Winston C. 1990s
ClaEB050 HANSON Loretta L. 2000s
ClaEB041 HUDSON Bernice 2000s
ClaEB020 IRVING Louise 1990s
ClaEB009 JAMES Gary H. 1970s
ClaEB040 KELLY Edna 2000s
ClaEB048 KNIGHT Ainsworth R. 1990s
ClaEB049 KNIGHT Delores, Mrs. 1980s
ClaEB052 LEIBA Hazel Elene 1980s
ClaEB024 LINTON Maggie, Mrs. 1960s
ClaEB057 LOPEZ-MILSON Carmena, Mrs. 1980s
ClaEB051 McFARLANE Arthur N. 1990s
ClaEB055 McFARLANE Henry N. 1990s
ClaEB056 McFARLANE Inez V., Mrs. 1990s
ClaEB054 McFARLANE Thelma M. 1970s
ClaEB053 MITCHELL Mary, Mrs. 1970s
ClaEB067 MORGAN Hilda 2000s
ClaEB063 MORGAN Pilzena 1980s
ClaEB064 PRINCE Agatha L. 1990s
ClaEB065 PRINCE Richard Henry 1980s
ClaEB043 PUSEY Inez L. 1970s
ClaEB038 REID Percis 2000s
ClaEB031 ROBINSON Florence Palmer 1970s
ClaEB066 ROBINSON Milton A. 2000s
ClaEB042 SCOTT Genieve Eunice 1980s
ClaEB046 SMITH Isabella 1960s
ClaEB058 THOMPSON Henry Augustus 1990s
ClaEB059 THOMPSON Maisie Alma, Mrs. 1970s
ClaEB029 WEBLEY Francis Albert 1960s
ClaEB028 WEBLEY Roslyn L. 1970s
ClaEB026 WEBLEY Viola L. 1970s
ClaEB027 WEBLEY-HALL Zip 1960s

TOMBSTONES WITHOUT DATA or difficult to read

ClaEB68 – Mavis WATSON; born 31 Dec 1937;  died 12 Jul 1983

ClaEB69 – Rev. J. A. S. LINTON;  died 06 Sep 1939 (James Alaysinus Samuel Linton)

ClaEB70 – Miriam ROBINSON

ClaEB71 – Kenneth M. ROBINSON

ClaEB72 – Dallas (G or B) YOUNG – born 07 Jan 1930;  died 11 Sep 1977


2 Responses to Ebenezer Baptist, Swansea, Clarendon

  1. Hortense Gordon says:

    Thanks for doing such a good job.How does some one get their love one’s name on the list if it is not there.

    • Good Day Hortense,

      The lists that you see represent those sites that I have been to and have taken photographs of the graves that have tombstones. I am quite happy to add your loved ones and can indicate that a photo of the tombstone is not available OR you can tell me where they are buried and I will seek them out.

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