Carmel Moravian, Carmel, Westmoreland

Carmel Moravian 1Carmel Moravian 2

Carmel Moravian 3

LAT: 18° 9’53.29″N               LONG: 77°56’16.75″W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesMC55 ANGLIN Ralph Aaron 2000s
WesMC38 BEZER L. A. Blake 1990s
WesMC18 BLACK Gustavius A. 1970s
WesMC36 BLACKWOOD Gilbert St George 1990s
WesMC39 BLAKE Francella Rosetta 1940s
WesMC28 BLAKE Martha 1960s
WesMC29 BLAKE Philip 1960s
WesMC40 BLAKE W. A. 1950s
WesMC24 BLANDFORD William Spill 1840s
WesMC19 BUCHNER Henry 1840s
WesMC53 CAMPBELL Gertrude 1970s
WesMC26 COLLIS John 1830s
WesMC03 DALEY Maudlin E. 1990s
WesMC01 DENNIS Florence Wellemina, Mrs. 1990s
WesMC43 EVANS Curtis Bernado 1990s
WesMC30 GIFFORD Charles Milward 1900s
WesMC35 GIFFORD Ella Louise 1940s
WesMC31 GIFFORD James Lawson 1940s
WesMC32 GIFFORD Margaret L. 1930s
WesMC30 GIFFORD Sarah 1900s
WesMC15 GOODEN Matilda 1990s
WesMC14 GORDON Ethline Rosetta 1990s
WesMC11 GORDON Mavis 1990s
WesMC48 GREEN Iris Maud 2000s
WesMC52 GREEN Jennifer 1970s
WesMC54 GREEN Joseph Alexander 1980s
WesMC49 GREEN Nathaniel 1960s
WesMC50 GREEN Sasan
WesMC16 JONES Leonard 1960s
WesMC27 JONES Vine, Mrs. 1970s
WesMC21 KIERGAARD Sophia 1850s
WesMC07 LAWRENCE Edna May 1990s
WesMC08 LAWRENCE Jeremiah Agustus 1990s
WesMC10 LICHTENTHAELER Sophia Amelia 1860s
WesMC46 McFARLANE Ellen Agusta 1960s
WesMC45 McFARLANE Septimus A. 1940s
WesMC02 MITCHELL Eulalee 1990s
WesMC22 MONTEATH Archiblad 1860s
WesMC34 NEGUS Eliza Letitia 1940s
WesMC33 NEGUS Samuel, Rev. 1940s
WesMC17 PALMER Gladys Josephine 1970s
WesMC13 PFEIFFER Henry Gottlob 1850s
WesMC20 REINKE Mary Magdalen 1850s
WesMC05 RICHARDS Christiana 2000s
WesMC04 RICHARDS Claudius Ezekiel 2000s
WesMC51 ROBINSON Aaron 1950s
WesMC51 ROBINSON C. 1950s
WesMC37 SHAW Joseph 1940s
WesMC47 SMELLIE William R. 1960s
WesMC41 TOMLINSON Rachel I. 1950s
WesMC42 TOMLINSON Richard S. A. 1930s
WesMC25 TOMLINSON William Hall 1830s
WesMC09 WALKER Lucille Agatha 1980s
WesMC12 WARD Susannah 1850s
WesMC44 WILLIAMS A.M.R., Mrs. 1940s
WesMC06 WINCKLER Theophilus 1880s


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