Saint George’s Anglican, Buff Bay, Portland

St Georges, Portland 2St Georges, Portland 3

LAT  18°14’3.57″N       LONG:   76°39’27.87″W

St Georges, Portland 4

In 1802 when the original St. George’s Anglican Church was constructed, Jamaica had 22 parishes and this was the parish church for St George……St George lost its status as a parish in 1867 and became part of Portland.  The 1907 earthquake destroyed a portion of the church building.  The structure was restored and the clock tower was then added.  St George’s Anglican Church has the distinction of being the oldest of the historic building in Buff Bay.

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died
PorSG02 ESPEUT Ernest Charles Peter 1870s
PorSG03 JAQUET Philip, Esq. 1830s
PorSG05 RAPKEY Charles Thomas, MD 1860s
PorSG01 RICHARDSON Oswald 1890s
PorSG04 ROBERTSON William, MD 1840s