Chapleton Cemetery, Clarendon

Chapleton Cemetery

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaCC17 ARMSTRONG Inez May 2000s
ClaCC03 BROWN Mable A 2000s
ClaCC22 BUCHANAN Frederick 1970s
ClaCC19 CAMERON Doris M. 2000s
ClaCC01 DUNCAN Alvin George 2000s
ClaCC11 GENTLES Ralph 1990s
ClaCC05 GRAY Blanch Ricketts 1980s
ClaCC04 GRAY Udal 2000s
ClaCC13 HALSALL Adella 1990s
ClaCC21 HENRY Robert 1970s
ClaCC08 LEVENE Ruby May 1990s
ClaCC23 MILLER Edith V. 1980s
ClaCC15 MILLER Rosalyn 1980s
ClaCC07 ROBERTS Joslyn 1990s
ClaCC20 ROBERTSON Denzil A. 2000s
ClaCC02 SHIRLEY Zellin Sylvia 2000s
ClaCC14 SMITH Algie A. 2000s
ClaCC16 SMITH Mavis Adina 2000s
ClaCC18 SPENCE Mercella 2000s
ClaCC12 THOMAS Colin W. 1990s
ClaCC06 WHITE Billy 1990s
ClaCC10 WILLIAMS Edgar Lloyd 1990s
ClaCC09 WILLIAMS Muriel 1990s


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