Mt Carey Baptist, Anchovy, St James

Mt Carey Baptist 1

Mt Carey Baptist 2

LAT: 18°23’49.12″N                LONG: 77°56’24.86″W

Mt Carey Baptist 3When Thomas Burchell, a Baptist Missionary, arrived in Jamaica in 1824, he began his missionary work in the western section of the island. Mount Carey was one of the earliest communities to be established.

History indicates that Mount Carey was named in honour of Revd. William Carey, the first Baptist Missionary to India. CAREY, WilliamWork to erect the Mt Carey Baptist Church started in a Blacksmith’s shop in 1829. In 1831 the building was destroyed by the Colonial Church Union after the slave revolts. Rebuilding of the church started in 1839 and was completed 1840.

Other tragedies such as a Hurricane – 1912; Earthquake – 1957  and a Fire – 2010, have destroyed or damaged the building, throughout the years, however, Mt Carey Baptist Church has once again been restored and is a landmark within the community.

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
JamMC26 ALLEN Azariah 1970s
JamMC21 ALLEN Francess 1970s
JamMC39 ALLEYNE Beryl M. 2000s
JamMC29 ATKINS Uri Jonas 1980s
JamMC35 BENT Clementine 1990s
JamMC34 BOWEN Alton F. 2000s
JamMC27 BOWEN Ina Louise 1980s
JamMC34 BOWEN Norma F. 2000s
JamMC27 BOWEN Ralford B. 1990s
JamMC47 BROWN Wellesley 2000s
JamMC37 CAMPBELL Alexander C. 2000s
JamMC36 CAMPBELL Mavis 1990s
JamMC04 CLARKE Andrew R. 1980s
JamMC48 CLARKE Sonia B. 2000s
JamMC40 CROSS Bernice 2000s
JamMC09 DAWKINS Sadie 1970s
JamMC16 FLETCHER Obertha 1970s
JamMC24 FOSTER Samuel 1970s
JamMC01 GAYLE Una Mae 1990s
JamMC07 HALL Jane Ann 1990s
JamMC38 HARDING Genetta 2000s
JamMC38 HARDING Samuel A. 2000s
JamMC42 HARTY Edna 2000s
JamMC17 HARVEY Icylin 1980s
JamMC12 HEMANS Annie Maria 1980s
JamMC11 HEMANS Eustace Uriah 1990s
JamMC51 HEWETT Burchell 1890s
JamMC51 HEWETT Edward Jesse 1900s
JamMC13 JAMES Ethel F. 1980s
JamMC33 LEE Ellen Bell 2000s
JamMC46 MARSON Sheila 2000s
JamMC14 MARTIN Lillian 1970s
JamMC03 McCALLA Maud 1990s
JamMC25 McINTOSH Quespan, Mrs. 1960s
JamMC20 McKENZIE Sydney J. 1970s
JamMC28 MUMBY Marjorie 1970s
JamMC30 PALMER Natel M. 2000s
JamMC49 RAMSDEN Martha 1930s
JamMC45 REID Delroy Errol 2000s
JamMC02 REID Gladys Maud 1990s
JamMC23 REID Jemima, Mrs 1960s
JamMC44 REID Winston Sylvester 2000s
JamMC18 ROBERTSON Mary Louise 1980s
JamMC05 ROBINSON Nepthani 1980s
JamMC06 ROBINSON Vivian 1980s
JamMC31 SAVILLE Clarissa 1980s
JamMC19 SHAW Zetella McKenzie 1970s
JamMC22 SINCLAIR Cecil Uriah 1960s
JamMC10 THOMPSON Israel 1970s
JamMC08 THOMPSON Jeminia 1990s
JamMC50 TOWNSEND Alice Mary 1930s
JamMC15 VERNON Kenneth 1970s
JamMC43 VIDAL Elaine Gloria 2000s
JamMC41 WHITTAKER Andrew Albert 2000s
JamMC32 WINDROSS Evelyn A. 2000s
JamMC32 WINDROSS Iris M. 1990s


1 Response to Mt Carey Baptist, Anchovy, St James

  1. Winston HoFatt says:

    Have fond memories of growing up in Anchovy and attending church in Mt Carey, Anyone who remembers me can contact me.

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