Sutcliffe Mount Baptist, Whithorn, Westmoreland

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesSB05 BRACKETT Catherine E. 1970s
WesSB12 CARTY Patrice A. 1980s
WesSB01 CLARKE Charles S., Rev.
WesSB06 FINLAYSON William 1970s
WesSB09 GREGORY Amos 1960s
WesSB10 HUTCHINS Agnes Isabelle 1960s
WesSB13 MURDOCK Ina Louise 2000s
WesSB03 SADLER Constance Elizabeth 1980s
WesSB04 SADLER Walter B. 1970s
WesSB11 SMITH Adelaide 1960s
WesSB08 SMITH J. R. 1950s
WesSB02 SMITH Thomazine 1980s
WesSB14 SPENCE B. V., Mrs 1940s
WesSB07 YOUNG Cicily 1960s


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