Borobridge Methodist, Borobridge, St Ann

Borobridge Methodist

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
AnnBM19 CODNER Cordel 1990s
AnnBM19 CODNER Phillip R. 2000s
AnnBM13 FOSTER Lilla L. 1960s
AnnBM01 HELWIG Clara Louise 1900s
AnnBM16 JUNOR Ethlyn Delores 1970s
AnnBM20 JUNOR Lucille Adassa 2000s
AnnBM20 JUNOR Sylburn Archibald 1990s
AnnBM18 PRYCE Gloria C. 1980s
AnnBM08 TAPPER Baron L. 1970s
AnnBM10 TAPPER Bently Wilson 1980s
AnnBM06 TAPPER Charles G. 1930s
AnnBM11 TAPPER Edith Maud 1960s
AnnBM03 TAPPER Harold Geo: 1950s
AnnBM07 TAPPER Harry LaForte 1960s
AnnBM02 TAPPER Henry J. 1920s
AnnBM09 TAPPER Henry Roberts 1950s
AnnBM05 TAPPER Jane 1920s
AnnBM11 TAPPER Joseph Abraham 1950s
AnnBM08 TAPPER Louise H. 1970s
AnnBM17 TAPPER Mary 1980s
AnnBM09 TAPPER Mary Matilda 1950s
AnnBM02 TAPPER Rebecca A. 1950s
AnnBM04 TAPPER Sarah Jane 1950s
AnnBM14 WALLACE Elkiah 1960s
AnnBM15 WALLACE Ethel 1970s
AnnBM12 WHORMS Michael Sydney 1950s
AnnBM12 WHORMS Muriel Persis 1950s


7 Responses to Borobridge Methodist, Borobridge, St Ann

  1. Wayne Harris says:

    Any of the Harris clan buried there?

  2. marcia says:

    Hi am thinking this the church that i growup and this land was donated by grand mother (Mary tapper) Her father. Am thinking that the people that are buried there are related in some way am a Harris

    • winston chambers says:

      I went to this church as a boy,uncle Bentley Tapper was the minister in the sixties . I moved to Kingston and lived with Ethlyn tapper ,who was my mothers mother’s name was Gwendolyn Tapper, who died in New York 1999.
      I do remember some Harris ,that lived between Borobridge and Junction.we were also related to Percy Junior.
      We lived in Mahoe Walk.

  3. I guess some how we are related,may be l am wrong,but I remember hearing that un le Bently was related. to Percy junior,whom I k ew as a boy we went to his store in Junction,we lived in Mahoe Walk with Bently Tapper

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