St Mark’s Anglican, Brown’s Town, St Ann

St Mark's, Brown's TownThe original church was built in 1805.  A small building with stone walls, a low shingled roof, high pews and a pulpit facing north.  It was built by Hamilton Brown Esq., a native of Ireland who settled in St Ann during Rev. G. W. Bridges time as Rector of St Ann’s Bay Parish Church.

St Mark's, Brown's Town 3Sacred to the memory of HAMILTON BROWN Esq. Native of the County Antrim, Ireland who departed this life on the 18th Sept 1843 in the 68th year of his age.  He was the FOUNDER OF THIS TOWN.  Was 22 years one of the Representatives for this parish in the Honble. House of Afsembly [Assembly].  His name will long be cherished.

By 1892 the church had fallen into disrepair. The building of a new church commenced in 1894 and was completed in 1895.


IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AnnSMB22 ADDISON John 1910s
AnnSMB41 ALLWOOD Minnie Alice 1960s
AnnSMB42 ARSCOTT Clara 1930s
AnnSMB20 BYLES Arthur Shamrock 1950s
AnnSMB13 BYLES Cecil Ewart 1910s
AnnSMB21 BYLES Charlotte Louise 1950s
AnnSMB31 CALDWELL Annette Adams 1890s
AnnSMB51 COMAC David 1850s
AnnSMB63 COSTA Charles 1930s
AnnSMB65 DENNISON Thomas Eastaway 1950s
AnnSMB10 DICKENSON Emily R. 1960s
AnnSMB52 FISHER Eliza 1950s
AnnSMB08 FISHER Stirling Mowbray 1930s
AnnSMB49 GAMACK John 1840s
AnnSMB30 GIFFORD George Lawson 1900s
AnnSMB67 HALL James Philip 1920s
AnnSMB66 HALL James Reginald 1900s
AnnSMB66 HALL Louisa 1910s
AnnSMB01 HARRIS Cyril Lackland 1920s
AnnSMB19 HARRIS Joseph Alexander 1930s
AnnSMB64 HARTY Ella Mary Porter 1880s
AnnSMB50 HAYSOM Nathan 1840s
AnnSMB32 HELWIG Amy 1890s
AnnSMB62 HIRSCHMANN Joseph Alexander 1860s
AnnSMB15 HOLLE Herbert A. 1920s
AnnSMB24 HOLLE Kathrine 1950s
AnnSMB26 HOLLE Sara 1940s
AnnSMB25 HOLLE Harriet 1950s
AnnSMB47 HOPWOOD Alexander 1930s
AnnSMB46 HOPWOOD Celeste Ruth Isabel 1940s
AnnSMB07 HOWARD Cuthbert W. 1930s
AnnSMB34 INGRAM David N. 1940s
AnnSMB35 INGRAM Mary Ann 1930s
AnnSMB36 INGRAM Thomas Henry Niven 1940s
AnnSMB60 ISAACS Alice Anderson 1860s
AnnSMB59 ISAACS Eliza Palache 1870s
AnnSMB11 JUSTIN Charles T. 1950s
AnnSMB04 KELLY C. S. 1940s
AnnSMB06 KELLY H. T. 1930s
AnnSMB05 KELLY Lorna M. 1950s
AnnSMB03 KENNEDY Mary Haughton 1940s
AnnSMB56 LEVY Minnie 1940s
AnnSMB40 MAWBEY Lawford 1880s
AnnSMB40 MAWBEY Mary Ann 1890s
AnnSMB02 McFARLANE Clara 1940s
AnnSMB27 McFARLANE John Watt 1920s
AnnSMB44 MICHELIN Mary Alice Stewart 1970s
AnnSMB45 MICHELIN Victor Alfred 1940s
AnnSMB28 MORRIS Louis A. 1900s
AnnSMB23 NORMAN Annie Louisa 1950s
AnnSMB61 PALACHE Alexander 1840s
AnnSMB14 PARRIS Bernice Hilda 1920s
AnnSMB58 PARRIS Edgar George Orlando 1940s
AnnSMB53 PURCHAS Jack Neville 1950s
AnnSMB18 ROBINSON Diana Elizabeth 1950s
AnnSMB09 ROWBOTHAM Gertrude 1950s
AnnSMB38 SEGRE Ralph Augustus 1940s
AnnSMB37 SEGRE Violet Louise 1990s
AnnSMB57 SLADER Peter Yorke 1920s
AnnSMB43 SWABY Ellen Evangeline 1930s
AnnSMB33 THARP William 1840s
AnnSMB39 THOMAS David Trefor 1980s
AnnSMB16 THOMSON Charles Raglan 1940s
AnnSMB17 THOMSON Mary Elizabeth 1920s
AnnSMB54 TUCKER Edward 1860s
AnnSMB55 TUCKER Samuel 1830s
AnnSMB12 VENTRESSE Marjorie 1920s
AnnSMB48 WISHART James 1840s
AnnSMB29 WRIGHT Sarah Ellen 1910s



CHRISTOPHER HELWIG, a native of Hessen in Germany; died 11 Jan 1867 age 48.

FREDERICK HELWIG, died 29 Sep 1878 age 21

FRANCIS LIONEL ORMSBY, son of J. D. and H.L. Ormsby,  died 01 Oct 1877 age 2 years

Captain PETER BLAGROVE, M.C. and Bar, J.P., born 02 Apr 1889, died 15 June 1969.  Third son of Colonel H. J. Blagrove and the last of the Blagrove line after nearly 300 years in Jamaica.

HENRY R. GREY Esq., Churchwarden of this parish.   Died 24 May 1862 age 58.


St Mark's, Brown's Town 8St Mark's, Brown's Town 9  St Mark's, Brown's Town 10


23 Responses to St Mark’s Anglican, Brown’s Town, St Ann

  1. ihearaspring says:

    My memories of St. Mark’s, Brown’s Town, connect me to Harvest suppers and the Remembrance Sunday when my baby brother was Christened. My only memory of a service is the refreshing ministry of the Church Army when our pastor was on leave. But the strongest sense is not of the services. I feel very strongly the brightness of the building on the highest point of the town centre. The feeling of cool inside on a hot and rainy day.

  2. Imogene Blagrove says:

    Who was Peter Blagrove wife?

  3. David Lucas says:

    Would you know where the Helwig and Lyon families be buried and graveyard name?

  4. Jenni Cromie says:

    Have you ever come across the names of Rev David or Alexander Fullerton, Both were buried in Jamaica and lived in St Ann for their adult lives. Rev David Fullerton was the rector of St Ann Parish but we don’t know where they are buried?? 1780 and 1806 respec.

  5. Jenni Cromie says:

    Hamilton Brown was my gtx6 granfather’s executor and friend (of Alexander Fullerton)

    • dblucas says:

      My GGG Grandfather John Willis helped with the roof. He passed a weeks later of pneumonia in 1879.

    • Albert Bailey says:

      He is buried in St Mark’s Angelican church yard in Brown’s Town St Ann

    • Robert Hicks says:

      Hello Jenni. Do you know anything about Hamilton Brown’s family. My Grandmother was born in Jamaica in St Annes at Menard House Plantation outside of Brown’s Town. Her mother was a Brown and family papers talk about a cousin Hammy Hamilton Brown. Any thoughts?
      Bob Hicks
      Ontario, Canada

      • Jenni says:

        He was an attorney on many properties and seemed to take over more as the sugar plantations failed once slavery was abolished and was such that when the British recompensed him for slaves freed, he became a multi millionaire! He was said to have loathed blacks although he must have had a black and a white wife as there are descendants of both colours from him! I just had a brief look on and there is his gravestone photographed as well as on the message board, there are other Browns looking for the same relative so you may be related to one of them! He was my gtx4 grandfather’s attorney for all of his 4 years on the plantations and indeed handled his will in Britain in 1806.

        try ancestry,com and go backwards from what you know now – it would be worth searching for.. let me know if you need anything else. try wikipedia also.

        Hamilton Brown
        Profile & Legacies Summary
        ???? – 18th Sep 1843

        Major attorney and resident slave-owner in Jamaica, the founder of Browns Town in St Ann Jamaica, where a memorial has been recorded: ‘Sacred to the memory of HAMILTON BROWN Esq. Native of the County Antrim, Ireland who departed this life on the 18th Sept 1843 in the 68th year of his age. He was the FOUNDER OF THIS TOWN. Was 22 years one of the Representatives for this parish in the Honble. House of Afsembly. His name will long be cherished.’

        Hamilton Brown was instrumental in the importing of several hundred labourers and their families from Ireland to Jamaica between 1835 and 1840.

        1843 Headstone Hamilton Brown 68yrs No 1 Brown’s Town Jamaica
        20 Aug 2014

        Brown’sTown, Jamaica

        Headstone Inscription Hamilton Brown Esq. Sacred to the Memory of Hamilton Brown Esq. A native of the County Antrim, Ireland who departed this life on the 18th Sept. 1843 In the 68th year of his age He was the founder of this town Was 22 years one of the representatives for This parish in the Hon’ble Hose of Assembly His name Will long be cherished By a grateful community who for nearly HALF A CENTURY Experience the benefits of his generous mind And warm heart. Copied from Find a Grave Memorial# 134630249 Created by T. Scooter & record added 20 Aug 2014. Burial: Saint Mark’s Anglican Church, Brown’s Town, Browns Town, St. Ann, Jamaica.

      • Robert Hicks says:

        Thank you Jenni. I’ll try that. Where are you at. I’m in Kingston, Ontario Canada.

      • Jenni says:

        I’m in Toronto –

      • Robert Hicks says:

        My wife and I are in Georgia until the end of the month but if you are ever in the Prince Edward County Area drop by.

  6. Joy says:

    I attended St.Hildas High School, which was affiliated with St.Marks Church. We attended Christmas services there. My great Grandfather was Christopher Helwig. Many happy memories of Browns Town.

  7. Matthew says:

    My grandfather was the archdeacon. My mother and aunt attended St. Hildas. Only pleasant memories at the rectory and Brown’s Town.

    • Sandra Logan-Mayer says:

      Matthew is your grandfather archdeacon D. Trevor Thomas? My family lived in Browns Town and we were members of St. Mark’s. We knew the Thomases well.

      • Matthew says:

        That’s correct Sandra.

      • Pat says:

        Hi Sandra, I remembered 2 sets of Logans, just like the Charleys’ who had stores in Brown’s Town. Did you attend Convent?

      • Sandraloganmayer says:

        Hi Pat,
        Yes, I attended Servite Convent. Did you?

      • Pat says:

        Hi Sandra:
        Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, No. But had the opportunity attending St. Hilda’s. Small world indeed as I just came across your name while browsing for some information as I was a member of St. Mark’s and it was always a pleasure to see your Mom wearing those beautiful hats during Sunday services (Canon Thomas). Now, I am a lover of hats (smile).
        Once again, thanks for responding. Keep in touch!

  8. David Grey says:

    I visited St. Mark’s around 2010 and found my grandfather’s (Henry Ridley Grey, dob 1883) birth record naming his parents, Robert Henry Grey and Elizabeth Jones. St. Mark’s has a mural inside the church commemorating the passing of Henry Ridley Grey, warden, in 1862. I believe he is my GGGrandfather. I look forward to revisiting St. Mark’s this summer.

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