St Paul’s Anglican, Manchester

St Pauls, Keynsham

St Pauls, Keynsham B

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManSPK41 BARNABY Edith L. 1990s
ManSPK40 BARNABY Joseph J. 1980s
ManSPK15 BRAMWELL Mrs Dorcas 1990s
ManSPK07 CARNEGIE Constance 1990s
ManSPK05 CARNEGIE Eliza S. 1940s
ManSPK06 CARNEGIE J. A. 1960s
ManSPK04 CARNEGIE John Clinton 1980s
ManSPK34 COLEY Mrs. E. M. 1960s
ManSPK11 COWARD Ann Emily 1840s
ManSPK38 DAWKINS Frances 1970s
ManSPK39 DAWKINS Renel Bertram 1960s
ManSPK12 DORAN Ellen 1970s
ManSPK13 DORAN Essie 1950s
ManSPK14 DORAN Harold Silvester 1980s
ManSPK57 FALCONER Miss Matilda 1970s
ManSPK64 FISHER Mrs. Mabel 1980s
ManSPK53 FRITH Frances 1930s
ManSPK49 FRITH Frances Elizabeth 1960s
ManSPK36 HENDRIKS Emma Victoria
ManSPK36 HENDRIKS Fredrick 1910s
ManSPK46 HENRY Joseph 1990s
ManSPK45 HENRY Pearl F. 1990s
ManSPK33 HEWITT Clinton A. 1980s
ManSPK50 HEWITT Murdella A. 1990s
ManSPK59 JONES Ivan H. 1990s
ManSPK08 KERR Margaret 1870s
ManSPK58 LALOR Sarah 1960s
ManSPK48 LEE Ernest H. 1990s
ManSPK17 McDANIEL Emma 1930s
ManSPK16 McDANIEL Thomas 1910s
ManSPK10 MEDLEY Rev Theodore
ManSPK42 NOBLE Una Advira 2000s
ManSPK43 O’CONNOR Catherine 1970s
ManSPK52 O’CONNOR Mrs Catherine
ManSPK44 PLUMMER Harold Lester Wint 2000s
ManSPK32 ROBERTS Margaret 1910s
ManSPK60 ROBINSON Godfrey 2000s
ManSPK22 SCOTT Charles W. 1940s
ManSPK18 SCOTT Harriott Jessie 1960s
ManSPK21 SCOTT Julia 1920s
ManSPK19 SCOTT Mrs. H. M. 1930s
ManSPK20 SCOTT Thos. Wilson 1940s
ManSPK02 SENIOR Doris Maud 1960s
ManSPK03 SENIOR George Theodore 2000s
ManSPK47 SMITH Hilda B. 2000s
ManSPK51 SPENCE Abdule F. 1980s
ManSPK35 TAYLOR Beatrice Theodora 2000s
ManSPK30 THOMPSON Doris E. 1960s
ManSPK28 THOMPSON Isabelle E. 1970s
ManSPK27 THOMSON Rev. W. A. 1950s
ManSPK54 TURNER Levi J. 2000s
ManSPK09 WATKIS Eliza Grace 1870s
ManSPK25 WHITELY John David 1950s
ManSPK26 WHITELY Mrs Florence J. 1960s
ManSPK56 WHITELY Rosella 1990s
ManSPK62 WILSON Aston Christopher 1990s
ManSPK61 WILSON Elma 2000s
ManSPK01 WILSON Mrs. Isabella 1940s
ManSPK29 WILSON Mrs. Maud 1960s
ManSPK63 WILSON Sylvester 1980s
ManSPK37 WINT Ernest 2000s
ManSPK55 WINT Jane Louise 1990s
ManSPK23 WRIGHT Charles Bassett 1970s
ManSPK24 WRIGHT Esther 1930s
ManSPK31 YOUNG John Hubert 1930s


2 Responses to St Paul’s Anglican, Manchester

  1. Marie Locke says:

    Very interesting and informative.. ,, {. Rev Theodore Medley died 1976 }

  2. Vivienne Whitely Grant says:

    Interested in information on Rosella whitely die 12/1990 ..she was married to Alfred Whitely

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