Wesley Mount Chapel, Manchester

Wesley Mount Chapel
Wesley Mount Chapel 2Founded 1877

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManWC42 ABRAHAMS Myrtle Johnson 2000s
ManWC41 ANDERSON Earl R. 2000s
ManWC63 ASHMEADE Leslie Samuel 1980s
ManWC64 BERNARD Ethel 1980s
ManWC84 BIRD Hazel Eileen 1990s
ManWC83 BIRD Jascelyn Leopold 1990s
ManWC05 BLAIR Rhoda Maud 1980s
ManWC04 BLAIR Theodore McLaren 1970s
ManWC62 BRAHAM Robert Butler 1910s
ManWC25 BROOKS Evelyn 2000s
ManWC76 BROWN Shirley 2000s
ManWC26 BURTON Cynthia L. Bailey 2000s
ManWC66 CARROLL Arthur James 1980s
ManWC14 CARTER Catherine 1980s
ManWC54 CARTER Kenneth D. 1980s
ManWC44 CHAMBERS Marjorie Evadne 2000s
ManWC48 CHRISTIAN Hezekiah 2000s
ManWC43 DILLON Delroy 2000s
ManWC08 DIXON Constance Adelaide 1970s
ManWC09 DIXON Joseph A. 1980s
ManWC60 DUJON Ainsley Unsworth 2000s
ManWC24 GREGORY Fenton M. 2000s
ManWC36 GREGORY Manton M. 2000s
ManWC32 GRIFFITHS Gwendolyn 1990s
ManWC01 GROVES Cecily Mae 1990s
ManWC01 GROVES Gerald Winston 1990s
ManWC33 HAIGHES Joseph 2000s
ManWC47 HARDIE Beryl 2000s
ManWC71 HARROLD Amy Veronica 2000s
ManWC35 HAY Albert Midlane 2000s
ManWC31 HENRY Ethel M. 2000s
ManWC30 HENRY Ralph R. 1990s
ManWC81 HEWITT Mrs. Lucille 1980s
ManWC11 HEYWORTH Ada Alice 1950s
ManWC11 HEYWORTH Rev. Percy 1940s
ManWC77 HOLNESS Hazel May 2000s
ManWC46 JAMES Vernon 2000s
ManWC02 JOHNSON Amy Rosalie 1970s
ManWC57 JOHNSON George H. 2000s
ManWC03 JOHNSON Herbert Lister 1990s
ManWC58 JOHNSON Roslyn Icelda 1990s
ManWC55 JONES Doretha 1980s
ManWC52 LAKE Godfrey Earle 1990s
ManWC40 LINDSAY Wilbert 2000s
ManWC65 LUBSEY William R. 1980s
ManWC39 MALCOLM Jay Augustus 1990s
ManWC10 MARTIN Mrs. Alice 1950s
ManWC27 McBEAN Eucal George 2000s
ManWC06 McCORMACK Charles Augustus 1970s
ManWC07 McCORMACK Myrtle Pearl 2000s
ManWC45 McGHIE Derrick 2000s
ManWC70 McTAGGART Janean 1990s
ManWC15 MILLER Arthur Wesley 1890s
ManWC15 MILLER Edith Mary 1890s
ManWC16 MORRISON Abraham A. 2000s
ManWC22 MURRAY Hilda P. 2000s
ManWC13 MURRAY Lillian 1970s
ManWC12 MURRAY Vincent 1980s
ManWC85 NEUFVILLE Frederica I. [nee FORRESTER] 1990s
ManWC86 NEUFVILLE Paulette C. 2000s
ManWC56 O’BRIEN Inez Josephine 1990s
ManWC82 PATMORE Mrs. Violet 1990s
ManWC18 PEART Daisy Sylvia 2000s
ManWC69 PEART Isolyn 2000s
ManWC68 PEART Percival Noel 1980s
ManWC50 PEART Rosa Maud 1990s
ManWC49 REID Harold 1990s
ManWC75 RICHARDS Claris May 2000s
ManWC37 RICHARDS Daphne 1990s
ManWC80 RICHARDS Keturah 1980s
ManWC79 RICHARDS Wilfred 1980s
ManWC21 RICKETTS Angela 2000s
ManWC17 ROACH George Vivian 2000s
ManWC78 ROBERTS Linda Maud 2000s
ManWC23 ROSE Isolene R. 2000s
ManWC72 SENIOR-BUCKLE Sylvia 2000s
ManWC29 SINCLAIR Euton W. 1990s
ManWC19 SMITH Hyacinth 2000s
ManWC74 SMITH Lancelot Keye 2000s
ManWC67 STEWART James Victor Alex. 1990s
ManWC59 SUTHERLAND Cecil A. Snr 1990s
ManWC73 TITUS Grace Doreen [nee HOLNESS] 2000s
ManWC38 TOMLIN Henroy 1990s
ManWC53 VERNON Mae Adassa 1990s
ManWC61 WHITEHOUSE Revd. Isaac 1870s
ManWC20 WILLIAMS Calvin Lloyd 2000s
ManWC51 WILLIAMSON Headley Oliver 2000s
ManWC51 WILLIAMSON Ina 1990s
ManWC28 WINDETT Ann 1910s
ManWC34 WINDETT Vernice 2000s


2 Responses to Wesley Mount Chapel, Manchester

  1. Jonathan Braham says:

    Jamaican Ancestral Records is easily one of my favourite sites. Ann Marie does all the leg work for us (and what fine work it is too) to deliver up long sought after family history evidence in clear, unadulterated tombstone images; evidence that, in many cases, do not exist anywhere else. I cannot thank her enough. Well done!

    Jonathan Braham

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