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“A people without the knowledge of their past history,
origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

Marcus Garvey

This site is about preserving our tombstone records. Burial sites are visited and digital images taken of the tombstones. The index of names pertaining to each location covers from the earliest death record to the present.

Oh the joy and exhilaration I have, searching out these sites and the experience!  Bush, Grass lice, Cow-itch, Sunstroke to name a few……I hope you have as much fun searching for your Ancestors as I have just doing what I love most.

The Author The Author
Most of you I am sure, visit this site because you are researching your Ancestors. I started my own research in 2006 whilst living in the UK. In 2008 I visited the National Archives in Kew, London and became aware of the vast information held there pertaining to the “Colonies”. Thus began what I call my “Gathering Journey”.

Fast track to 2012 and I am returning to Jamaica, and as you do, a “Things to do” list is created. Almost at the top of the list is – photographs of tombstones. I chose this as it gives me the flexibility I need and I get to travel through the inner regions of the country and meet people from various walks of life. Took some time to gather the information, create the site, and launch. I spend most of my time visiting burial sites, digitizing records for certain entities and researching other people’s ancestors.

Walk Good and God Bless!

Contact: jafamilytree@gmail.com

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