Webb Memorial Baptist, Trelawny

Webb Memorial Baptist 1Webb Memorial Baptist 2




I had heard about Stewart Town, but it was an article written in the Daily Gleaner by Paul H. Williams on the history of Stewart Town http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20140724/news/news2.html which prompted me to pay a visit.  On my way there, I had this strange feeling that this village was going to be something special, and WAS IT!!!!  I have a passion for old buildings and houses, historic or otherwise and on reaching a fork in the road (don’t ask which direction I was going, I never know) I came upon Webb Memorial Baptist Church.  I thought I was in England………… I was so overwhelmed I missed a lot of photo opportunities.  I will be returning.

This is the current “Town Square” ( I will take some better photos next time)

Stewart Town Square 2Stewart Town Square 1

This narrative continues over at St Thomas Anglican, Trelawny


Mr & Mrs William Menzie WEBB
WEBB, William Menzie
Webb, William tombstone
BUCKLEY, Georgiana Louise
Webb, Georgiana Tombstone

Thanks to Jamaican Family Search for the photographs of Mr & Mrs Webb.


Other people buried in the Church Yard

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreWM04 JOHNSON Josiah 1930s
TreWM03 JOHNSON Rebecca E. 1950s
TreWM09 PARSONS Ivan Cyprian 1950s
TreWM02 SEIVWRIGHT Josiah A. 1960s
TreWM01 SIEVWRIGHT Ruby G. 1980s
TreWM08 SOMERS Etta Louise 1920s
TreWM08 SOMERS Thomas Gordon, Rev 1930s
TreWM07 WEBB-HARRIS Emilie Clarke 1960s

[The spelling of the name Siev/Seivwright is as they are on the tombstones]


6 Responses to Webb Memorial Baptist, Trelawny

  1. Sharon Clayton (William Menzie Webb and Georgina Buckley were my GG grandparents.) says:

    You’re welcome. I didn’t know about your site until yesterday, and I’m intrigued about your identity. I can see that you have a great sense of humour, and I’m guessing from your pricing that you live in England. This excellent site would be even better if you told your followers a little bit about who you are and how you got started on this labour-intensive project.

  2. Nadine Smart says:

    Brings back memories of walking in long lines to this church while attending Westwood High School!

    • Hello Nadine – My great grandmother Emilie Webb-Harris was buried adjacent to the graves of her parents, Rev. William Menzie Webb and Georgina Buckley Webb. She was the couple’s youngest daughter. She married Eustace Leopold Harris, but after his untimely death, she adopted the surname Webb-Harris. That surname is still in use today – in Miami, Florida and in Alberta, Canada.

  3. Michael A Gordon says:

    I. Was. Born. In. Stewart. Town went. To. That’s. Church

  4. John W Levermore PE FASCE says:

    Stewart Town is a very interesting place.I boarded with Mrs Edith Menzies Smith and attended the School right across the street. Reminds quite a lot of Europe. The architecture is to be commended particularly the churches.

  5. Wendell Pitters says:

    We are arranging a district REUNION for the 12th. OCTOBER 2019.

    All are welcomed.

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