Seventh Day Adventist, Asia, Manchester

SDA, Asia

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManSDA42 BEALE Henry 1980s
ManSDA07 BEAUMONT Hubert 1970s
ManSDA04 BEAUMONT Ivy N. 1980s
ManSDA06 BEAUMONT Julia A. 1970s
ManSDA54 BEAUMONT Leslie Rupert, Snr 2000s
ManSDA15 BERNARD Francella 1980s
ManSDA24 BERNARD Sarah 1970s
ManSDA14 BERNARD Walter 1960s
ManSDA37 BLAKE Reginald A. 1980s
ManSDA36 BLAKE Una Jane 1980s
ManSDA31 BROWN Guildah Imogene 1980s
ManSDA32 BROWN Henry Thompson 1970s
ManSDA44 BRYAN Linneth 1990s
ManSDA02 CORNWALL Roy W. 1980s
ManSDA41 CRAWFORD Pearl 1980s
ManSDA43 DIXON Olive 1990s
ManSDA53 ELLIS Rupert Nathaniel 2000s
ManSDA27 FAGAN Robert 1980s
ManSDA48 FIDER David E. 2000s
ManSDA10 FIDER Miriam I. 2000s
ManSDA09 FIDER Rosetta A. 1970s
ManSDA19 FRANCIS Lola Elizabeth 1980s
ManSDA30 GREEN Garela Washington 1980s
ManSDA47 GRIFFITHS Vida 1990s
ManSDA39 GRIFFITHS William T. 1980s
ManSDA46 HIBBERT Sarah 1990s
ManSDA38 ISAACS Barbara 1980s
ManSDA52 ISAACS Joseph Samuel 2000s
ManSDA17 KENNEDY Evadney 1980s
ManSDA45 KENNEDY Jane A. 1990s
ManSDA03 KENNEDY Joseph W. 1980s
ManSDA11 KENNEDY Windell Benjamin 1990s
ManSDA05 LEDFORD Leonard Lloyd 1980s
ManSDA12 MISICK Pamela 1960s
ManSDA51 MITCHELL George Raphael 2000s
ManSDA49 MITCHELL Iris Rebecca 2000s
ManSDA40 MORGAN Christine 1970s
ManSDA01 PALMER Murelda Maudina 2000s
ManSDA26 PINNOCK Rosetta 1990s
ManSDA25 ROBERTS Oral 1970s
ManSDA13 ROBINSON Ruby Althea 1970s
ManSDA20 ROWE Hubert 1990s
ManSDA21 ROWE Lydia 2000s
ManSDA18 RUBY Adina 1970s
ManSDA29 SENIOR Nora 1980s
ManSDA33 SIMPSON Sandrella 1970s
ManSDA16 SKYERS Llewellyn A. 1980s
ManSDA35 TAYLOR Horace 1970s
ManSDA34 THOMPSON Herbert 1970s
ManSDA28 THRUE Julia A. 1980s
ManSDA23 WILLIAMS Robert 1990s
ManSDA22 WILLIAMS Catherine 1990s
ManSDA08 WILLIAMSON Rose 1950s
ManSDA50 WOOD-IRONS Daphne 2000s


1 Response to Seventh Day Adventist, Asia, Manchester

  1. Lisa Bailey says:

    Ivy N. Beaumont was my grandmother (Lisa A. Bailey) and Mother of Frank (Trevor) Kennedy and Marcis (Sweets) Beaumont- MathisLeslie Rupert Beaumont was my grand uncle
    Sydney O. Beaumont was also my granduncle

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