Four Paths United, May Pen, Clarendon

Four Paths United, Front

Four Paths United




The Four Paths United Church is regarded as the oldest of the former Congregational Churches on the Island.

(Aug 2019 – This website is under reconstruction)


Four Paths United, Roll Call

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ClaFP112 ALLEN Charlotte Elizabeth 1950s
ClaFP112 ALLEN J. Henerie, Rev 1940s
ClaFP038 ALLISON Annie 1900s
ClaFP063 ALLISON Calder W. 1970s
ClaFP034 ALLISON Estella Ruthella 1980s
ClaFP035 ALLISON Georgiana Virginia 1970s
ClaFP040 ALLISON Jane Louise 1960s
ClaFP007 ALLISON Linnette D. 1990s
ClaFP039 ALLISON Richard 1900s
ClaFP042 ANDERSON Lascelles Fitz-Albert 2000s
ClaFP072 BECKFORD Rodrick A. 1990s
ClaFP093 BLAKE Louise Maud 1970s
ClaFP087 BOURNE Athol Clinton 1990s
ClaFP061 BROWN Jabin T. 1970s
ClaFP062 BROWN Mary Eliza 1970s
ClaFP123 BROWN Noel A.
ClaFP054 BURRELL Daisy, Mrs 1980s
ClaFP095 BURRELL Viola 1980s
ClaFP077 BURRIS-VAUGHAN Adeline C., Mrs 2000s
ClaFP006 CAMPBELL Vincent 2000s
ClaFP002 CHARLTON Dale 1960s
ClaFP033 CHEN Edna May 1980s
ClaFP074 DARING Aston Nathaniel 1990s
ClaFP067 DUHANEY Wilfred Stanley Jr. 1980s
ClaFP055 DUHANEY Marie Louise 1990s
ClaFP012 DUNPHY Richard 1890s
ClaFP089 EASTWOOD Emma 1980s
ClaFP080 EDWARD Alvin 1990s
ClaFP122 EDWARDS Ellen
ClaFP031 FARQUHARSON Thomas 1990s
ClaFP103 FERGUSON Roy Adolphus 1990s
ClaFP015 GAYLE Lenford 2000s
ClaFP094 GETFIELD Floris Maud 1970s
ClaFP064 GORDON Winnifred 2000s
ClaFP116 GRANDISON Beverley Aileen 1980s
ClaFP017 GRANDISON Myrtle Aileen 2000s
ClaFP115 GREEN Burke Adrian 1940s
ClaFP106 HALL Hubert S. 2000s
ClaFP070 HALL Vernon Ripton 1990s
ClaFP076 HAY Sydney Leon 2000s
ClaFP003 HAYNES Mureal, Mrs 1960s
ClaFP028 HENRY Aston Joseph 2000s
ClaFP078 HENRY Azariah 1990s
ClaFP029 HENRY Clarabelle Viola 1990s
ClaFP001 HILL Iris Alberta 2000s
ClaFP037 HOWE Jennifer Ann 1950s
ClaFP024 HOWE Osmond Allison 1990s
ClaFP027 HOWE Richard Abner Allison 1990s
ClaFP026 HOWE Sybil Jean 2000s
ClaFP025 HOWE Vincent A. 2000s
ClaFP071 KNIGHT Hazel E. 1990s
ClaFP107 LAWSON Alvin W. 1940s
ClaFP101 LAWSON Asmetta T. 1990s
ClaFP019 LAWSON Elma Pearl 2000s
ClaFP014 LAWSON Hannah Ezebiah 2000s
ClaFP016 LAWSON Imogene Leanora 2000s
ClaFP108 LAWSON John H. 1940s
ClaFP120 LAWSON Louise Evadney 1990s
ClaFP073 LAWSON Rowland A. 1990s
ClaFP119 LAWSON Stephen 1960s
ClaFP018 LAWSON Wesley 2000s
ClaFP046 LEWIS George Nathaniel 2000s
ClaFP079 MANNING Amanda 2000s
ClaFP047 McCOOK Fredrica Ezepa 2000s
ClaFP075 McFARLANE Beatrice James 1990s
ClaFP004 McGLASHEN Loretta R. 1970s
ClaFP008 McLEOD Summer Lloyd 1980s
ClaFP092 McLYMONT Arnold Jackson 1990s
ClaFP091 McLYMONT Gladys Asberga 1970s
ClaFP117 MILLS Frederick A. 1940s
ClaFP068 MILLS Frederick Herman 1990s
ClaFP085 MILLS Kenneth George L., Jnr. 2000s
ClaFP086 MILLS Kenneth George L., Snr. 1990s
ClaFP084 MILLS May Dorrett 2000s
ClaFP118 MILLS Susan Elizabeth 1950s
ClaFP090 MITCHELL Obediah 1980s
ClaFP081 MORGAN David Uriah 1990s
ClaFP114 NATHAN-BRISSETT Lauris 1970s
ClaFP098 NEITA Arcott H. 1970s
ClaFP023 NELSON Clifford John 2000s
ClaFP099 NELSON Doris M. 1940s
ClaFP023 NELSON Marjorie Vivienne 1990s
ClaFP100 NELSON Sydney R. 1970s
ClaFP096 O’MEALLY Adlin 1950s
ClaFP053 PESSOA Evadne 1980s
ClaFP005 PETGRAVE Lena Wilson, Mrs 1960s
ClaFP051 PLUMMER Daniel Zachariah 1980s
ClaFP052 PLUMMER Ina Clementina 1980s
ClaFP050 PLUMMER Lillian 1980s
ClaFP105 POWELL Clifton Alexander 2000s
ClaFP041 REID Isabella 1950s
ClaFP102 REPOLE Dahlia Winsome 2000s
ClaFP030 ROBINSON Olive 1980s
ClaFP082 RUSSELL James Corneilous 1990s
ClaFP104 SHAND Hilda 2000s
ClaFP056 SHIM-HUE Catherine 1980s
ClaFP057 SHIM-HUE Charles 1990s
ClaFP097 SHOUT William E. 1960s
ClaFP066 SMITH Alexandria E. 1970s
ClaFP036 SMITH Mary Jane 1960s
ClaFP065 SMITH Rosie E. 1970s
ClaFP009 SUCKOO Eliza 1990s
ClaFP088 SWABY Ethel 1980s
ClaFP069 SWABY Simeon D’Oliver 2000s
ClaFP083 TAIT Ivalyn 1990s
ClaFP043 TAYLOR Elowena 2000s
ClaFP058 THOMAS Hyacinth 1990s
ClaFP059 THOMAS Joseph Boysie 2000s
ClaFP045 TUGMAN Eulalee Adina 2000s
ClaFP110 VASSALL Adina C. 1940s
ClaFP109 VASSALL Beryl Elfreda 1930s
ClaFP111 VASSALL Richard Alberga 1960s
ClaFP048 WADDELL Arthur George 2000s
ClaFP020 WADDELL Martin Foster 2000s
ClaFP021 WADDELL Ruby Elaine 1990s
ClaFP049 WADDELL Verna Ionie 1990s
ClaFP011 WALKER Lucille 1990s
ClaFP010 WALKER Samuel J. N. 1980s
ClaFP022 WATTS Ena Eulalee 1990s
ClaFP060 WEBLEY Zadah Solidah 1990s
ClaFP013 WILLIAMS Francis, Mrs 1970s
ClaFP044 WILLIAMS Gertrude 2000s
ClaFP113 WILLIAMS Noel Michael 2000s
ClaFP032 WRIGHT Ivy 1990s


Four Paths United, Barrett plaqueTo the Glory of God and in Affectionate Remembrance of the Rev. W. C. BARRETT the FOUNDER of this Church and its beloved Pastor from 1835 to 1845 who died at Brighton, England 5th March 1865 aged 53 years.

Also to the Revered memory of his widow and Devoted Fellow Labourer Martha BARRETT who fell asleep at Kingstown, Ireland 1st Jan 1894 aged 82 years.

Erected by their loving children MAY 1894




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  1. Kate howe says:

    I would like to visit this church. When booking a trip, what town is the closest to you for hotels?

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