Curphey Home, Newport, Manchester


The Jamaica Legion, an affiliate of the British Commonwealth Ex-Services League, was established in 1949. Today, across Jamaica, hundreds of ex-servicemen and women continue to receive assistance from the Legion. The Headquarters of the Jamaica Legion is at Curphey Place, Kingston, on lands (part of Up Park Camp) obtained through the Ministry of Defence.  In South Manchester, the Legion maintains the CURPHEY HOME for ex-servicemen. It was named after the late Colonel Sir Aldington Curphey, one of the founders of the Jamaica Legion and the first four ex-servicemen moved in to the home on 1 January 1957.

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IMG # SURNAME Given Name RANK Died In
ManCH14 ARMSTRONG Chester 713287 AC 11 2000s
ManCH13 ARNON Frank 724427 AC 11., RAF 2000s
ManCH16 BAILEY Rudolph 724973 AC 11., RAF 2000s
ManCH35 BARWELL Ronald Charles 446844 Sqn Leader RAF 1980s
ManCH01 BINGHAM Leroy 13498 Sgt. 2000s
ManCH06 BLAIR Alfred 725365 Lac, RAF 2000s
ManCH21 BROWN Rupert 725532 Lac. RAF 2000s
ManCH05 CARPENTER Norman 4972943 AC 11, RAF 2000s
ManCH20 CUMMINGS Blondel 4272041 RAF 2000s
ManCH33 DAWKINS Gilbert 9941 Pvt BWIR 1980s
ManCH08 DUNBAR Welton 4243 Pte. J.I.V. 2000s
ManCH24 EARL Dudley 713676 AC 11, RAF 2000s
ManCH04 EVANS Cecil 714276 AC 11, RAF 2000s
ManCH19 GABBIDON Allan 714667 AC 11., RAF 2000s
ManCH17 GAYLE Lascelles J H G/10656 Pte. 2000s
ManCH03 GEORGE Thomas 1217 Pte., Ja. BN. 2000s
ManCH34 HAMILTON Daniel 1021 Pvt BWIR 1980s
ManCH26 HENDRICKS Richards 714638 Lac., RAF 2000s
ManCH29 HOLNESS Kenneth 724554 RAF 2000s
ManCH27 McGANN Novar 913 Pte. JHG 2000s
ManCH02 McPHERSON Winston 74496 Lac, RAF 2000s
ManCH25 OSCAR Jones 10885 Pte., JA. BN 2000s
ManCH22 PALMER Alphonso 2X672976 Pte 2000s
ManCH31 PASSMORE Leonard 723885 Lac., RAF 2000s
ManCH09 REID Kenneth 809 Pte. J.I.V. 2000s
ManCH28 RUMBLE Denzil 1249 L/Cpl JDF 2000s
ManCH07 SAVAGE Lawrence 1800/1039 Pte., RE. 2000s
ManCH12 SCOTT Winston JDF 1167 S/Sgt 2000s
ManCH11 SHERWOOD Alphanso 725582 AC 11., RAF 2000s
ManCH18 SMITH Alfred Pte. JIV. 2000s
ManCH10 SYMESTER Clement 724129 Ac 11., RAF 2000s
ManCH37 THOMAS Reginald 14418 Pvt BWIR 1980s
ManCH32 WALLACE Alexander 9599 Pvt BWIR 1980s
ManCH15 WHITE Dudley 714286 AC 11., RAF 2000s
ManCH30 WILLIAMS Harold 9343 Pte. JHG 2000s
ManCH36 WILLIAMS James 9562 Pvt BWIR 1980s
ManCH23 WINT John L. 605701 F/Sgt 2000s

Note: These are not all the tombstones. A number of them are illegible.