St Luke’s Anglican, Sanguinetti, Clarendon

St Luke's Anglican, Sanguinetti

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaLS27 ANDERSON Alfred 2000s
ClaLS51 ANDERSON Aubrey 1990s
ClaLS52 ANDERSON Coley-Ann 1990s
ClaLS22 BROWN Kesiah, Mrs 1960s
ClaLS77 BROWN Lucy Ann 2000s
ClaLS29 BRYAN Egeton Egersham 2000s
ClaLS53 BRYAN Mark A. 1950s
ClaLS13 BRYSON Francis, Mrs 1960s
ClaLS47 BUCHANAN Edith Gwendolyn 2000s
ClaLS75 CAMERON Emeline 1980s
ClaLS16 CAMPBELL A. A., Mrs 1960s
ClaLS79 CAMPBELL Aseneth Madge 1990s
ClaLS81 CAMPBELL Aston L. 1970s
ClaLS37 CAMPBELL Hilma 2000s
ClaLS80 CAMPBELL Ivy 1990s
ClaLS08 CAMPBELL Ivy May 1960s
ClaLS06 CAMPBELL Reginald 1980s
ClaLS17 CAMPBELL William F. 1950s
ClaLS70 CARNEGIE Susan Wilkinson 2000s
ClaLS62 COHEN Cislyn Vernise Campbell 2000s
ClaLS57 COHEN Eliza Nerissa, Mrs 1990s
ClaLS02 COHEN Helen H. 1970s
ClaLS55 COHEN James Lascell 2000s
ClaLS56 COHEN Lola Maureen 2010s
ClaLS01 COHEN Orlando F. 1990s
ClaLS44 CROSS Alice 1990s
ClaLS74 CROSS Egebert 1980s
ClaLS43 CROSS William Alexander 2000s
ClaLS19 DaCOSTA Hubert 1960s
ClaLS18 DAVIS Phylis 1950s
ClaLS10 DUNN Rachel T. 1960s
ClaLS93 EATON Maria, Mrs 1970s
ClaLS100 ELLISTON Betsey 1920s
ClaLS87 FOSTER Ivy May 2010s
ClaLS90 FRECKLETON Pearleta 2010s
ClaLS101 GORDON Stanford
ClaLS05 GRAHAM Arbrey Leopold 1980s
ClaLS68 GRAHAM Joscelyn L. 1980s
ClaLS48 GRAVENEY David 1990s
ClaLS12 GRAVENEY James 1960s
ClaLS12 GRAVENEY Margaret 1960s
ClaLS66 GRAVENEY Olive May 1980s
ClaLS66 GRAVENEY William 1990s
ClaLS09 GREY Caroline 1960s
ClaLS34 HAMM Bethsada 2010s
ClaLS33 HAMM Gerald J. 2000s
ClaLS78 HAMM Joscelyn Henry 1980s
ClaLS63 HAYNES Elizabeth 1980s
ClaLS69 HAYNES James Hubert 1970s
ClaLS73 KIRBY Asenath 1970s
ClaLS49 KIRBY Esther 1980s
ClaLS04 KIRBY Hugen 1960s
ClaLS03 KIRBY Minna, Mrs 1990s
ClaLS24 KIRBY Robert P. 1960s
ClaLS84 KIRBY William James 1970s
ClaLS64 LAWRENCE Ian, Jnr. 1980s
ClaLS38 LEWINSON Beatrice 1990s
ClaLS32 LEWIS Cecil George 2000s
ClaLS31 LEWIS Duglas Cardon 2000s
ClaLS92 LITTLE Rebecca Adiana 1970s
ClaLS11 LYSEIGHT Abiathar O. 1960s
ClaLS76 MASON Hortense L. 1990s
ClaLS07 McCATTY Cressy Isaacs 1960s
ClaLS96 McCORKLE David M. 1970s
ClaLS95 McCORKLE Janet F., Mrs 1960s
ClaLS21 McLEOD Caroline 1960s
ClaLS89 McLEOD Gertrude E. 1970s
ClaLS20 McLEOD James B. 1950s
ClaLS99 McPHERSON F. B. 1920s
ClaLS85 MIGNOTT Dudley 1960s
ClaLS65 MILLER Cassie 1990s
ClaLS30 MILLS Fitzalbert 2000s
ClaLS58 MILLS Florence 1980s
ClaLS26 MILLS Kenneth Sidden 2000s
ClaLS91 MITCHELL Albertha, Mrs 1970s
ClaLS23 MITCHELL Eva 1960s
ClaLS83 MORGAN William 1970s
ClaLS88 MORRIS Hilda Mae 1960s
ClaLS42 PARKE Daniel Albert 2000s
ClaLS41 PARKE Violet 2000s
ClaLS72 PITTER Ina 1980s
ClaLS54 POWELL Devon Dacalva 1990s
ClaLS39 POWELL May 1990s
ClaLS39 POWELL Zacheriah 1990s
ClaLS25 RAMSAMUGH Stanley Parkin 2010s
ClaLS46 REID Ernest Nathaniel 1990s
ClaLS98 REID James 1940s
ClaLS28 RICHARDS Gertrude Cunningham 2000s
ClaLS14 ROSE Cyrel 1980s
ClaLS15 ROSE Jane Albertha 1960s
ClaLS82 SCOTT Jemima A. 1970s
ClaLS67 SIMMONDS Leslie A. 1980s
ClaLS61 SINCLAIR Caroline M. 2010s
ClaLS60 SINCLAIR Doris Agatha 2000s
ClaLS59 SINCLAIR Wilfred Hezekiah 1990s
ClaLS50 STANLEY Lloyd W. A. 1980s
ClaLS35 THOMPSON Eric 2000s
ClaLS36 THOMPSON Iris Victoria 2000s
ClaLS86 TOMLINSON Stanford E. 1970s
ClaLS40 WEBB Lucille, Mrs 1990s
ClaLS71 WILKINSON Aneta 1980s
ClaLS94 WILLIAMS Adina, Mrs 1970s
ClaLS45 WILLIS Vincent George 1990s


TOMBSTONES without data/difficult to read

St Luke's Anglican, Sanguinetti 1It is disheartening to see the condition of our burial grounds.

Amongst this rubble I was able to find a few monuments, some still in place, but others strewn and broken.


There is no name.                                                                  St Luke's Anglican, Sanguinetti 2                      Inscription:- “Was born Nov 15, 1906 And died Nov 25 1925 aged 20 yrs



St Luke's Anglican, Sanguinetti 5Another without a name. “Who rest in Jesus on the 28 March 1938 aged 60 yrs.





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