Zion Baptist Cemetery, Trelawny

Zion Church Cemetery, Trelawny

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
TreZCW06 AUSTIN Millicent 2000s
TreZCW05 BROWN Kwasie Amayous 2000s
TreZCW16 DIXON Ambert S. 1990s
TreZCW04 DIXON Basil George 2000s
TreZCW20 EVRIGHT Ethlyn 2000s
TreZCW01 GAREY Isolyn 1970s
TreZCW02 GAREY Sylvester E. 1980s
TreZCW18 HUTCHINSON Patricia 2000s
TreZCW23 HUTCHINSON Patricia 2000s
TreZCW22 LINDO Derick 2000s
TreZCW11 MORRIS Nora 1990s
TreZCW10 MORRIS Zedekiah 1970s
TreZCW19 NAPIER Andrew 2000s
TreZCW12 NAPIER Avis 1990s
TreZCW07 RUTTY Elfreda 1980s
TreZCW03 SALMON Enos H. 1990s
TreZCW14 SALMON G. A., Rev 1990s
TreZCW15 SALMON Zana 2000s
TreZCW09 SMITH Ida, Mrs 1980s
TreZCW13 SMITH Richard 1980s
TreZCW17 THOMPSON Caroline E. 2000s
TreZCW08 WALCOTT Thomas 1970s
TreZCW21 WILLIAMS Jonathan 2000s


1 Response to Zion Baptist Cemetery, Trelawny

  1. Christine says:

    My great grandmother Ida May Green was buried here in 2004

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