St Thomas Anglican, St Elizabeth

St Thomas, LacoviaSt Thomas, Lacovia 2

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
SlzSTL141 ANDERSON John R. 1980s
SlzSTL074 BAKER Dr. Halman Leo 2000s
SlzSTL155 BAKER Mrs C. E. 1940s
SlzSTL153 BAKER Violet M. 1980s
SlzSTL080 BAKER Walter E. 1930s
SlzSTL151 BAKER Wilfred J. 1980s
SlzSTL139 BECKFORD Ester 1970s
SlzSTL113 BLACKWOOD Babsilyn 1980s
SlzSTL046 BLAIR Ethel Madeline Helena 1880s
SlzSTL016 BROWN Doris S. 1980s
SlzSTL106 BROWN Ruel St Elmo 1950s
SlzSTL015 BROWN Samuel S. 1980s
SlzSTL107 BROWN Wenforth W. 1990s
SlzSTL087 BUCHANAN Ketchura 1960s
SlzSTL137 BUCHANAN Stanley 1940s
SlzSTL096 COLE Leslie Osbourne 1990s
SlzSTL086 COWLEY Mrs A. E.
SlzSTL109 COX Elmida G. 1990s
SlzSTL075 CRANSTON Clifford G. 1980s
SlzSTL050 CRANSTON Newman A. 1990s
SlzSTL009 CRANSTON Raymond S. 1980s
SlzSTL008 CRANSTON Victoria A. 2000s
SlzSTL152 CRANSTON William 1980s
SlzSTL117 DISTANT Beryl M. 1990s
SlzSTL116 DISTANT Noel Leslie 1970s
SlzSTL012 DIXON Chezlin U. 1970s
SlzSTL094 DIXON Henrietta 1980s
SlzSTL033 DUNKLEY John P. 1910s
SlzSTL146 DUNKLEY Roslyn Agatha 1980s
SlzSTL076 ELLIS Vera 2000s
SlzSTL102 FARQUHARSON Clara E. 1990s
SlzSTL054 FARQUHARSON Fannie 1920s
SlzSTL101 FARQUHARSON Francis 1990s
SlzSTL100 FARQUHARSON Ralford O. 1990s
SlzSTL091 FINDLAY Myra E. 1970s
SlzSTL062 FLETCHER Gwendolyn Powell 1990s
SlzSTL134 FOSTER Amelia 1900s
SlzSTL133 FOSTER Jas. F. 1860s
SlzSTL071 FOSTER Oswald E. 1990s
SlzSTL071 FOSTER Vera Emily 1990s
SlzSTL035 FRANCIS Ghislain M. 1970s
SlzSTL067 FRASER Diana Simpson 1880s
SlzSTL066 FRASER Walter Fitzherbert Simpson 1890s
SlzSTL065 FRASER, J.P. Rev. Jas. Smith 1910s
SlzSTL121 GRAY Thomas Joseph 1920s
SlzSTL029 HARRIS Ivan Roy 1970s
SlzSTL026 HARRIS Lascelles 2000s
SlzSTL023 HARRIS Leroy W. 1970s
SlzSTL064 HENRY Trevor St. George Isaac 1990s
SlzSTL072 HIBBERT Daphne Foster 2000s
SlzSTL044 HINDS Florence 1930s
SlzSTL043 HINDS Nathaniel 1940s
SlzSTL002 HUTCHINSON Alice 1920s
SlzSTL003 HUTCHINSON Clifford G. 1940s
SlzSTL001 HUTCHINSON J. C. 1930s
SlzSTL004 HUTCHINSON Maude Anne 1960s
SlzSTL039 HYDE Rosalind 1970s
SlzSTL010 JOHNSON Lynehin 1980s
SlzSTL017 JONES Elizabeth 1920s
SlzSTL014 JONES Florence H. 1960s
SlzSTL052 KERR Rev. John 1840s
SlzSTL068 LEDGISTER Lester A. 1980s
SlzSTL125 LEWIS Henry Ivan 1970s
SlzSTL126 LEWIS N. Cleveland 1970s
SlzSTL127 LEWIS Neville Brice 2000s
SlzSTL122 LEWIS Olive E. 1990s
SlzSTL048 LINDO Ernest A. 1960s
SlzSTL128 LYNCH Albert R. A. 2000s
SlzSTL135 LYNCH Annie L. 1910s
SlzSTL136 LYNCH Evelyn A. 1910s
SlzSTL130 LYNCH Sarah J. 1990s
SlzSTL129 LYNCH Stanley A. 1960s
SlzSTL022 MASON Claribel 1990s
SlzSTL030 MASON Joyce 1970s
SlzSTL104 McCALLA Barbara Emeline 1950s
SlzSTL028 McCALLA Beryl 2000s
SlzSTL040 McINTYRE Daisy L. 1980s
SlzSTL038 McINTYRE Reginald J. 1990s
SlzSTL142 McLISH Adulphus 1960s
SlzSTL073 McNISH Mavis 2000s
SlzSTL092 MILLER Leroy A. 1970s
SlzSTL060 MITCHELL Dalton A. 1970s
SlzSTL053 MITCHELL Irene 1990s
SlzSTL041 MORRISON [Tablet broken] 1960s
SlzSTL037 MUIRHEAD Enid 1990s
SlzSTL112 MYERS Ethlyn 1990s
SlzSTL108 NATION Lewis
SlzSTL138 PARCHMENT Samuel 2000s
SlzSTL061 PEART Linford Roy 2000s
SlzSTL042 POWELL Maud P. 2000s
SlzSTL032 POWELL Mrs Medora Isabell 1970s
SlzSTL031 POWELL Osbourne Benjamin 2000s
SlzSTL058 POYSER Mrs. Mary I. 1990s
SlzSTL025 PUSEY Clifford Uriah 2000s
SlzSTL024 PUSEY Hermie Ivyline 1990s
SlzSTL059 RAMSAY Rhoda Florence 1970s
SlzSTL059 RAMSAY Stephen L. 1960s
SlzSTL045 ROBERTSON David M. 1930s
SlzSTL097 ROBINSON Cephas A. 1990s
SlzSTL098 ROBINSON Estella 1990s
SlzSTL099 ROBINSON J. A. 1950s
SlzSTL051 ROBINSON-SPENCE Maudlin F. 2000s
SlzSTL115 ROXBURGH Edith Lewis 1980s
SlzSTL114 ROXBURGH Ronald Christopher 1970s
SlzSTL148 SALMON Clementina 1990s
SlzSTL140 SALMON Egerton R. 1970s
SlzSTL111 SALMON Ivy Louise 1980s
SlzSTL147 SALMON Kingsley 1980s
SlzSTL110 SALMON Noel Leslie 1990s
SlzSTL143 SALMON Stanley 1930s
SlzSTL103 SCOTT Mary L. 1960s
SlzSTL013 SHERMAN Hope A. M. 1970s
SlzSTL082 SIMPSON Louise 1970s
SlzSTL154 SMALLING Noel Samuel 1980s
SlzSTL047 SMITH Earnest Arthur Mackay 1960s
SlzSTL105 SMITH Eustace L. 1980s
SlzSTL095 SMITH Hyacinth 1990s
SlzSTL081 STEER Edmund Burrell Thorburn 1910s
SlzSTL078 STEVENS Catherine C. 1990s
SlzSTL077 STEVENS George A. 1970s
SlzSTL079 STEVENS Hezikiah Daily
SlzSTL156 STEVENS Rev Levi 1990s
SlzSTL144 STEVENS-SANDERSON Lily Medoria 1960s
SlzSTL093 STEWART [???]lia I. 1980s
SlzSTL011 TAYLOR-GRIZZELLE Elma Maud 2000s
SlzSTL036 TENNANT Lena 1970s
SlzSTL020 TENNENT Colmeta 1990s
SlzSTL021 TENNENT James Edward 1980s
SlzSTL005 THOMSON Barbara Fraser Sutherland 1930s
SlzSTL118 TOMLINSON Agnes M. 1900s
SlzSTL027 TOMLINSON Beverley 2000s
SlzSTL070 TOMLINSON Cyril J. 1980s
SlzSTL069 TOMLINSON Emily C. 1920s
SlzSTL123 TOMLINSON John West 1860s
SlzSTL124 TOMLINSON Mary Jane 1870s
SlzSTL150 TOMLINSON Patricia 1990s
SlzSTL119 TOMLINSON Robert King 2000s
SlzSTL120 TOMLINSON Victor Herbert 1930s
SlzSTL055 TUMMINGS Elphyln M. 1990s
SlzSTL056 TUMMINGS Ivan A. 1980s
SlzSTL007 VASSELL Mr Zephanian Hubert 1990s
SlzSTL006 VASSELL Mrs Rebertha Hanna 2000s
SlzSTL034 WEBSTER Esther 1960s
SlzSTL090 WHITE Adolphus 1980s
SlzSTL089 WHITE Agatha 1980s
SlzSTL084 WHITE Amanda 1980s
SlzSTL157 WHITE Emardie 1960s
SlzSTL145 WHITE Henry 1970s
SlzSTL083 WHITE James 1980s
SlzSTL057 WHITE Mrs. Lela 1960s
SlzSTL085 WHITE Wilford 1980s
SlzSTL088 WHYTE Georgiana 1960s
SlzSTL018 WILLIAMS Ada Rebetha 1950s
SlzSTL149 WILLIAMS Hyacinth 1980s
SlzSTL019 WILLIAMS James 1950s
SlzSTL063 WILLIAMS Louise 2000s
SlzSTL131 WRIGHT Mrs Virginia 1980s
SlzSTL132 WRIGHT Nathaniel 1970s


5 Responses to St Thomas Anglican, St Elizabeth

  1. Could you let me know what year Lacovia, St Thomas Anglican church was built. Who was the first pastor. Was the first building Lacovia Primary school?

    • Unfortunately, I have no historical background on this Church and School.

      • K says:

        Based on the headstones we know it was at least in existence since the 1800s. Unfortunately when I visted I did not go inside the church itself, just looked at the headstones and dates.

    • Dr Jenny Jemmott says:

      Documents from Jamaican Family Search and Genealogy “excerpts from Caribbeana, Vol. 3” suggest it would have been there from at least 1723 and the minister was Rev. John Kelly (who also was the minister at St John the Evangelist Church in Black River at that time).

  2. Baggio Tomlinson says:

    My grandmother is there Tomlinson

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