May Pen Cemetery, Kingston

May Pen CEM



TOMBSTONE, May Pen CemThanks and appreciation to Arleene and Dimitri who have provided a translation.


born Poros, Trizinias, Greece

Erected by your best Friends

You will never be forgotten.


7 Responses to May Pen Cemetery, Kingston

  1. Hannah pope says:

    Hello, I don’t know if you can help me at all, I am trying to see if I have any relatives in Jamaica of my grandads family, the ‘dwyer’ family, I have very little information, other that my my grandads name was Westley Woodrow Dwyer, he was born in Kingston, his mother died when he was very young and he was brought up by a lady called Ruby. He had a younger sister called ‘lottie’ and He had an aunt who he was very close to who he referred to as ‘Aunt may’ , and next to her name in a diary of his I found werethe words ‘may pen’ I also found the names names of ‘Omar and Carmen seid’ written in there who I presume are friends.
    I understand this is very limited information but any help
    Would be gratefully received.
    Thank you

    • Delroy Stephenson says:

      There is another place in Jamaica call May Pen, this is in the parish of Clarendon.
      May Pen is now the capital of Clarendon; before that the capital was Chapleton [centuries ago] in Clarendon there is a district called Richmond Park; in which there is a community named Mocho.

      In Mocho there used to be white people, some names are Dyer and Francis; my mother told me before she past away that our linage is from I can’t recall the name.

    • Juliet says:

  2. Chester says:

    My name is chester coulson am in Kentucky USA ,am the great grandson of king Clarence Robert Henry from the royal mosquitia ark,he was exile into Jamaica in the early 1900 where he died,and was burry in Jamaica .if any one can give me information where he was burry and where I can go to see his tumb(what grave yard)I would really appreciate it,my email is

  3. Pauline Leyden says:

    I am looking for my grandmother Vera Blackwood.

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