St James Anglican, Mt James, St Andrew

St James Angl, Mount James, St AndrewSt James Angl, Mount James, Cnr Stone

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AndSJ097 ALLEN Albert 1980s
AndSJ109 ALLEN Clarence Vincent 1970s
AndSJ056 ALLEN Lawra 2000s
AndSJ106 ASPHALL Leimiel Benlah 1990s
AndSJ046 ASPHALL Leteria, Mrs 1970s
AndSJ047 ASPHALL Naomi 1990s
AndSJ045 ASPHALL Sylvester E. 1980s
AndSJ034 ATKINSON Isaac 1960s
AndSJ040 ATKINSON Matilda 1950s
AndSJ043 BALL Shirly 1990s
AndSJ020 BARCLAY Zedekiah 1980s
AndSJ044 BAUL Ina 1960s
AndSJ078 BLOOMFIELD Avis 1990s
AndSJ004 BROWN Rebecca 1920s
AndSJ028 BROWN Vincent Adolphus 1970s
AndSJ089 COBRAND Joseph 1980s
AndSJ084 COBRAND Vera 1990s
AndSJ029 COLLINS Iris Lillymay 2000s
AndSJ100 DAVIS Cecil Ivan’o 1980s
AndSJ032 DAVIS Clementina, Mrs 1970s
AndSJ010 DAVIS Ruth, Mrs 1970s
AndSJ087 DAVIS Samuel 1980s
AndSJ071 DUCKWORTH Ruth Almira 1990s
AndSJ083 EARL William 1900s
AndSJ031 EDWARDS Alex: 1940s
AndSJ088 FFRENCH Imogene Eusina, Mrs 1980s
AndSJ042 FFRENCH Myrtlebell 2000s
AndSJ061 FOGARTHY Clarissa C. 1970s
AndSJ060 FOGARTY Allan William 1960s
AndSJ079 FOSTER Moxey N. 1990s
AndSJ070 FOX Augustine E., Mrs 1990s
AndSJ085 FOX Ivanhoe Nathaniel 2000s
AndSJ041 FRANCIS Cecil 2000s
AndSJ035 FRANCIS Eliza 1960s
AndSJ102 FRANCIS Gertrude E. 1980s
AndSJ039 FRANCIS Lawrence 1950s
AndSJ021 FRANCIS Milton 1960s
AndSJ041 FRANCIS Rhoda M. 1990s
AndSJ025 GLENN Daisy May 2000s
AndSJ111 GLENN William N. 1990s
AndSJ108 GORDON Verona 1980s
AndSJ019 HALL Urijah 1950s
AndSJ110 HANSON Albert 1970s
AndSJ073 HENRY Almira 1990s
AndSJ072 HENRY Altimont 1990s
AndSJ026 HENRY Elizabeth 1960s
AndSJ052 HENRY Margaret Amanda 1980s
AndSJ051 HENRY Moses Cornelious 1970s
AndSJ027 HENRY Nehemiah 1960s
AndSJ080 HENRY Rose Minita 1980s
AndSJ053 HENRY Zenister Whilelmina 1990s
AndSJ103 HUNTER Mabel Iona 1990s
AndSJ062 HUNTER Rupert N. 1980s
AndSJ059 HUNTER Rupert Nathaniel 1980s
AndSJ033 HUNTER Samuel E. 1970s
AndSJ092 JOHNSON Almira 1970s
AndSJ091 JOHNSON Isreal 1970s
AndSJ022 KESLER Marion Eunice 1980s
AndSJ023 KESLER Ralph Oneil 2000s
AndSJ093 KESLER Sydney 1970s
AndSJ096 LAMMIE Edith Alberta 1980s
AndSJ104 LAMMIE William 1990s
AndSJ063 LEE QUEE Myrtle 1980s
AndSJ012 LEWIS George E. 1930s
AndSJ050 LEWIS Indiana 1980s
AndSJ049 LEWIS Luther Samuel 1980s
AndSJ030 LOGAN Clova A. 2000s
AndSJ081 LOGAN Eunice Zephora 1990s
AndSJ098 LOGAN Gertrude, Mrs 1970s
AndSJ006 LOGAN Gustavus F. 1980s
AndSJ007 LOGAN Rosa 1970s
AndSJ082 MASON Victoria 1990s
AndSJ055 McGLASHAN Ada Clarina 1960s
AndSJ054 McKENZIE Pulmina Adasa 2000s
AndSJ016 McLEARY Isolyn, Mrs 1970s
AndSJ015 McLEARY Radyford 1980s
AndSJ075 MILLER Charles Augustus 1990s
AndSJ074 MILLER Rachael 1980s
AndSJ086 NORTHOVER Eric Augustus 2000s
AndSJ068 NOTICE Felix Cornelius 1980s
AndSJ069 NOTICE Miriam Augustine 1980s
AndSJ001 OWENS Adina, Mrs 1950s
AndSJ064 PARKER Ida Blanche 1980s
AndSJ067 REID Egerton Michael 1990s
AndSJ066 REID Lena Estella 1980s
AndSJ057 RICHARDS Herseleana 1950s
AndSJ099 ROSE Mary 1960s
AndSJ101 ROSE Phillip 1960s
AndSJ058 SEWELL Harvey E. 1960s
AndSJ076 SEWELL Vila, Mrs 1980s
AndSJ107 SEYMORE Miriam C. 1980s
AndSJ090 SEYMOUR Augustus 1970s
AndSJ008 SEYMOUR Ernest A. 1950s
AndSJ018 SEYMOUR Robert 1950s
AndSJ009 SEYMOUR Rosa 1920s
AndSJ048 SEYMOUR Simeon E. 1960s
AndSJ017 SEYMOUR Veironie 1950s
AndSJ037 SMITH A. J. 1940s
AndSJ038 SMITH Icilda 1940s
AndSJ003 TOREY Alexander 1940s
AndSJ014 TOREY Alfred 1960s
AndSJ024 TOREY Annetta 1940s
AndSJ013 TOREY Cecil 1960s
AndSJ095 TOREY Leteria Adina 1980s
AndSJ002 TOREY Letetia 1920s
AndSJ094 TOREY Percival Alexander 1980s
AndSJ105 URQUHART Lillian Alberta 1970s
AndSJ005 WALLACE Cecil 1960s
AndSJ077 WALLACE Florence 1970s
AndSJ065 WALLACE Leonard E. 1960s
AndSJ036 WHYTE Luther 1960s
AndSJ011 WILLIAMS George Samuel 1980s


TOMBSTONES without data/difficult to read

AndSJ112 – Letecia URQUHART; b Mar 1875[?]; d Jun 19[??]
AndSJ113 – Mrs Catherine SEWELL
AndSJ114 – Elisha DUCKWORTH; b Aug 1908; d May 1987
AndSJ115 – [Female] DUCKWORTH; b 24 Feb 1910; d 19 May 1977 [could be Roselda]
AndSJ116 – Jane TAFF; d 1904 age 30
AndSJ117 – Samuel GELLY
AndSJ118 – Anna COLLINS



1 Response to St James Anglican, Mt James, St Andrew

  1. Anna says:

    I just happened to find your site today. I have been researching my grandfather’s background for many many years. He was born in Mount James and his parents and grandparents etc were as well. The Seymours you have listed are his family. I noticed that most of the names were not the relatives I was looking for because they would have been buried in earlier years or it seems their plots aren’t there or aren’t recognizable. His family were Anglican and did attend this church. They were the Fogarty, Seymour, Perkins families.
    It was nice seeing the list and seeing what the church looks like.

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