Whitfield United, Manchester

Whitfield United

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
5617 BROWN Ruth Elizabeth 1990s
5630 DRUMMONS Mary 1940s
5610 JOHNSON Mrs Ruth 1970s
5614 MORGAN Ann Francella 1950s
5619 MORGAN Wilbert A 1940s
5624 OGILVIE Harry Goodwin 1900s
5607 PLUMMER Catherine I. 1980s
5609 PLUMMER Catherine Rose 2000s
5606 PLUMMER Clarence Milton 1990s
5616 PLUMMER Leopold A 2000s
5608 PLUMMER Nath. L. 1960s
5615 PLUMMER Nora M. 2000s
5622 STEEL Mrs G. A. 1910s
5613 SWAINSON Dr. Weymouth Leo 1980s
5628 WILLIAMS Henry Robert 1920s
5611 WILLIAMS Theodore 1970s
5627 WILLIAMS Thirza M. 1900s


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