Bethel Town Baptist, Bethel Town, Westmoreland

Bethel Town Baptist 1Bethel Town Baptist 2
Bethel Town Baptist 3




LAT: 18°17’25.76″N         LONG: 77°57’10.71″W

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
WesBT40 ALLEN Bernice 1990s
WesBT50 ATKINS Alden Constance 1940s
WesBT45 ATKINS Ella Victoria 1950s
WesBT49 ATKINS John Henry 1970s
WesBT46 ATKINS Louis Augustus 1960s
WesBT51 ATKINS Lucia Metella 1940s
WesBT47 ATKINS Lydia 1960s
WesBT48 ATKINS Princess M. 1970s
WesBT02 BARRETT Cath., Mrs. 1900s
WesBT13 BARRETT Charlton Castel 1970s
WesBT02 BARRETT James, Rev. 1900s
WesBT61 BECKFORD Maybell, Mrs. 1950s
WesBT16 BERNARD Ethel Albertha 1980s
WesBT15 BERNARD James Simeon 1980s
WesBT26 BERNARD Ruth N. 1980s
WesBT04 BURTON Frances 2000s
WesBT04 BURTON George 1990s
WesBT67 CAMPBELL Mavis A. 1990s
WesBT56 CAMPBELL Myrtle 1970s
WesBT57 CAMPBELL Richard B. 1960s
WesBT85 CHAMBERS Caroline 1940s
WesBT41 CHRISTIE Urcella 1980s
WesBT44 CLARKE Ernest 2000s
WesBT32 CLARKE Evelyn M., Mrs. 1980s
WesBT30 CLEMMINGS Maud E. 1990s
WesBT35 COOKE-McDONALD Maudlyn J. 2000s
WesBT69 DAVIS Mervyn O. 1970s
WesBT29 DENNIS Alvalda 1990s
WesBT59 DRAGGON Ethel Maud 1960s
WesBT58 DRAGGON Hilda, Mrs. 1950s
WesBT18 EDWARDS Mary Selena 1940s
WesBT09 FLOWERS Albertha 1960s
WesBT08 FLOWERS Gwendolyn 2000s
WesBT07 FLOWERS Lawrence A. 1990s
WesBT62 FLOWERS Renold V. 2000s
WesBT52 FRASER Alvan Thomas 1930s
WesBT52 FRASER Daisy Madge 1930s
WesBT70 GAYLE M. R. 1980s
WesBT80 GRIERSON Charles 2000s
WesBT79 GRIERSON Ellis Renaldo 2000s
WesBT81 GRIERSON Harold Benjamin 2000s
WesBT83 GRIERSON Lucena M. 2000s
WesBT82 GRIERSON Noel Smith 1990s
WesBT33 HYLTON Stella 1980s
WesBT43 HYLTON Edna Rose 2000s
WesBT53 HYLTON Ena May 1930s
WesBT25 JOHNSON Blanche I., Mrs. 1970s
WesBT72 KEITH Cordella Evangeline 2000s
WesBT71 KEITH Philip Timothy 1980s
WesBT76 KELLY Ann Maria 1980s
WesBT31 LAING Gloria Dakes 1990s
WesBT22 LAWRENCE Arthur N. L. 1960s
WesBT23 LAWRENCE Sylvan 1970s
WesBT39 LESLIE-FLOWERS Julia Rebecca 2000s
WesBT34 MARSHALL Albertha 1980s
WesBT42 MARTIN Eric 2000s
WesBT64 McDONALD Levi Augustus 1990s
WesBT38 McFARLANE Retinella Theodosia 2000s
WesBT75 McINTOSH Christiana 1970s
WesBT11 McKENZIE J. B. 1960s
WesBT14 McNEIL Marie A. 2000s
WesBT28 MILES John T. 1990s
WesBT27 MILES Joyce E. 2000s
WesBT55 REID Frances A. 1940s
WesBT24 REID John W. 1970s
WesBT54 REID Sarah Haughton 1910s
WesBT17 RICKETTS Ethel Ketura 1960s
WesBT21 RICKETTS Frederick S. 1960s
WesBT10 RICKETTS Mervin W. 1950s
WesBT84 SCOTT Ruby May 2000s
WesBT20 SEATON Adolphus Alexander 1950s
WesBT19 SEATON Eva A. 1940s
WesBT36 SHETTLEWOOD Felicia Roseanne 2000s
WesBT73 SHETTLEWOOD Florence Johnson 1990s
WesBT74 SHETTLEWOOD William 1970s
WesBT66 SMITH Vida 1980s
WesBT66 SMITH Vincent 1990s
WesBT01 SNIPE Oliver 2000s
WesBT65 SPENCE Eric A. 1980s
WesBT12 SPENCER J. E. 1960s
WesBT37 SUDLOW-DAVIS Eunice 2000s
WesBT63 TAYLOR Catherine E. 1990s
WesBT78 TAYLOR Dennis Purnel 2000s
WesBT60 TAYLOR Hebert 1950s
WesBT03 THARPE Benjamin Manoah, Rev. 1960s
WesBT77 TROUGHT Reita Isola 2000s
WesBT05 WOOLERY Leita 1980s
WesBT06 WOOLERY Segree 1990s


1 Response to Bethel Town Baptist, Bethel Town, Westmoreland

  1. shirley says:

    I’m looking for any Hibbert that could possible buried a the bethel town Baptist church yard from the 1800 to 2000

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