Hermitage Methodist, Manchester

Hermitage Methodist
Hermitage Methodist 1

Also known as Frankfield, Methodist Church, Manchester

IMG # SURNAME Given Name Died In
ManHMA07 BIGGS Adrian 1970s
ManHMA25 BIGGS Anita 2000s
ManHMA06 BIGGS Arthur Adolphus 1970s
ManHMA10 BIGGS Beatrice E. 1980s
ManHMA12 BIGGS Dorothy 1990s
ManHMA17 BIGGS Edith Priscilla 1990s
ManHMA13 BIGGS Edwin 1980s
ManHMA08 BIGGS George 1980s
ManHMA14 BIGGS Ida I. 1980s
ManHMA16 BIGGS Isaac Augustus 1990s
ManHMA15 BIGGS Lillian I. 1980s
ManHMA05 BIGGS Robert Francis 1950s
ManHMA20 BLIDGEN Leslie Theophelus 1990s
ManHMA43 BROWN Anne 1930s
ManHMA39 BROWN Estella A. Davis 2000s
ManHMA36 BROWN Rose Ann 1980s
ManHMA49 CLARKE Ernest 1980s
ManHMA22 FORD Amy Ursula 1990s
ManHMA23 FORD Anita Daday 2000s
ManHMA19 FORD Mary L. 1960s
ManHMA21 FORD Rufus Alexander 1980s
ManHMA02 GOODEN Godfrey Douglas 1990s
ManHMA35 GORDON Eva May 1990s
ManHMA42 HEWITT Georgina 1940s
ManHMA41 HEWITT Hubert C. 1930s
ManHMA44 HILL Cathrine 1930s
ManHMA48 LAWRENCE Laura 1930s
ManHMA09 MARCHANT ??k Henley 1940s
ManHMA37 MARSHALL Elkanah James 1980s
ManHMA38 MARSHALL Gladys 1990s
ManHMA34 McDANIEL Roy 2000s
ManHMA46 McLEAN William 1920s
ManHMA18 MITCHELL Vernal Adolphos 2000s
ManHMA11 MORGAN Lascelles J. 1990s
ManHMA04 NICHOLSON Fanny, Mrs 1950s
ManHMA03 NICHOLSON J. Samuel 1940s
ManHMA47 NICOLSON Diana 1910s
ManHMA47 NICOLSON James 1930s
ManHMA30 NOSWORTHY Caroline E. 1940s
ManHMA31 NOSWORTHY John Haughton 1910s
ManHMA40 PRYCE Olga 2000s
ManHMA33 REID Aneita, Mrs 1980s
ManHMA32 REID Othneil Adolphus 2000s
ManHMA45 ROBINSON A. C., Mrs 1960s
ManHMA28 SCHROETER Ida Solomon, Mrs 1930s
ManHMA26 SHILLETTO F. E., Mrs 1930s
ManHMA24 STONE Sarah Elizabeth 1930s
ManHMA29 THOMAS John Leslie, Cpl 1930s
ManHMA27 WRIGHT George L. 2000s
ManHMA01 WRIGHT Iris Maude 2000s

1 Response to Hermitage Methodist, Manchester

  1. Rev Derek N. Stanworth (Minister of Edmondson, 1966-70) says:

    The Methodist Church at Hermitage Manchester is also known as the Wesley Methodist at Frankfield Manchester.

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