St Matthew’s Anglican, St Elizabeth

St Matthew's Anglican

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ElzSM070 ALLEN Pauline L. 2000s
ElzSM117 ANDERSON Olga May 2000s
ElzSM076 APPLEWHAITE Collin C. 2000s
ElzSM071 ATKINSON Ivy R. 2000s
ElzSM081 BEADLE Anieta 2000s
ElzSM160 BEADLE Locksley A. 1990s
ElzSM018 BEAUMONT E.M. 1930s
ElzSM141 BEAUMONT Gertrude M. 1980s
ElzSM140 BEAUMONT Wardleigh H. 1980s
ElzSM079 BECKFORD Nina 2000s
ElzSM127 BENNETT Anthony 1970s
ElzSM127 BENNETT Garey 1970s
ElzSM125 BENT Neville Roy 2000s
ElzSM105 BIRTHWRIGHT Agnes E. 1960s
ElzSM123 BIRTHWRIGHT Daisy G. 1990s
ElzSM023 BIRTHWRIGHT Helen Q. 1940s
ElzSM104 BIRTHWRIGHT Henry A. 1980s
ElzSM024 BIRTHWRIGHT Wentworth L. 1950s
ElzSM082 BLAIR Clarice 2000s
ElzSM082 BLAIR Phillip Oscar 2000s
ElzSM055 BLOOMFIELD Edmund H. 1970s
ElzSM006 BRITTON M. I., Mrs 1950s
ElzSM037 BROMFIELD Edmond Hosea
ElzSM114 BROOMFIELD Alfretta Phylliceta 2000s
ElzSM087 BROWN DeLeon 2000s
ElzSM083 BROWN Ena 2000s
ElzSM110 BROWN Estella 1990s
ElzSM156 BROWN Jehusha A. 1980s
ElzSM155 BROWN Mavis 2000s
ElzSM138 CAMPBELL Carlton Lloyd 1980s
ElzSM150 CHANG Owen Lebert 1980s
ElzSM095 CLARKE Audley S. 1990s
ElzSM091 CLARKE Ivan S. 1990s
ElzSM067 CLARKE Levan Percival 1980s
ElzSM132 CLARKE Mrs Gladys Louise 1960s
ElzSM066 CLARKE Zelma 1990s
ElzSM115 COKE Selvin 2000s
ElzSM045 CUFFE Ina L. 1970s
ElzSM033 DARBY G. 1940s
ElzSM103 DAWES Aneta 1970s
ElzSM106 DAY Esther 1970s
ElzSM145 DILLON Hortense Eulalee 1980s
ElzSM049 DUNKLEY Estelle 1970s
ElzSM050 DUNKLEY Nathaniel 1960s
ElzSM107 DYCE Stanley S. 1980s
ElzSM074 EVANS Gerald Gilbert 2000s
ElzSM073 EVANS Mabel Mahalia 2000s
ElzSM124 FACEY Etta Maud 1990s
ElzSM015 FEARON Basil 1990s
ElzSM015 FEARON Elethe 1990s
ElzSM007 FEARON Sylvia Maureen 1950s
ElzSM059 FINDLAY [???]NCE 1970s
ElzSM060 FINDLAY David A. 1970s
ElzSM100 FINDLAY Nevil D. 1980s
ElzSM133 FOSTER Vera May 1990s
ElzSM084 GENTLES Hazel Evangeline 2000s
ElzSM084 GENTLES Thurston Rodwell 2000s
ElzSM027 GORDON Roy Silvera 1990s
ElzSM116 GRIFFITHS Una Amanda 2000s
ElzSM064 GRIZZLE Charles Samuel 1980s
ElzSM121 HALL Ellen Arabella 1990s
ElzSM121 HALL Josiah E. 1990s
ElzSM029 HAMILTON Lillian G. 1980s
ElzSM028 HAMILTON Nancy A., Mrs 1950s
ElzSM142 HANSON Ina B. 1990s
ElzSM143 HANSON Irving F. 1980s
ElzSM041 HANSON Louise, Mrs 1950s
ElzSM061 HARRISON Easton S. 1970s
ElzSM062 HARRISON Maud L. 1970s
ElzSM042 HINDS Edward Herman 1980s
ElzSM154 HOLMES Burnett S. 1990s
ElzSM153 HOLMES Jeffrey Fitz-Herbert 1980s
ElzSM054 HOLMES Myrtle 1960s
ElzSM072 HOLTHAM Osmond, Jnr 2000s
ElzSM102 JOHNSON Ernest
ElzSM161 JOHNSON Herman H. 1990s
ElzSM139 JOHNSON Ida M. 1980s
ElzSM159 JOHNSON Ivan Edward 2000s
ElzSM094 JOHNSON Leonard L. 1990s
ElzSM101 JOHNSON Vida, Mrs 1970s
ElzSM109 JOHNSTON Gertrude M. 1990s
ElzSM144 JONES Earl Franklyn 1980s
ElzSM051 JULY Ruth Nita 1970s
ElzSM005 KIM Hae Sok, Dr 1980s
ElzSM085 LEVY Violet 2000s
ElzSM158 MARTIN Charlene Hope 1990s
ElzSM097 MARTIN Lelith Jacqueline 1990s
ElzSM038 McCURDY Inez Roslyn 1960s
ElzSM120 McLEOD Daphne 1990s
ElzSM011 MILES Gerald L. 1960s
ElzSM036 MILES Walter 1940s
ElzSM021 MILLER Ella Francella 1960s
ElzSM119 MILLER Erick Wellesly 1990s
ElzSM020 MILLER Henry W. 1930s
ElzSM077 MILLER Millicent C. 2000s
ElzSM025 MILLER Wilhel G. 1940s
ElzSM151 MILLS Hilda Maud 2000s
ElzSM148 MINOTT Henry N. 1980s
ElzSM149 MOLLISON Floris M. 1980s
ElzSM130 MORGAN Lloyd 1960s
ElzSM017 MYERS Hugh Vivian 1950s
ElzSM043 NATION Laura J. 1990s
ElzSM043 NATION Vernon P. 1980s
ElzSM152 NEMBHARD Amos E. 1980s
ElzSM147 ORRIDGE Laura C. 1970s
ElzSM013 PAGON Benjamin Crafton 1980s
ElzSM012 PAGON Edith Caroline 1970s
ElzSM014 PAGON Gwendolyn 1980s
ElzSM035 PENDEGASS Alice 1940s
ElzSM134 REID Dora A. 1930s
ElzSM131 REID Gary Alderman 1980s
ElzSM135 REID Robert 1930s
ElzSM162 REID Veira Jane 2000s
ElzSM008 RHODD Maud 1950s
ElzSM052 RICKETTS Gladys Maud 1970s
ElzSM048 ROBERTSON Edward M. 1970s
ElzSM044 ROBERTSON Mable Louise 1990s
ElzSM026 RODRIQUES Retina Georgianna 1960s
ElzSM057 ROWE Agatha Ambrozine 1970s
ElzSM022 ROWE Caroline Elizabeth 1930s
ElzSM058 ROWE Enos Franklyn 1970s
ElzSM009 ROWE Winifred 1940s
ElzSM113 RUSSELL Mae Beatrice, Mrs 2000s
ElzSM040 SCHLOSS Herbert P. 1970s
ElzSM039 SCHLOSS Mrs Violet 1950s
ElzSM137 SINCLAIR Clinton John 1960s
ElzSM136 SINCLAIR Edna May 1990s
ElzSM099 SINCLAIR Ernest Uriah 1980s
ElzSM098 SINCLAIR Winnifred E. 1980s
ElzSM096 SLOLEY Clena E. 2000s
ElzSM128 SMITH Amos 1970s
ElzSM093 SMITH Edgar Hezekiah 1990s
ElzSM092 SMITH Hope Merle 1990s
ElzSM068 SMITH Mable May 1980s
ElzSM019 SMITH Rebecca, Mrs 1980s
ElzSM118 SMITH Neville B. 2000s
ElzSM053 SOLOMON Wayne 1970s
ElzSM031 STEPHENSON Albert Edward 1990s
ElzSM089 SUTHERLAND Silas 2000s
ElzSM090 TAYLOR Daisy Elsada 1990s
ElzSM030 THOMAS Eric Augustus 2000s
ElzSM065 TOMLINSON Enid Louise 1980s
ElzSM108 TOWNSEND Alice J. 1990s
ElzSM088 WALKER Frederick 2000s
ElzSM016 WALLACE Joyce R. C. 1990s
ElzSM016 WALLACE Luther O. 1980s
ElzSM047 WANLISS Mary M. 1990s
ElzSM046 WANLISS Winston V. 1980s
ElzSM001 WESTCARR Clifford G. 1960s
ElzSM129 WILLIAMS George Alexander 1970s
ElzSM075 WILLIAMS Hyacinth 2000s
ElzSM146 WILLIAMS Victoria, Mrs 1970s
ElzSM069 WILLIAMS Santetia M. 1990s
ElzSM056 WINT Phyllis 1970s
ElzSM078 WRIGHT Basil L. 2000s
ElzSM004 WRIGHT Beryl N. 1950s
ElzSM002 WRIGHT Cyril A. 1970s
ElzSM086 WRIGHT Doris Clair 2000s
ElzSM063 WRIGHT Eric Claude 1980s
ElzSM080 WRIGHT Hazel D. 2000s
ElzSM111 WRIGHT Leslie Archibald 2000s
ElzSM003 WRIGHT Minnie L., Mrs 1960s
ElzSM032 WRIGHT Clinor P. 1940s


2 Responses to St Matthew’s Anglican, St Elizabeth

  1. Alicia Sangster says:

    Hi again I found records that my great great grandfather was buried in a church yard in Westmoreland. His name is John Sangster and he died on July 17, 1869. I would love to know which church.

    • Hi Alicia, saw the record but as to what church, I am not sure. Usually when it says Church Yard they are referring to the Parish Church as it is the Church of England (Anglican) records. Very few burials at St George’s Church, Sav-la-Mar which is the parish church for Westmoreland. That does not say he was not buried there but only a few tombstones are visible.

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