Brown’s Town Baptist , Brown’s Town, St Ann

Brown's Town BaptistEstablished 1834

Brown's Town Baptist - Clarke 2JOHN CLARKE, Baptist Missionary for forty-five years.  He established the Baptist churches at Brown’s Town, Bethany, Clarksonville, Sturge Town, and Salem in this District.              Born 19 Dec 1809 – Died July 2, 1880

Also of ELIZA CLARK, his beloved wife and co-worker in all his plans for the welfare of the people and the Glory of God.  Born April 17, 1812 – Died July 6, 1891


Brown's Town Baptist - Clarke 3 GEORGE EDWARD HENDERSON, 1849 – 1931.  For 50 years beloved minister of this church and its affiliated churches; of great gifts; daily consecrated; by grace abounding unto every good work that might bring nearer the Kingdom of God

and of KATHERINE ALICE CLARK, 1852 – 1934, his devoted wife and fellow-worker; a mother and a comforter to her people.


Brown's Town Baptist - Drayton CAROLINE BOX DRAYTON, beloved wife of  Rev. George R. HENDERSON of Bethtephel, St James.                                     21 Oct 1821 – 18 Feb 1902




2 Responses to Brown’s Town Baptist , Brown’s Town, St Ann

  1. there is an old Baptist church in Linton Park built in the 1800 was a school until Government built their school

  2. Oscar Best says:

    Hi there,
    My great grandfather, Harry Brown, was a baptist missionary from England. He used to be the church reverend a long time ago.
    Could anyone give me any information on him while he was there ?

    Thank you so much, God bless.

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