St Michael’s and All Angels, Kew Park, Westmoreland

St Michaels & All Angels, Kew Park
St Michaels & All Angels, Kew Park 3
St Michaels & All Angels, Kew Park 2                St Michaels & All Angels 4

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesMAA45 ATKINSON Annie 1950s
WesMAA18 BARNES Nicole O. 1990s
WesMAA70 BERNARD Donald 1970s
WesMAA82 BUCKERIDGE Rosella 1970s
WesMAA08 CAMPBELL Beatrice, Mrs 1950s
WesMAA81 CAMPBELL Rebecca 1920s
WesMAA17 CLARE Hortense 1990s
WesMAA23 CLARE Nellie A. 1980s
WesMAA26 GARDNER Ivor Samuel 1970s
WesMAA64 GAYLE Hilda 1990s
WesMAA30 GOSLIN Jemima Elouise 2000s
WesMAA22 GRANT Cyrenius 2000s
WesMAA46 GREEN Isabel 1950s
WesMAA28 GREENWOOD Emily A., Mrs 1950s
WesMAA61 GROVES Margaret, Mrs 1960s
WesMAA02 HARVEY Ada Miriam 1950s
WesMAA78 HARVEY Gerald Hugh 1980s
WesMAA85 HARVEY Phillip Richard McNeil 1980s
WesMAA01 HARVEY Thomas R. 1950s
WesMAA34 HAYLE Jesinta 2000s
WesMAA33 HAYLE Phillip 1990s
WesMAA65 JOHNSON Phillip 1980s
WesMAA66 JOHNSON Rebecca Maud 1990s
WesMAA40 JONES Mary Senior 1970s
WesMAA51 KELLY Aldit, Mrs 1980s
WesMAA24 LAWRENCE Charles 1960s
WesMAA25 LAWRENCE Esther 1980s
WesMAA13 LESLIE Clarice Annabelle 1910s
WesMAA03 LEWARS Silas 1950s
WesMAA71 LUMLEY Fredericka Evrit 2000s
WesMAA60 MAIR Ann R. 1910s
WesMAA27 McHAYLE F. Louise 1960s
WesMAA27 McHAYLE John T. 1950s
WesMAA54 McINTOSH Reuben A. 1980s
WesMAA06 McKENZIE Caroline J. 1960s
WesMAA68 McKENZIE Constance 1990s
WesMAA69 McKENZIE Henry A. 1970s
WesMAA15 McKENZIE James 1910s
WesMAA07 McKENZIE Maud M. 1960s
WesMAA14 McKENZIE Sarah 1920s
WesMAA05 McKENZIE T. R. 1950s
WesMAA63 McKENZIE Winnifred 1970s
WesMAA16 McLEOD Gertrude M. 1980s
WesMAA62 MOWATT Ellen 1970s
WesMAA47 NUGENT Eliza 1950s
WesMAA49 NUGENT Leonard Octavious 1990s
WesMAA47 NUGENT Samuel O. 1950s
WesMAA80 OWEN James S. 1960s
WesMAA76 OWEN John Alvan 2000s
WesMAA79 OWEN Melita 1970s
WesMAA11 PHILLIPSON George Adolph 1910s
WesMAA10 RAMSON John Luce 1890s
WesMAA12 RICKETTS Leceta L. 1930s
WesMAA50 SPENCE Angeline 2000s
WesMAA83 SPENCE Annie Robertha 1920s
WesMAA50 SPENCE Charles Luther 1970s
WesMAA83 SPENCE F. Ward G. 1920s
WesMAA35 SPENCE Mary James 1910s
WesMAA29 STEPHENSON Florence A., Mrs 1950s
WesMAA59 STEVENS Florence Louise 1950s
WesMAA59 STEVENS Levi 1920s
WesMAA32 STEWART Adlyn 1970s
WesMAA67 STEWART Astley P. 1990s
WesMAA36 THOMAS Margaret Victoria 1920s
WesMAA09 THOMAS John, Rev. 1900s
WesMAA74 THOMPSON Miriam Caroline 1980s
WesMAA48 THOMPSON Muriel Nugent 1990s
WesMAA73 THOMPSON Percival Octavious 1990s
WesMAA57 TOMLINSON Cozbi Matilda 1980s
WesMAA58 TOMLINSON William P. 1960s
WesMAA21 ULETT C. Bastin 1970s
WesMAA21 ULETT Rebecca 1970s
WesMAA53 URQUHART Joseph Emanuel 1970s
WesMAA72 VIRGO Algernon M. 1970s
WesMAA75 WARD Alice 1990s
WesMAA77 WARD Gladstone A. 2000s
WesMAA52 WEDEMIRE Samuel Edward 1980s
WesMAA55 WHITELOCKE Annie 1980s
WesMAA37 WILLIAMS Delphine 1990s
WesMAA84 WILLIAMS R. U., Flight Lieu. 1940s
WesMAA38 WILLIAMS Gwendolen Brinley 1960s
WesMAA41 WILLIAMS James B. R. 1980s
WesMAA44 WILLIAMS James Rowland 1910s
WesMAA86 WILLIAMS Margaret 1990s
WesMAA44 WILLIAMS Margaret Emily Caroline 1950s
WesMAA42 WILLIAMS Pamela May 2000s
WesMAA43 WILLIAMS Richard Farewell 1970s
WesMAA39 WILLIAMS Theodore Rowland 1960s
WesMAA19 YAP Clarice M. 1990s
WesMAA20 YAP Wellesley 1970s

Difficult to read/No data

WesMAA88 HALL Susan
WesMAA56 HAYLE Tiny, Miss
WesMAA56 HAYLE Mary, Mrs
WesMAA31 JAMES Richard
WesMAA04 LAWRENCE Mr. K. dd at age 38
WesMAA87 LESLIE Julia Matilda dd 1920s
WesMAA88 SHAW James
WesMAA90 WILLIAMS Eileen Norah dd 1950s
WesMAA89 WILLIAMS Pearl Constance dd 1970s


2 Responses to St Michael’s and All Angels, Kew Park, Westmoreland

  1. jennifer says:

    Eileen Norah Williams wife of Richard farewell Williams died 1959

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