St George’s Anglican, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland


The ministry of the Anglican Church in Savanna-la-mar began in the 18th century when the first Church was erected along the sea-shore.  The earliest record dates back to 1739.  The first Church was destroyed in the hurricane and tidal wave of 08 Oct 1780, and for some years services were held in a temporary building.

In 1797 the foundation stone of the second Church was laid.  It was a wooden structure intended to be a temporary building, and was opened for divine services in 1799.  It however served the community for over 100 years before it fell into disrepair.

While excavation work for the present Church was taking place, the foundation stone of the original Church was discovered, and in it was laid a brass plate.

Foundation Brass Plate
The foundation stone was laid in a column at the western entrance of the Church, on St George’s Day 1903, where the brass plate is displayed, and the building was consecrated on St George’s Day 1904. St George's foundation stone 2
The present building is a stone structure with a clerestory of wood. It is 105ft 3 inches in length, 56ft in width, with an apse of 18ft. 6 inches x 23ft. The building was extensively damaged by Hurricane Ivan in Sept 2004, one hundred years after its consecration in 1904. Restoration of the Church commenced in April 2005 and was completed in Sept. 2006.
St George's, Sav 1
St George's, Sav 2







The current Priest is the Revd. Father Leroy JOHNSON, J.P.

[Thanks to the Church for the above information]



IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesGS10 BLYTHE Ethel Maud
WesGS22 BRAINE Charles Maies 1860s
WesGS22 BRAINE Hannah 1850s
WesGS11 CLARKE Charles Lister 1910s
WesGS20 CLARKE Eric Hugh 1970s
WesGS13 CLARKE Henry, Rev 1900s
WesGS16 CLARKE Hugh William Edward 1940s
WesGS17 CLARKE Ida Lee 1950s
WesGS13 CLARKE Jane 1900s
WesGS14 COPE Henry William 1970s
WesGS18 DAVIS Charles Henderson 1910s
WesGS21 HAASE Daniel Ornan 1970s
WesGS07 SADLER Edward John 1900s
WesGS12 SMITH Helen 1930s
WesGS23 STEWART James, Master 1830s
WesGS09 STEWART Thomas, Rev 1820s
WesGS15 VAZ James Nunes 1960s
WesGS19 VICKERS Florence Beatrice
WesGS19 VICKERS William Arthur 1930s
WesGS08 WILLIAMS Joseph Stone, Hon 1830s



IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesGS04 COPE Henry William, Canon 1970s
WesGS05 DAVIS C. 1910s
WesGS01 FARQUHARSON William Neilson 1900s
WesGS06 MURRAY George, Hon. 1800s
WesGS03 SADLER Edward John 1900s
WesGS02 SEGRE Joseph Swaby 1900s


3 Responses to St George’s Anglican, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland

  1. Wonderful history of this church that has impressed me since a boy attending evensong there with my grand aunt; grandmother and nurse

  2. Sally Hallinan Jones says:

    We were married in this beautiful church in 1963 & our son Nick was christened there in 1964. I attended many services there with my Mum While growing up.

  3. Lascelles Wilson says:

    I am trying to find Mr lakes first name his wife’s name was Germima he is my grandfather

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